F'Eyrwell: "And Darkness Falls"

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F'Eyrwell: "And Darkness Falls"

Postby Blanche.Fralto » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:12 am


(Note that these dates and timeframes are subject to change. Feel free to add your own twist to your own character's storyline as you see how it is developing.) Comments and suggestions can be directed to either Eiirwen or Blanche.

Mal's void rifts that were launched just prior to the Eternal’s disappearance have permanently tainted the land. And all the new tampering with void magics has only added to it. The Stone Giants and Ornith had warned of this happening. Could still sense the taint on the land.

The valley's too damaged by the void to repair. This would likely lead to a cascade failure among the leylines and impact the monoliths. It is still spreading. Slowly and steadily creeping throughout the valley.

The valley has to be completely cut off to prevent the void spreading and ley lines collapsing. Abandoning the valley means that everything in it will die. It can be repaired in time but that may take generations. There are too few and the void taint too widespread to stop it at this point.

We say goodbye to the valley piece by piece as the darkness swallows it up. Final exodus of players leaving the island via ship, dragonback, planar travel, or even through the myst as they need. Those left will disappear on the island and into the darkness. Driven mad by the void taint.

Events/Portents & Milestones:

January 21 - March 1, 2018.
Mt. Azifix begins to smoke. Lightly at first but will build. February February 3 it will start spewing void taint along with the usual volcanic smoke and ash. Light…. Building and growing stronger as the month progresses.

January 23 - Ongoing.
Monoliths flickering and sometimes flashing. Rotating their colors though the grey-black color is dominant. All other colors show dark grey striations within them. Markings as if upon the stone but they swirl from within. Power cannot be drawn from the ley lines at those locations. Magic casters can still wield magics but at great effort. The ley lines themselves at those points no longer working as a source of power. All of this is in fluctuation because the monoliths are flickering and trying to restore themselves to health. (Monolliths changed to grey - proximity scripts set up alerting players about activity).

January 28.
Mystfolk Stones start gathering mist. Hard to see though the voices of the mystfolk are heard whispering warnings and portents. Myst will get thicker and thicker throughout the week and the stones will grow translucent. Whispers louder. At the end of the week the Stones will simply vanish. The mists having transported to another plane.

January 30, 2018.
Stone Giant tracks spotted around the ley lines. Cry rings out over the jungle. Monoliths remain blackened and dormant. Whatever magics available to the Stone Giants have failed to restore the Monoliths.

February 11, 2018.
Tillikambo will collapse. It will blow up or sink and that's when our spirits of all the things get released for their fond farewell. Someone will save one of the seeds. Elven tree will live on that way. Seed will be carried off to Shalan’ti by one of the characters. The fall of the Great Tree will begin the exodus of the island. Characters will start seriously planning and making ready. This should be the sign that sets all the players in motion.

February 17, 2018. -- Final Scheduled Event
The Sealing. Moei Asing will seal the valley. They will implode Mt. Azifix with help possible help of of Stone Giants. (Ebon Reach will be present). The Valley is lost but the void is contained.
The realization has been slow in coming but now it is evident. The Valley is left uninhabitable under a heavy layer of volcanic as and roving pockets of flesh eating mist.

Kuvari’s Deep will perform ceremony to establish a barrier and then leave as ship’s escorts for safe travel. HUGE WAVE Effect.

Swallowed Pride and Pirate Ships are in the bay for departure to Aradia and Shalan'ti. Perhaps even another boat to the Northern Lands. Players can RP their way to the ships and departure whenever works for them. Other options for departure include flying (if option), planar travel, and even to be picked up by the mists!
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Re: F'Eyrwell: "And Darkness Falls"

Postby ephralia » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:45 am

Sounds full of doom of portent and excitement!

Vossla never had the courage to try to talk to Tillikambo. Theoretically, if the tree remembers old times with the elves, they're old buddies (since I'm a freaking Mystara dinosaur).
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Re: F'Eyrwell: "And Darkness Falls"

Postby Kristi Susanowa » Tue Jan 30, 2018 5:41 am

Kuri can help Vossla speak to Tilikambo :)
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