• Welcome to Mysts of Eyr

    "A new verse in an old song of legends."

    Set within the Mystara universe, the Mysts of Eyr takes place on one of the many islands of the Archipelago of Eyr. Enshrouded in myst, carpeted in dense other-worldly jungle, shaken by the footsteps of stone giants and drenched in daily squalls of rain... Eyr is a strange new setting with familiar faces beckoning you to dive in and immerse yourself in the evolving story..

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  • The Timeline of Eyr

    A Lot Can Happen in Ten Years' Time

    Read what happened between the period of time when the Island of Mystara faded to Mysts and her people relocated to an uninhabited part of the Eyranese jungles... Only it turns out these lands boast more threats than the former Mystarans could possibly imagine to find here.

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  • Getting Started!

    New to Eyr? New to Roleplaying? Not sure what to do first? Let us help you out with our Getting Started Article for New Players!

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  • Arrivals & Beginnings

    How Does One Get to Eyr?

    Eyr is one of several island chains in this realm which the former island of Mystara inhabited. There are several ways to get here. Perhaps your character got to Eyr by boat? A shipwreck castaway? Even stranger still, some folk have a habit of just appearing and disappearing. The Mysts that wrap our world are a fickle thing.

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Getting Started in Eyr

  • The ultimate 10-step guide to getting started as a player in Mysts of Eyr! +

    Not sure where to begin? This simple guide will walk you through step by step the stuff you need to know to start your new adventure! Read More
  • Sim Rules +

    This is the great codex of the do's and don'ts of Eyr, a must-read for new players! Take your time and don't skim this one. Read More
  • Eyr in a Nutshell +

    A comprehensive overview of the Isle of Eyr, touching on a wide variety of topics such as settlements, geography, ecology, native inhabitants and other helpful topics to get a good feel of the realm. Read More
  • Character Creation 101 +

    It's always helpful to brush up on the basics. If you're making a brand new character for the realm, or giving an established character a makeover, this helpful guide instructs you how to avoid common character creation pitfalls. Read More
  • Entering Eyr +

    Ready to make your grand entrance? Not sure exactly where to start? This helpful guide has tips on how to introduce old carryover characters from other realms and sims, as well as introducing a native character, too! Read More
  • Rules of Consent +

    Consent can be more complicated than you might think! Not everything requires consent, and some unexpected actions taken in RP actually do require consent! Get familiar with the core principal of collaborative RP! Read More
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Player Spotlight

  • Spotlight on: XMARILYNSTEFANIX

    Rank: RENOWNED

    Playing: Nixie Orabelle

    Lashaunta Vio Tamaya (xmarilynstefanix) plays the character "Nixie Orabelle", a mermaid with pisonic abilities who can also heal wounds. In additional to helping characters heal, Lashaunta also helps people find their way through Eyr as a Mentor! If you need anything, you can always contact her for assistance!

  • Spotlight on: DARETH OF FALCONER

    Rank: RENOWNED

    Playing: Mahan

    Dareth of Falconer (Dom Macarthur) plays as Mahan, the mysterious cloaked figure who is known all throughout Eyr; he gets involved in different events and groups. While playing IC as gruff and even rude, OOC, Dareth is a dedicated and respectful RPer, able to incorporate mystique and tension into any scene he enters.

  • Spotlight on: ANAXIEN VERINO

    Rank: RENOWNED

    Playing: Bixifizzle

    Bixifizzle's gnomish machinations are the sort that's a paragon of her kind. Gnomes are genuinely gifted with a brilliant mind and this one is of no exception. Whether hammering away at the Molten Crucible forge or enchanting her wares, Bixifizzle is always up to something crafty.

  • Spotlight on: RIBALDRAH

    Rank: RENOWNED

    Playing: Nia

    Oh the tangled webs we weave, especially for Nia! Fear not this spider if she does land beside you, she only wishes to help! As a mentor and lead of the Raksha driders, Nia is always spinning Eyr upon its head. If you see her about in Eyr, offer her a treat! She so does love to eat.

  • Spotlight on: ORLIK TOXX

    Rank: RENOWNED

    Playing: Theodosia

    This once royal human was unwillingly turned into a siren. Cast out from her home realm, she was thrust into the strange and unusual waters of Eyr. It was not long before she heard the calling of the sea for a new Talisae. Now, as the leader of Kuvari's Deep, she aims to turn the tide in her faction's favor.

  • Spotlight on: PNEEMA

    Rank: RENOWNED

    Playing: Juni Gynn

    Playing the adorable pixie Juni Gynn, Pneema is a Mentor with a delightfully bubbly nature that is impossible to resist. You will find her all over Eyr, hugging people's ankles and adding a delightful bit of comedy to any scene she's in. Furthermore, as a Mentor, she's able to help you with your questions!

  • Spotlight on: JILLIAN MOONSTONE

    Rank: RENOWNED

    Playing: Naia

    Jillian plays as Naia, a bubbly mermaid, who is in charge of a bubbly place - the Bath House! Her character is the perfect hostess for the Bath House - warm, inviting, and peaceful, representing the apex of hospitality. She is also an extremely pleasant person OOC, so say 'hello' if she is near!

  • Spotlight on: EPHRALIA

    Rank: RENOWNED

    Playing: Buthriax

    Playing as Buthriax the dragon, Ephralia is our acting Title Wave lead. In Mystara, this dragon was fascinated by books and could often be found reading them in the Bound to Please shop. Now, as a refugee of Eyr, her interest in the these dusty flying tomes have not changed though she is now their keeper.

  • Spotlight on: ALTERIPSEITY

    Rank: RENOWNED

    Playing: Wanton Aime, Eatu Mirfae

    Playing as Wanton Aime, Eatu Mirfae, or an NPC, Alterispeity provides greatly entertaining roleplay as the owner of the Salty Swallow Tavern, a badass myconid, or as an NPC! He is a valuable leader both IC and OOC, providing top-quality work and a great attitude as part of the Admin Team and as a Lead.

  • Spotlight on: EKRUBNIRE


    Playing: Alika Kalu

    Alika, the former leader of the Moei Asing is known all over Eyr, involved in many activities and story lines. She has led her faction through many trials and conflicts, striking alliances and providing guidance to her members. Ekrubnire is a fantastic roleplayer, able to work with anyone from all alliances to make great RP!

  • Spotlight on: EIIRWEN


    Playing: Ornith

    Eiirwen's character, Ornith, is a notable member of the jungle native community. As an esteemed healer, she was once part of the Medica and lead the Sage Advice. Now, as Moei Asing Myan, she brings direction and leadership to the faction. Previously, she served as an admin and brought order and structure to the team.

  • Spotlight on: JENS IXCHEL


    Playing: Jens

    Playing the duality of light and dark with the characters Jil and Jens, balancing the duties of Event Manager and Ebon Reach Faction Lead, Jens Ixchel - a mainstay of Eyr, does it all! Jens' characters are always complex, inviting, and deeply involved in storylines. Jens' prestigious title is clearly well-earned!

  • Spotlight on: FARAH HANNU

    Rank: RENOWNED

    Playing: Gideon the Demon & Una the Nixie

    Former admin and Medica Lead, Farah holds the title of leader of the NPC group. Farah can most often be found in Stormstead Village playing her colorful peacock of a demon named Gideon, and occasionally her Nixie character Una. Farah's flair for hilarious roleplay and great continuity of storyline make her an amazing player

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