TilikamboOnce upon the isle of Mystara, there was a white city. It rested on a high crag that had been thrust up and out of the sea by the combined efforts of many powerful spellcasters. This was the kingdom of elves, the Eldalie. The city was named Ered Eithel.

This story is not about that city; rather, it is about the tree that was its heart. She was the elves’ sacred symbol of their connection to nature. This great tree watched over her Eldalie. On occasion she would commune with her people and deliver warnings and subtle premonitions of events to come.

When the end of Mystara was nigh, she told her people to flee. When the island began to fade back into the mysts, the halls and buildings of the White City already stood empty. Before the last Eldalie ship sailed, the elves asked of the mystfolk to safeguard their tree and bring it with them on their escape to Eyr. Being forces of nature in their own right, the Atriarch and his clan were the only ones who could move such a powerful being safely to new earth. Her roots walked across the dwindling isle and sank into The Mound. She sailed with the rest of the Mystaran refugees to their new home in Eyr.

For ten years, this tree remained, isolated and forgotten. Surviving through the new balmy climate and its annual typhoons. She bore witness to the clash of Asing and Mystarans. Even the near-cataclysmic battle between the mystfolk courts, which destroyed much of the jungle, left her untouched–a testament to the reverence of nature bestowed upon her by the elves of her homeland.

This all went without notice from Ame Moei. Every life that sprouted in the jungle was born from her creation, except this one foreign tree. In truth, the mother jungle wasn’t certain what to do with her. The mother could tell that this tree’s power was much alike her own. It was nowhere near as vast or as powerful, but still quite similar. The dilemma Ame Moei had with this kindred being was that every time the two tried to speak, neither could understand the other. A language barrier of a cosmic sort barred their mutual friendship.

Shortly after bestowing the mantle of Moei Asing leadership to a Sum’ei’a, the Myan sought to end the bloodshed between the Mystaran refugees and the Moei Asing by holding a ritual of abstinence.The Governor of Stormstead Village along with many of the village took part in good faith. The sacrifices cleansed the ten years of sin the village had struck against the land and Ame as a whole. For that brief moment in time, all within Ame’s domain were one.

The misplaced tree once again tried to reach out to Ame Moei.

But this time, Ame Moei could understand the other’s message.

Days and nights passed by while the two communed. After sharing their wealth of wonders and sorrows, the Jungle Mother brought this strange tree into her fold and under her power.

“I will take on your children, Ame,” the tree pledged to Ame, “I will love and shelter them like I did with my Eldalie.”

Magic entwined and the earth trembled in its wake. The tree shot up to the heavens and the jungle boomed with the sound of sighing wood and shivering leaves. Her boughs didn’t cease to stretch and expand until her canopy touched the clouds. When the jungle came to rest once more, the Moei Asing found this massive tree awaiting them. They ascended to their new retreat that onlooks all of Ame’s wild jungle. The Great Tree of the Eldalie was no more. Now she was Tilikambo, Ame’s new home and fortress of the Moei Asing.