AzifixThe Moei Asing have great fear and respect for Dragons.  Oh yes; though they are rare here, legend tells of two great dragons who once dwelled on the isle of Eyr, Azifix and Ohm.  They were neither siblings nor family, but they were once the best of friends.  None can say how Azifix and Ohm met, nor how they came to Eyr, but on an island two dragons are bound to cross paths.

Azifix was an Orange Dragon with eyes like embers and rust-colored scales.  He was impressive to behold but more than that he was cunning, proud, and a fearsome strategist.  Ohm was an Orium Dragon, and she was as strong and wise as she was regal and breathtakingly beautiful to behold.

Of all the creatures on the island, only Azifix and Ohm knew what it was to be a dragon.  Thus, in spite of their differences, they found companionship between themselves. Over the centuries, as civilizations rose and fell, Azifix and Ohm were the closest friends. Together they devoured jungle halflings, told each other stories, dueled, and marveled over the unique findings in one another's hoards, picking over singular items and debating their qualities -- sometimes for years without end.  There were hardly any others on the island who understood what it was like to be a dragon, and so between themselves they found companionship in spite of their odds, and enjoyed the decades-long arguments about the stone giant ruins that so fascinated Ohm.

The cataclysmic fight between Azifix and Ohm began as so many fights do between dragons -- over territory. Whilst exploring through the caverns of Eyr one day, the two dragons together stumbled upon an enormous glittering cavern lined with the crumbled ruins of Stone Giant civilization, filled with treasures and antiquities and intricate stone carvings. Such a cavern was much larger than either of their lairs, the treasures themselves were greater than their hoards combined.  They were both feeling quite entitled to this find and the dragons disputed for months who would live there and who sighted the cavern first, and all manner of hair-splitting bickery embroiled the two in a battle that would see them at odds even to this day.

Azifix and Ohm clashed violently, and having had such familiarity for centuries, also knew each others' weaknesses well enough to spark a terrible battle.  Lava and Lightning rained over the island in a great storm, torching swaths of rainforest and churning up storms in the sky.  It was Azifix who won the Stone Giant cavern for himself, along with the treasure hoard, and Ohm was driven off to the opposite side of the island to lick her wounded body and pride.  Embittered and angry, they never spoke again, and their friendship soured to a poisonous rivalry, each hiding deep within their own mountain lairs, Ohm in her soaring crystal springs mountain on the northeast side of Eyr and Azifix in his black smoking volcano on the southwest side of Eyr, the rival mountains in cold standoff.   It is said by the Moei that the wellspring waters from Ohm Peak are the tears of broken friendship, and the spewing lava of the Volcanic peak is the furious temper of Azifix.

The moral of the story is that Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin, and we cannot have hate without love.  For Azifix and Ohm loved each other very deeply, and so the poison of hate is much stronger between them. Love and hate have a magical transforming power. They are the great soul changers. We grow through their exercise into the likeness of what we contemplate.  As the Moei Asing look to the Dark Mountain and the Light Mountain, and we call them by the names of the dragons, Azifix and Ohm, we remember the dualities of life and how they can make - or break - a friendship.