Welcome to the Mysts of Eyr roleplaying campaign!



Our vision is to bring you an immersive, high quality roleplay environment in a unique new setting, within a familiar campaign - the Realm of Mystara universe. We believe that a roleplay sim built community first, crafted with heart and soul, and operating on fair principles provides the best platform for expression.  For former members of Mystara, it is our aim to provide you a home for your character and continuity of storyline. Mysts of Eyr was founded on that hope.

Core Concept:

The core concept of Eyr is about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing your wild side! You will find no quaint medieval villages or towering stone castles in Eyr: a vast jagged island with many hidden secrets not to be underestimated. In Mysts of Eyr, high fantasy meets dense, otherworldly jungle life -- and unlike Mystara, a realm ruled by race kings and queens -- Eyr is ruled by powerful faction leaders warring for territory.

About the Setting:

On April 1st, 2015, Mysts of Eyr opened following the disappearance of the Realm of Mystara into the Mysts. This is the story of Mystaran survivors forging a new life on a vast, jungle-covered island, and her wild jungle denizens fighting to preserve it from encroachment and change. This is also the story of a terrifying darkness slowly gaining momentum from within the underbelly of the island.

Located several weeks’ journey east of Mystara, across the Baleful sea, Eyr is an enormous landmass, with several smaller outlying islands dotting her coastline. Set in time a decade after the great exodus, Mystarans have come to settle in Eyr and build a promising new civilization. With the great capital city of Shalan’ti being in throes of civil war, it proved too hostile to welcome Mystara’s refugees, who opted to settle in a fertile river valley.  However, the river settlement has proven a challenge as well with intermittent raids and ransacking.  Jungle natives don’t take kindly to the clearcutting of their territory and a mysterious dark organization --  blamed for strange disappearances and curses -- gains strength and control while the natives and foreigners are embroiled in turf wars.  

Where does your character fit into the story?  We invite you to consider bringing your Mystara character over to Eyr, join one of the factions, and develop the next chapter of your legacy.  And with a plethora of new playable races and an exciting new setting, we offer the opportunity to create an entirely new character -- perhaps a native of the Eyr Jungles?  It’s up to you!

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Coming from Mystara?

Here are the key differences:


  • The sim owner is Blanche Fralto.

  • Native Races to Eyr are very different from Mystara’s.  Races like Werecats, Naga and Lizardfolk are the new norm.

  • At this time, there are no available rental homes or parcels and no ETA on any rentals.

  • The sims have a three-faction system at this time, only factions hold physical sim territory.  Factions are multi-racial and operate on a defined doctrine or ideal.  

Here are the similarities:

  • Your Mystara Tokens (if you have them) will be accepted once Eyr’s Token System is launched.

  • Sim build and sim management by Annie Ibanez

  • The rules, playable races, and general operating policies in Mysts of Eyr are almost identical to Mystara’s.