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Mysts of Eyr General Sim FAQ

  • Story Behind Eyr (Background) +

    The Mysts of Eyr was the brainchild of Platinus Wirefly. The concept for Eyr was formulated when the Realm of Mystara prepared to close its doors. Plati gathered a handful of these former Mystarans who also believed in the project and together they worked to bring Eyr from concept to realization. Plati founded the sim and served as owner from March 2015 through March 2016 and still serves as an admin. Eyr’s ownership has been passed to Blanche Fralto. Eyr’s builder and designer is Annie Ibanez. Working together with the entire Eyr Team they continue to run Eyr.

  • How much does it cost to run Mysts of Eyr? +

    Mysts of Eyr is a privately owned and funded sim. It does not make any profit and never has since its inception. Monthly rental costs are 5/month. Web page hosting, digital applications (wufoo) around /month. Building costs run roughly L,000/month in custom mesh builds, scripting, upgrades, and décor. Donations are gladly accepted to help cover sim costs but not required. The donation box can be found in Eyr’s main entrance.

  • What does it Cost Me to Play in Eyr? +

    Mysts of Eyr is a labor of love and dedication. It is open to all who respect the sim and the people who play there and abide by its’ rules. This service is absolutely FREE. We welcome any and all who want to play with us in the jungle. It is a benefit and not an entitlement, however. Anyone found treating our lush jungle island or the people in it like a sandbox will be politely asked to leave.

  • What time is it in Eyr? +

    Eyr’s time matches Second Life SLT (Pacific Standard Time). If it’s morning in Los Angeles, it’s morning in Eyr. We do not match standard day/night cycles in Second Life where a week can go by in a few hours. It’s not realistic or feasible. Daylight/dark hours follow the same time frame as the Real Life time PST.

  • What is the Date in Eyr? +

    Eyr blossomed into reality in 2015 which equates to 1365 on the Mystaran calendar (Eyr is a member of the Mystaran Archipelago, created by Annie Ibanez. Another Island found within the Archipelago is Aradia). The date is adjusted incrementally in yearly increments equivalent to our modern day calendars. It is set within a Medieval time frame. Automation and items such as gunpowder or explosives are not around. Only magics, mystery, and mysts!

  • How is Eyr pronounced? +

    Eyr is like a breath of fresh air. It is pronounced just like ‘air’ and not ‘ear.’

  • Who rules Eyr? Is there a King/Queen of Eyr? +

    There is no king/queen in Eyr. This is a jungle setting. There is no castle, courtyard or cattle market despite the Medieval era; Eyr is awash with many layers of culture, predominantly that of a tribal nature. Instead, there are caverns and caves, rain forests filled with vines, mountains and spring waters. The true leaders are the faction and race leads which roam the island. You can find their names on the the Leader Board in the Welcome Center and the Staff List on the web page.

  • Eyr’s Official Group Chats – IC or OOC? +

    All group chats are OOC! The main MoE group is the only group that you are required to join to RP in Eyr. The rest are all optional. Please do not grief, troll, spam, beg, harass, or display rude or disparaging behavior in Group Chat. Offenders may be muted by a moderator. Perverse or Adult topics may be taken to the “Mysts of Eyr Adult Chat” room. Contact an Admin to request an invite.

  • Can I advertise or solicit for my Event/Promotion/Hunt/Sale in Mysts of Eyr group chat? +

    ONLY if it is an event directly tied to Mysts of Eyr. For example our leads are encouraged to advertise their group’s happenings and events using Group Chat and announcements. However you should not advertise your individual outside events (i.e. a sale at your store). Eyr does not permit solicitation. Warnings will be given followed by ejection from the group/sim for repeat offenders.

  • May I park my avatar in Mysts of Eyr while I’m sleeping in RL? +

    Please do not leave your avatar AFK and parked on busy areas of the sim for long periods of time! We understand RL comes first and minor disruptions occur but as a courtesy please park your avatar elsewhere if you are going to be gone for an extended period. Eyr’s entrace serves well for that purpose. Always wear an “AFK” title or you may be sent home (ejected) from the sim. Offenders caught without the tag will receive a friendly reminder. You may also be ejected if your ‘extended’ time turns to longer than an hour. OOC spots at Sim where you can park your avatar and go AFK, are our Welcome Center or The Rock.

  • Am I allowed to rez prims? +

    Yes! You can rez props for your Roleplay scene under 20 prims for RP such as a plate of food or a rideable mount. Just remember to pick up when done. Items left on sim will be returned to you and may result in a friendly warning being given. To unpack purchases, you are welcome to use our OOC areas (The Rock, Welcome Center) as long as you take all prims back straight away into your inventory. Please do not rez purchase-boxes at our IC area. Note: You can not rez objects within the temple of the Welcome Center, but you can rez them in the jungle alcove that you first appear when you first TP to the Sim.

  • Are there any jobs in Eyr that pay Linden money? +

    No. All jobs are IC and administrative jobs are voluntary. We are a non-profit community and pride ourselves as such. However, for in-character jobs such as blacksmith? You are free to rez a tip jar while you work and collect your tips. If you are interested in any of Eyr’s available positions please check the “Now Hiring” web page.

  • I really like Eyr and want to help in some way. What can I do? +

    Driving roleplay and creating experiences and stories is what we are all about. Anything you do that benefits Eyr in this fashion is truly appreciated. Simply by RPing here and being respectful, friendly, and courteous to fellow players – we could ask nothing more. IC jobs for your characters are an excellent way to drive RP. Additionally, you can apply for a mentoring, lead, or admin position if those positions are open for hiring. You can also apply to be an NPC (non-player-character) to help drive RP and make it fun for your fellow RPers. Should you be interested in creating your own group, the option for player created groups is available. You can also adopt one of our official race groups.

  • Where can I Donate? +

    Eyr's Donation BoxEyr is non-profit, and we do not pressure for donations. However we appreciate your assistance and welcome donations. All donations go toward sim rental costs. There is a donation box in Eyr’s Welcome Center. It's shown highlighted in the picture here and can be located In World directly to the right of the sim teleporter. Click Here for the SLURL.

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Realm of Mystara FAQ

  • Is Mysts of Eyr an Official Spin-Off of the Former Realm of Mystara Sim? +

    Yes. Mysts of Eyr was created with Realm of Mystara’s owner, Annie Ibanez’s, blessing. It is the only sanctioned spin-off of the Realm of Mystara sim. Annie Ibanez is also still connected to Mysts of Eyr as one of its admins and sim builder.

  • How are Mysts of Eyr and the Realm of Mystara Sims Connected? +

    The island of Mystara was but one out of an entire archipelago within the protective boundaries of the Mysts. Mysts of Eyr takes place on the main island of Eyr, a two weeks’ journey by boat from where Mystara once stood.

  • Once stood? What happened to Mystara?! +

    After providing 5½ years of quality roleplaying experiences, in February 2015, Annie Ibanez made the painful decision to close Realm of Mystara due to financial difficulties. This began a ramp down of the sim’s meta plot to make way for a satisfying closure for players.

    There is an official In Character (IC) ten-year gap between the disappearance of the island of Mystara and the launch of the Mysts of Eyr sim. You can read about the timeline in between here.

  • I used to play on The Realm of Mystara. Can I bring my Mystara characters over to play on Eyr? +

    Yes, you can! We are carrying over all of the Mystara approved races to Eyr as well as including some new ones to the mix. If you had approved Mystara characters, then you’re welcome to play them here.

    The one caveat is with Custom Characters. We are presently only allowing a player to transfer ONE approved Mystara custom character to Eyr. If you had more than one custom, you can still play those other characters, but they must now follow whatever approved race template they were from the start and no longer follow “custom” status.

  • I had several tokens left over from the Mystara Token System. Will I be able to transfer these to Mysts of Eyr too? +

    We presently plan to re-introduce the Token System. We do not have a date currently for when the system will be in place. When we do, however; you will be able to use your earned Mystara Tokens in conjunction with tokens earned from Mysts of Eyr. Hold on to them!

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Character & Avatar FAQ

  • Do I really have to fill out an application to play here? +

    Only in very specific cases. If you are playing any of the “power races” such as DEMON/INFERNAL, LYCAN, VAMPIRE, CELESTIAL, WERECAT/BASTET or DRAGON you must fill out a Standard Agreement Application and agree to the terms of that race’s abilities. If you play any of the other one hundred plus pre-approved races, you don't have to apply. If you wish to join one of the available race or faction groups, you will be required to fill out an app for your specific race or faction. These can be found on the website under “Groups”.

    If you wish to play a character that can shapeshift (outside of those races with natural affinity to shift e.g. Lycan, Siren) you must first complete a SHAPESHIFT Application and wait for approval before shifting in RP.

    We also have an NPC Application for those wishing to help support events and storyline by playing NPC characters.

  • What does NPC mean? +

    An NPC is a Non-Player-Character whose only purpose is to provide entertainment, role play and/or target practice for the players on sim. They serve to enhance role play by giving PCs (Player-Characters) a more realistic experience and a ton of fun. If you wish to apply as an NPC fill in the NPC Application and/or contact the current NPC Manager (their pager will be available from the Welcome Centre)
  • Do you allow multiple characters on one account? +

    Yes. We permit players up to THREE identities (player characters) per second life account. However, we highly urge you to use titlers and talkers to distinguish your identity.
  • How do you define neko? +

    We define a neko as: mostly human in appearance with a few feline parts (usually ears and tail) and mostly human behavior, human hair/clothing/mannerisms often affecting a cutesy personality, licking hands, seeking out milk, mewing etc. Neko as a race are not permitted here.
  • How can my character arrive in Eyr? +

    Eyr is a magical island in an archipelago shrouded in a myst of pure magic. Most people who arrive do not choose to be here. Eyr chooses who finds it. Those who are highly adept with magic and are planar travellers see this realm for what it is and can travel freely into and out of it. Commonly, ships will set sail only to be lost at sea with no wind in their sails, and will drift for 12 days. The 13th day they often will arrive in Eyr. Additionally people can arrive through a magical rift in the fabric of reality, as many demons and fae do. Often times people struggle to leave or find their way out and must seek a mage for assistance. We have this article that explains more in-depth of the various ways a character can find themselves in Eyr.
  • This sim is pretty different from other medieval fantasy RP sims. What should my avatar be wearing? +

    Eyr’s environment is based upon Southeast Asia influence similar to that of ancient Borneo. The jungles are thick, humid and at the whims of violent monsoons. Attire of Eyr’s citizens varies from light-weight cloth, plantlife, feathers, fur and leather to lightweight Asian inspired garments. The latter would originate from the civilisation of Shalan’ti, which can be reached by taking a boat to lap around to the opposite side of the island (In lore only. Location is not featured on sim). We have an article that outlines how one would dress in Eyr’s climate.

    This doesn’t stop you from wearing traditional medieval attire of other cultures as there are other islands in this realm’s archipelago that follow different themes (like Aradia and its Arabesque setting for example) Just keep in mind that a character who travels to Eyr wearing a full suit of plate mail may likely suffer heat stroke shortly after arrival and leather garb doesn't hold up well to this moisture unless rigorously maintained. Use your best judgement on what medieval fashion makes sense here.

  • I have no money to buy medieval clothing. Can I RP in my jeans till i can buy some? +

    No. There are many great free resources to get Medieval appropriate clothing for free or for very cheap. Contact a Mentor for help on great places to shop. Check out our "Eyr Fashion" sub forum as well as the Eyr-spiration page for ideas.
  • Where can I get one of those neat RP chatters, and/or Titlers! +

    There is a Titler Giver in the Welcome Centre where you can collect a FREE combined titler and RP Tool Dice in one. This is the original Realm of Mystara Titler. When the official Mysts of Eyr Titler is made available, it will replace the former.
  • Do I have to wear a combat meter? +

    No, Mysts of Eyr is not a metered combat sim. Combat is done through role play and sometimes with dice to help assist. Only the official Mystara dice is permitted for use in combat role play and it comes as part of our official Mystara Titler (located on the HUD). This will eventually switch over to the official Mysts of Eyr dice when the Mysts of Eyr Titler is made available.
  • Can I ride my horse, dire boar, tiger, etc. around Eyr? +

    Yes. Please keep them realistic. plausible in size and as script free as possible to help reduce lag. While horses are a mainstay of medieval RP, they might find it very awkward to move about the thick jungles of Eyr. You can find a full mount list on our NPC Article.
  • I can't fly but I have a flying mount. May I use it? +

    Yes. Ridable flying mounts including gryphons, dragons and other flying fantasy beasts are permitted if reasonable in size. Please avoid using Tarns or Pterodactyls and other non-fitting creatures. Flying aircraft, steampunk mechanized aircraft and the like are not allowed. MASSIVE mounts aren't welcome as they can really cause lag that can negatively affect everyone. Generally though if your character has a reasonable In-character reason for having the mount then it is okay.
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General Roleplay FAQ

  • I have never roleplayed before, how do I get started? +

    On the whole, Mysts of Eyr is a very challenging sim for beginners and the large paragraphs of roleplay posts can be intimidating. However; for the determined and willing to learn, we have a great mentor team that can help you get started. To contact a mentor, head to the Welcome Center/Landing Zone in Mysts of Eyr and click on any available mentor to page them. There are also several roleplay classes held in-world which are scheduled on the calendar which can be viewed both on the homepage and on the Event Board in the Welcome Area. In addition to that, we have a helpful article on getting started, as well as a beginner’s guide to roleplay.
  • How can I be a part of a major storyline or create one? +

    The best way is to start with the major parties involved, and the relevant faction leaders. Additionally, there is a "suggestions" area of the forum and a "roleplay" area of the forum where you can bring up your ideas and get feedback/support.
  • I've been given a quest or a boon, do I really need the object to prove my worth? +

    It largely depends on the quest. If it's just for a roleplay scene you don't physically need a prim object. However you must roleplay how you got to/found/obtained the object. You can't pull it out of a hat and claimed you found it. For instance if the magic shop owner sends you on a quest for a certain ingredient you must find the right person to give you that ingredient. For evidence it is recommended you log it in a notecard and give it to the quest giver.
  • Do I have to join a race/faction group? +

    No. There is a wide variety of races permitted in Eyr. The race groups that are available are just the official, organized ones on the island and joining is purely optional. We strongly encourage joining though as it becomes a great avenue for new storylines. The same can be said of the three available faction groups.
  • Can I join more than one race or faction group? +

    Yes. A single character is allowed to join more than one race or faction group, though it is up to the group lead to take you in if you are already part of another. For instance, a half-elf half-human qualifies for entry into both tribes. The humans tribe may however, decide that they are not comfortable with a "dual-alliance". Same can be said if your character, who is a known member of the dark alliance attempts to join the village faction. Admittance into a group is at the sole, in-character discretion of the leader.
  • When is it OK to interrupt an ongoing RP? +

    Generally it is okay to segue your way into an RP scene if done tactfully and plausibly. If you are on sim your IC surroundings are subject to interruption at any time. If you or your characters do not want any interruptions, there are places and locations where they can seek relative privacy, but an interruption can come at any place and time. There are many players who are very annoyed by “scene interruptions” and those who welcome it. If your interruption makes sense and is plausible and tactful most will accept it. For example, if two characters sneak away into an empty side room of the castle to have a secret meeting and a castle maid walks in hearing voices this is a plausible interruption. If a battle scene is taking place in the woods and a fairy happens to fly up to it and start asking non-relevant questions or behaving in a way that doesn’t account for a violent fight or jumps in for no reason (they don’t know the people involved, they aren’t aligned with them) -- this will anger players.

    Try to avoid pushing into a scene with which your character would not logically have involvement. If you must push into a scene and it is apparent it is a 1-on-1 or private event and you are unsure you can ask the players in IM’s if it is okay. If you wish to observe a few posts to see what the situation is about, simply post that you are observing to let others know your character is in the scene but not active and they can choose to respond or not. Lastly, use good judgement. If two people are making out in the bath house and your character must interrupt them expect the characters to be annoyed / embarrassed / uncomfortable. This is a natural reaction.

  • Can I roleplay in a language other than English? +

    The official language of Eyr is English. You should not be communicating in other languages. Using some in-character words and phrases native to your races' tongue is fine, such as Merfolk saying "Tala" for “Hello” or “Broken Common” such as: “I see bread. Give me bread?”. Essentially, your posts should be understood OOC by anyone who may happen to be reading.

    We do not permit fantasy language translators, “lycan” or “elvish” for example. This is because the admin team must be able to see, and moderate all roleplay that goes on in local chat. Unless the entire admin team is wearing a fantasy translator for every possible language, we cannot do our job to prevent issues such as metagaming, automatic calls for backup, harassment, and other abuses of translators. Just as easily, people can abuse the other way around, and pick up on things said in foreign languages that their character really should not have known. Do not do this, it is metagaming, it is against the rules. If your character cannot understand the language, ignore the post.

    If your language is unintelligible, and not in common, simply specify this in your roleplay, by saying your character spoke, for example, “In a foreign elvish language.” Additionally, your character might be speaking elvish, and most others within range might not understand, as it isn’t the common language. However, there may be a person who knows a few words of elvish. Posting in english, and designating your quote is in elvish, allows that other person to pick up a few words without needing to buy a fantasy language HUD. This makes for good roleplay!

    For example, I (Annie) love when people smack-talk around me in spanish. About 75% of the time I know what they are saying, but they assume that I can’t understand them. Then I give them a nice smile! The same can happen in roleplay, and giving others the option to pick up on what was said creates new storylines and RP. So for those on the opposite end, if your character knows a little bit of a language but is perhaps only a little fluent, feel free to pick up a FEW words of the foreign language, the simpler the word the better chance you can understand it. But unless truly 100% fluent, you probably will not pick up everything spoken in a foreign language.

    If you are hellbent on having your character speak aloud and not be understood or overheard, leave chat range, and go somewhere private.

  • When engaging in RP combat, is there any rules or guidelines to help it go smoother? +

    Absolutely. There is a very defined etiquette for roleplay combat that some folks might not understand if coming from a combat meter sim. You can read all about it Here. It covers how combat is carried out in roleplay format. In the case of an unsettled fight you can use the Mystara/Mysts of Eyr RP dice to settle the fight's outcome.

    Of course there will always be that one person who dodges every single attack or who starts forcing outcomes on you without giving you a chance to retaliate. In this instance please contact an admin as this is considered god-moding. Also be prepared to lose a few fights. It shows depth of character and people don't want to RP with a person who can never lose - regardless of how powerful and well-trained your character is.

  • Can my character really die here? +

    Yes, though character death is not commonplace. The most important thing to know about character death in Mysts of Eyr role play is that it MUST be consensual and it is only up to YOU to determine if your character lives or dies and how. (Note: During a Dice RP Combat, you may choose the opportunity to “risk it”, using the Death Roll System, leaving your character’s fate in the hands of the dice roll.) But keep in mind this is fantasy and death doesn't always have to mean the end. Resurrection is available for a certain period after death (contact a mentor or admin for approved resurrectors). Note that character death abuse is unfair and will not be permitted. Making your character die after getting slapped in the face is not realistic or fair to make a murderer out of another character, for little reason. If you choose to off your character, do so realistically.
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Player Groups FAQ

  • Do I need to apply to a group? +

    The only group that you must join before playing in Eyr is the sim’s main Mysts of Eyr Group for the purposes of being kept up-to-date with sim notices and events. Beyond that, the various factions, race clans, jungle businesses, and player-created groups are all completely optional to join. IC groups are vehicles for plot and help get you involved with other players on the sim, so we do recommend joining some.

  • Can I join multiple groups? +

    Yes. If you have a character who wants to hold down a job, be a member of a race clan, and be a representative of a faction; you’re welcome to apply for membership to all of them. You can even become a member to a race clan your character does not naturally belong to by becoming a race ally. Your character could be a spy and be a member of several factions at once, but the IC ramifications are likely to be quite dire if they’re found out. Joining or being Ejected from any one of these groups is up to the IC discretion of the character leading it. Your character’s actions dictate whether they’re accepted by their peers.

  • I don’t see a group for ________. Can I make one? +

    Yes, given certain conditions are met and you are not creating a competing group that already exists officially. There is an application process and a set of requirements to meet in which to become an official group of Eyr. You can read up on what is required for establishing a player-created group here.

  • Can my player created group become official? +

    Yes. If your group fits all the needed requirements and your group application is accepted by the Eyr Admin Team, your group shall become an official group of Eyr. Becoming official offers a variety of perks such as dedicated sub-forums, an official in-world group, a pager and group presence in the Welcome Center, dedicated admin support, digital applications, and website space. You can read up on what this all means here.

  • On the website, I see racial clans that are not advertised at the sim’s Welcome Center. Why is that? Can I join them? +

    Some of our race clans have been downgraded to ‘orphaned’ status due to a lack player interest. They do not have a dedicated leader, but players can still join and use the group to communicate with fellow members of that clan.

  • If I am successful as an adoptee officer of a race group, is there potential to become an official leader of that tribe? +

    Yes. If a player who wishes to adopt an orphaned race group, they will be given a trial period as a group officer to drum up interest and membership. If the group is resurrected, we will add it back to the roster in the Welcome Center and make that officer an official MoE Group Leader. You can read more about Group Adoption here.

  • If I see a group out there for my race clan or interests, but I feel it doesn’t offer what I would like, can I make one? +

    No. We do not allow the creation of duplicate groups. Each player-created group must be unique and not splinter an existing official one.

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Miscellaneous FAQ

  • Do you allow slaves? Can I bring my Gorean pet girl here? +

    Slavery is permitted in the correct context. For instance some drow or orcs may take on slaves as it is common in their culture. We are NOT a gorean sim however, and no, you cannot drag your kajira around on her knees. It does not fit with Eyr’s medieval/fantasy setting.
  • I wish to engage in some steamy rp, is it ok for me to wear my privates (prim genitalia)? +

    Yes, you may wear prim genitalia in the Bath House. However, please refrain from clicking Xcite type of genitals that spam local chat with all of the actions you are performing. NOTE: Genital Nudity outside of the Bath House is not permitted for males or females. Nipple nudity, if plausible and not egregious, is permitted for females.
  • Is it ok to rez my own adult poseballs? +

    No, please do not rez R-rated poses in the sim.
  • My partner and I want to get it on, how explicit can we be in local chat? +

    If you are within chat range of other people it is recommended you keep R and X rated behavior in private IMs.
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