Yue Sheds Tears of Regret before Ame MoeiA long, long time ago, when the Court of Night had only begun to populate the sky with stars, there was Ame, the Guide Star and her sibling, Yue, the Moon. They and their fellow cosmic kin shined upon the vast lands below while the sun slept. And for a time, all was happy.

One night, Ame decided to try a new game and unexpectedly created a child star. This thrilled her and it prompted the creation of several more children to sit beside her in constellation. Yue was fascinated by the children her sister was creating and tried to create some for herself. Despite all her best efforts and Ame’s assistance, Yue remained childless in the night sky.

From the endless expanse of nothingness, far past even the Court of Night and where their light touch, came a Voice. It maliciously took advantage of Yue’s frustration and barbed her with many sour words and made the Moon turn cold and jealous towards Ame and her children. This Voice goaded Yue into committing an atrocious act of retaliation.

While Ame and her children slept, Yue stayed awake to greet their brother, Yang, at daybreak. Yang, had a taxing job as the Day Star, since he was the only one ever awake to light the sky when he awoke each morning. He was overjoyed that Yue had come to pay him a visit and assist in his normally solitary efforts. All of this was subterfuge and part of The Voice’s plan. When Yang was busy sweeping up the eastern horizon of its dawn shades of gold and rose, Yue reached out and slew every single one of Ame’s children as they slept. The Voice had wanted Yue to kill Ame too, but The Moon simply could not find enough hatred in her heart to fulfill the deed. Yang turned to witness the carnage once reaching the apex of the sky and let out a horrified howl that shook the cosmos. All of the Night Court drew their eyes to what Yue had done and all shunned her for the blood she had shed.

Despairing and heartbroken, Ame tumbled from the sky and buried herself into the cavernous molten depths. She tossed, twisted and wailed in grief. Her lamenting whipped the land until it cracked and shifted. When her tantrum subsided, the Guide Star found herself perched upon a chain of islands made from her reckless tantrum. Her grief made way for anger and Ame lashed out! Her fingers dragged across the newly churned earth and ferocious creatures and plants of fang, venom, and claw appeared where she raked her nails.

The tallest mountain, the deepest valleys and everything inbetween felt her touch. The more things that Ame brought into being, the less angry she became. By the time her fury abated, the entire island had come alive with her creations. The Guide Star regarded her surroundings and became enamored with her new family. With a gentler, caring hand, she added more to the island: Animals to quell the hungry predators and tall trees to shelter them under. Last of all, she fashioned a race of people, giant in stature, to watch over the isle and tend to her many, many creatures. These giants named this land Eyr and gave great thanks to Mother Jungle, Ame Moei, for giving them life. Exhausted and proud, Ame Moei retreated to the depths of her jungle, content to let all of her making run free and wild as they wilt.

The giants would prosper for centuries and eventually forget their seemingly neglectful creator. They ruled over Eyr until their own hubris destroyed and cursed them, leaving the islands free for other races to ascend to power and claim territory within Eyr. Mystfolk, Naga, Halflings, Lizardfolk, and Elves settled here as well as the Bastet and later the Humans with their great White City, Shalan’ti. More would come later. Ame Moei would continue to watch and advise those who followed her way and Yue would observe on high while suffering with never-ending regret. Exiled and alone in the sky, The Moon would be forever unable to apologise nor explain to her sister of the Voice who had designed Ame’s destruction.