Ame's Navel Adventure! December 10-January 1, 2017

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Ame's Navel Adventure! December 10-January 1, 2017

Postby Blanche.Fralto » Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:03 pm

Storyline Title: "Ame's Navel Adventure!"
Timeline: December 10-January 1, 2017
Adventure Sponsor: Alteripseity Resident (Our own Rhyming Satyr, Wanton Aime)

Storyline Theme: Scripted adventure to a location known as "Ame's Navel." A place accessible via portal only at this time though powerful with magics and crawling with Vishkanya intent upon stealing relics left behind by the Stone Giants. The Vishkanya sought to steal one of Kuvari's Scales. Efforts thwarted and scale lost to them, they continue to guard the portal and attempt to catch those who cross.

Join us in "Ame's Navel: A Quest of Grand Scale" all week long in an adventure that can be repeated for days on end! Grab your friends, two or three or even more, and hop right in! This self-guided dungeon-like ruin is full of battles and treasure! Find the portal SOON and run through what we have in store! Grab a friend and RP your way through the adventure! Freebies and Prizes.
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