Blanche Fralto

Owner and “The Grey Admin”

My name is Blanche and I discovered RP later than most. In fact much later. Had never gamed. Had never RP’d. And I had some colorful terms to describe those that did. I wandered into Mystara as an Observer and was hooked. Within a month I was painfully formulating posts. I met some wonderfully supportive people and made incredible friends and we began weaving stories. The story now continues in Eyr.

I play Blanche Greyling, a human woman who was swept up in the Mysts and deposited on the Isle of Eyr. She is sensible, thoughtful, and practical. She likes stability and strives to maintain control of her life. Both quite literally impossible to maintain in Eyr which equates to a lot of fun. You can usually find her hanging around Craft Dock.


Annie Ibanez

Admin & World Builder

Hi, I’m Annie and I’m the former owner of the Realm of Mystara. I am the world builder for Eyr and I am also a lore writer and admin. If you find a hole in the region or other build problem, I’m the person you should message! I am also one half of the Stormwood brand, creator of Ibanez Eyes and a mighty undead weilder of pickles. I don’t roleplay much. I used to, and I quite enjoy it, but I prefer to play NPC characters or humor roles with little commitment. My active characters for Eyr are Tippy the Fae, and Gub the Myconid. The Mysts of Eyr sim is a pure expression of creativity from my heart, and I hope you are as captivated by its beauty, as I am by its story.


Alteripseity Resident

Admin, Salty Satyr, and Mellow Mushroom

IC: His main character within Mysts of Eyr is Wanton Aime, the Salty Swallow's own Mystfolk satyr barkeep. Among his fellow refugees of Mystara, the satyr lives and works within Stormstead. Though his association with the village is a source of conflict with local tribes, he does share their reverence for nature.

OOC: By clicks of the keys and rolls of the dice, Alteripseity's experience with immersive role-play spans nearly two decades. Within chat rooms, forums. online servers, and on table tops he's played a wide range of characters; from the lowest of waifs to the highest of esteemed leaders without peer. He also served in all ranks of staff from the bottom up.


Eiirwen Resident

Deader than Dead Admin

I’ve traveled the various sl-roads for over 7 years now, mostly as a dance music club manager and owner and rabid role play enthusiast. I’ve been with Mysts of Eyr since before the official opening and I’ve barely left this spot since. Doing everything… business owner, healer, magic practitioner, NPC, faction lead, and mentor. Mysts of Eyr is my enduring roleplay home.

I played Ornith, spiritual guru and book shop boon enthusiast turned Moei Asing Myan and maker of fine teas and potent poisons as the Sage Advice owner. Until the Ebon Reach killed her, and her soul, yes she was a baelnorn, was tossed into the Void and Quiet was reborn. Now as an undead Pooka, she owns the Night Cap and sits upon the Eternal’s illustrious Council.


Pneema Resident

The Little Admin

"Hello! My name is Pneema!"

OOC: I found Eyr not long after I joined Second Life. It has become like a second home for me. I've played MMOs, table-top games, PC games. I love the stories. Eyr is a story and even if I just say "hello" in character, I get to help write it! Oh, and by the way, the answer to the question of life and everything else is '42'. If you need help getting to 42, let me know. :wink:

IC: I play Juni, a grounded pixie who hasn't let the loss of her home or the loss of flight change her outlook on life. She tends to drive people a little crazy with questions, but how else is a pixie to learn things? She's fiercely loyal to anyone she considers a friend, and honestly, it doesn't take much for that to happen. So swing by and say hi! She likes to meet new people!