State of the Island Address -- A Fond F'Eyrwell

Mysts of Eyr will be closing on March 2, 2018...

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Mysts of Eyr will be closing on March 2, 2018.  A final closure event storyline is in draft and I hope that you will join us together in this sendoff.  Event information will be posted to the forums and an announcement made as soon as it is ready.   Eyr will remain open for roleplay through February 25 at which time breakdown will begin.  


Void FalloutI love Eyr.  I truly do.  It has been a great run. I love the friends and memories I’ve collected here.  I love the incredible roleplay stories.  I love the gifted storytellers that have called Eyr their home.  So many have influenced Eyr's story and added to the lore with their imagination, dedication, and drive. The decision to close Eyr was not an easy one.  When Plati stepped aside and offered me ownership of Eyr, I wanted players to know that I was serious about the commitment.  I wanted them to know I would not flake and jump ship if I was having a bad day.  As such, I have made my commitments to Eyr in yearly increments.  March 1st marks the end of the last commitment. As much as I love Eyr, it is time to step away and try some new things in both RL and  SL.  Things that I have been unable to try due to the time and energies needed to run Eyr.

Mysts of Eyr has been a team effort from the beginning. A labor of love. We would not be here if not for the role players.  I could not have done it without the staff. Their technical expertise, dedication, support, and sense of humor has helped me keep my head afloat. I want to take time to thank all the admins - past and present.


Alteripseity Annie Ibanez   Chase Verona 
Farah Hannu                                  Hand Jobs
Kristi Susanowa   SkorpionDeath  AdnamaNna   Oceantide Leifstrom   
  Platinus Wirefly  Eiirwen Pneema Redy9 Shepherd  
Xunfryn Revnik       


My definition of sim success has always been around the memories. I want people to look back and smile as they remember the fun they have had - the stories they created, and the friends that they made. Period. I think we have achieved all of that and more. I hope that some of these mentionings might spark memories within you too.

  • Linden Lab's recognized Eyr as one of their Destination Guide Editor's Picks in 2016!  We are all very proud of this recognition as it reflected on Eyr's incredible build.  Yes!  Eyr has RAIN!  It spawned a deluge of sightseers and lookloos that kept our mentors hopping for days!
  • Stormstead Governors.  No Stormstead Governors ever died of natural causes.  Villainy, the Void, and Nagas all worked to ensure a steady turnover.  Somewhere  there is a naga pit littered with the boots and bones of many of Eyr's former governors. 
  • Natural Disaster Capital!  Eyr is the queen of natural disasters.  Eyr has been flooded, tsunami'd, winded, plagued, quaked, lava'd and flamed.  For as much as we love it - we did like to fan the flames.
  • Flesh Eating Mist!  Void Rifts!  Battle in the Void Pocket!  Beheadings and Torture!  Temperamental Magical Books!  Epic Battles!   Sindali!  Not-Zilla!, Void Monsters. We have had our share of fun.  
  • Deaths and Resurrections.  Eyr's characters have suffered more deaths and resurrections over the last three years than other sims with triple the population base.  Eiirwen's character went from 'dead' to 'deader' more times than I can count.  At one point we considered putting up an indicator light in the entrance that displayed her character's 'state of deadness.'
  • Penis Sculpting!  Eyr's Hand Crafted dock hosted a pottery training class that turned into a penis sculpting party.  There are a lot of penii (is this plural?) in SecondLife.  Eyr's characters took it to the next level by gathering with clay at an IC event and sculpting their own.  Everyone left proudly carrying clay dildos.
  • Founders Day Celebration - Complete with a mudpit!  Games, fun, costumes.  Wanton Aime never looked better!  And even a ghosty governor to float about.
  • Necrowolf.  Who could forget the necrowolf and the 'malware' craziness?  The death of the Necrowolf and the resurrection of the Lich were highlights.
  • Coconuts as weapons?  Really?!?  No holds barred type of battle in Eyr.  We also had whale herding sirens, flaming ships, kidnappings and hostages, and even an epic battle with Not-Zilla! 
  • The Amazing Punsicle!   Where else could you find this level of 'pun-ishment?' 
  • The Legend of the Cursed Bow!  The mysterious bow which showed up at a ranged weapons tournament.  No matter where you aimed... the arrow ended up in the same player's character.  Admittedly I found it odd people thought the bow cursed... I was of the opinion the character had been cursed.  All fun!
  • Governor Jens election and subsequent expulsion!  Routed, beaten, carried out and tossed for his betrayal!  So much fun with that one.
  • Amazing OOC Parties.  The Disco party being far and above the best in my opinion.  But who could resist the birthday, Christmas and Halloween parties?  Annie is a superior decorator.  I challenge anyone that could top the unicorn-rainbow-butt themed birthday party for Plati.  
  • Eyr's Trade Fairs. A time for trade, revelry, friendly disagreements, and ugly pound-on-your-neighbor fights.  Trade Fairs were also a good place to launch a plague and give your character the opportunity to vomit black ichor and corruption.
  • Magic Tournaments and Events.  Magical mistakes are oftentimes more fun than the successes.  Magic battles that turned into large pillow fights.  If not for Grainie guarding her shop, the Crone's Eye would have burned to the ground a long time ago.
  • Zombie-Gators.  Where else?  The battle when "Henry the Ate" was killed resulted in more players riddled with arrows than the gator himself.  Henry went down in style and lived on as a zombie-gator in the swamps.   
  • Lich battles and harassement.  Bloodletting, toxic airborne chemicals, and general evil, pain-in-the ass fun.  
  • Myan Thiha's ghostly visits.  Ceremonies in the swamp, and Thiha's anger and anguish that brought on the typhoon!
  • Moei Asing storynights!  Spreading the lore and teaching the members. Opportunities for storytelling, dance, music, singing.  All that and more.
  • Salty Swallow!  The Storytimes, Meetings, and general mayhem of the Salty Swallow.   Wanton Aime's brews are known by all!  
  • Shalan'ti Revenge!  It was a good attempt on their behalf.  Entire island turned out to burn, bury, and desecrate the Shalan'ti mercenaries.  The sirens fed well that night!
  • Bathhouse Events.  Who could forget naked dancing and running through the village?  There was a great deal of bouncing, jiggling, and bobbing that night!

 Final Feyrwell Peak

 I and the rest of the Admin Team wish you all the best.  I hope to continue seeing you online and in SecondLife.   Thank you so much for contributing into Eyr's story with your own.  


Blanche Fralto
Mysts of Eyr Owner & Proud Player of Blanche, Clovis, Virlym, and Voskil.