YangIn a time before man, before even the land we walk on, before so many stars burned as lights in the night sky, there was Ame Moei, the Guiding Star, and her sister Yue, the Moon. They lived and loved as siblings do. All of this is well known, as well as what caused the rift between the two. Even tonight do we feel the repercussions of that fateful day. Even tonight do the two grieve and work their machinations upon us to achieve their goals. What they wish to accomplish, we can only guess at.

This story is not about Ame Moei or Yue, however. Tonight I will tell you of the Day Star, for he too has a part to play. Yang is not of the Court of Night nor does he live in the night sky with his sisters. Instead, he alone travels the skies of day. This is the reason for the name ‘Day Star’. Yang never got to see Ame Moei and Yue, yet he knew of them and he loved them as a brother loves his sisters. He would catch glimpses as they seemed to chase each other across the skies.

When Ame Moei learned to create her child stars, Yang could see what had been brought to life before his light would grow so bright as to cut off sight of the night sky. He loved his sister's accomplishments and his light shone even brighter with his pride! It was what siblings did, was it not? Feel pride in the others accomplishments? So it was that without request from his sister, Yang the Day-Star would watch her children while they slept. He did not know of the jealousy that grew within Yue, for it was a deep and secret thing that burned inside her.
The counting of his sister's children had grown beyond his ability to track when Yue came to visit him in the daylight sky. He was overjoyed and tried to show her all the things that he did and saw. He was sweeping the eastern horizon of its dawn shades and gathering things to show his sister, so he did not notice that she was not following him. When he reached the apex of the sky, he turned to point something out to her, instead he saw the slaughter that she had wrought and he let out such a howl of grief and pain that the whole of the cosmos shook. Yue stood over Ame Moei, the blood of Ame's children still upon her. Yang's terrible outcry drew the attention of the Court of Night and woke Ame Moei from her sleep.

Immediately upon seeing what had been done, Ame Moei fell from the sky to the land below, writhing and wailing in her grief. The Court of Night shunned Yue for the blood she had shed. Yang turned his back on his sister, wracked with guilt that he had failed to protect Ame's children and pained deeply at the loss of them. He could not look at Yue without seeing their blood on her hands. He could not look down upon the land and Ame Moei without feeling a terrible pain for her loss. So it was that he turned his head away and the sun's light did not shine so brightly upon the land.

I do not need to tell you what became of Ame Moei, for that tale we all know. Yue had hidden as well, still deep in her jealous rage. Yang alone still traveled the skies as he could not forsake his duties no matter his pain. The constancy of his task did much to start him healing. Watching Ame Moei as she learned that she could create on land as well as in the sky helped and he watched her, intrigued. He still felt pain, though it had begun to mellow. When his grief would flare and he could not contain it, he would hide his face from Ame Moei; the light would lessen and the lands below grow cold.

Yue too watched her sister's display. While at first she raged at her sister's theatrics, a great sorrow began to grow inside her, leaving no room for aught else. The sorrow brought with it guilt for what she had done and the two fed on each other inside of her until she could no longer hold them inside. Tears fell from her and as they touched on Eyr and gathered. It was her tears that brought the waters to Eyr. But this story is not about Yue's tears or the creatures of the sea that came to life within the waters. When Yang saw the waters, he knew them for Yue's tears and he began to watch for his shunned sister.

Both Yang and Yue would reach out tentatively to the other, not knowing what the others response would be. Both still keenly felt a pain that would ebb and flow and the two would alternately accept the touch or reject it. It was the love of one sibling to another that allowed them to finally reach the other and the began to reconnect

Yang had not talked to his sisters since that day. He could not talk to Ame Moei for fear that she would lash out at him for his part. He could not talk to Yue for the pain of her betrayal had caused him. All he wanted to know now was why she had done such a horrible thing. Yue, for her part, could not tell him right away, nor did she ever tell him of The Voice that had spoken to her. It took a lot of time and pain for her to tell her brother of her pain that Ame Moei could create life where she could not and the jealousy that had grown inside her.

Yang pointed to the waters of Eyr and Yue told him that she no longer was jealous and in her own grief, she had found she too could create life. He watched her as she spoke of what she was learning to create and a gentle pride began to grow inside him. With the pride, his light grew and he watched his sister, who had been alone for so long, reflect that light and he felt happiness again.

The two became close as they had never been before. Who is to say that had they been close before, things might not have turned out differently, but that is neither here nor there. They happened and that is that. Yang was often visited by his sister now. While they were both happier now than they had been for longer than they cared to think about, one only had to look at the night sky to be overcome by grief. They were no longer alone in their grief and could comfort each other. Yue could hug her brother, for a brief time, shutting out the light he shed.

Yang did not realize how much he had missed his sister. He reveled in the closeness that was growing between them. It was different from before. It was good. He tried to approach Ame Moei, but Ame had been watching the skies. She was not so distracted with her new creations that she did not keep track of what her sister and brother were doing. She knew of Yue's tears and what was happening below the waters. She refused Yang, angered by the fact that he would talk to Yue and feeling betrayed by the closeness between them.

“We must offer her something, Yue. She grieves still and will never forget.” Yang said as he and Yue traveled together one day.

“Let me think upon it, Brother. I do not have anything she would want, or accept.” Yue replied.

“I will remind her of my pride in her when she first learned she could make her children and I will shine brighter so that her new children will grow fine and strong, and she will remember that I love her as well.” Yang suggested. Yue smiled at her brother.

“I think she will like that fine. But perhaps you should also hide your light, as you did when you grieved. So that she knows we do not forget what was done. What I did.”
“Perhaps you are right, Sister.”

The two traveled the skies then, each searching for their own way to tell their sister that they still cared about her. They searched and searched, he the skies filled with light and she the shadowed corners of the night. Yang did not wish to wait until they found the perfect item to give Ame Moei. While they searched, Yang took three months of the year in which he shone so brightly! All the life below basked in the warmth of Yang’s pride in his sister, but Yang glowed too brightly and soon the waters began to disappear and what life there was grew harder. Yue visited her brother, worried that she would lose what she had just started. Yang looked down and saw what was happening. Afraid that he would cause both his sisters to lose their creations, he lessened his light and allowed things to cool down again.

It took another three months for the skies and lands to recover from the intense heat. He decided to try again, only this time, he did not blast the lands with heat, but kept his light from shining. These were the months of his grief and without the light, the lands below grew colder. He kept an eye though, that they did not get too cold. He did not wish a repeat of his earlier mistake. A pattern began then, where he alternated between the warmth and the cold, leaving a period of recovery between.

Still, the two searched. When they found something they thought likely, they would show it to the other. Almost always they discarded what they had found, finding some flaw, something that made it not worthy of being given to Ame Moei as a peace offering. That is, until one day when Yue found what she felt would be perfect.

Yue fairly danced in the skies as she went to meet her brother.

“Yang! I have found it! I have found what we … what I can give Ame Moei!”

“What is it, Sister?” Yang asked of her, curious to see. When Yue opened her hands carefully, he leaned forward that he might see what she held. A stone that glowed with a remembered brightness. “What is it?” He asked her again?

“Dust … from one of Ame Moei's children. I can collect them, Yang, and you can give them to her as you travel above her! I can give Ame her children back!”

Yue told him of her travels in the night sky. Still shunned by the Court of Night, she had no one to talk to, no one to ask for help with her task besides her brother. She searched far and wide, only to return empty handed most of the time, or with gifts too poor to be given to her sister.

It was a cold night, when she found the stones, floating aimlessly through the skies. They were too small to be seen from any distance, and while they held light and heat, they were as invisible in the night sky as dust motes are in the daylight, only seen to dance in sunbeams. She touched the dust and she felt a familiarity in the touch, a familiarity she had not felt in a long time, and she knew them to be the scattered pieces of Ame Moei’s children. The same children she herself had destroyed in her jealous rage.

Yang was uncertain for such a reminder would surely fuel Ame Moei’s rage, but he took the dust that Yue collected, hoarding it throughout the year. In the season between the warmth of his pride and coldness of his grief, he showered the dust down on Ame Moei below.

Why he chose that particular season, well, you will have to ask him that, for I do not know, but in keeping with his pattern of seasons, so does he gift Ame Moei each year. To the lands of Eyr the dust falls, as a burning rain of stones, for what is but dust to the three siblings, are as stones or bigger to us smaller creatures, the new children of Ame Moei.