BookShopReadMoreIn this perfect realm of the Mystaran Archipelago were born the creatures of godly tinkering. Honed and perfected over eons, they lived in communion with Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Myst. They brought the gods much entertainment and pleasure. The forest spirits, the elves, the dragons, and the fauna of the lands and waters teemed with life and abundance.

After each summit of creation and collaboration came to a close, the gods would make their journey back to their home worlds, entrusting Mystara to the Guardians to watch over her lands and to keep the planes securely closed from invasion, maintaining the balance of life and magic.

There were five Guardians, old, primitive, and powerful demi-gods, one for each of the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Myst. Together. the Five would combine their power and forge the Five Elemental Crystal within the center of the lands, imparted with untold amounts of magic and elemental powers which radiated an impenetrable shield over the planes, securing Mystara for another 2,500 years of peace and tranquility before the gods would again return.

But the calm of security was not to last. The Demon Lord Gorgaronn breached the barrier and pushed forward into the realm with his minions and underlings. They would burrow and tunnel through the earth, slowly building an underworld society that would come to be known as the City of Gorgaronn, or colloquially called “The Sanctum”; a haven to those with dark and nefarious callings.

Gorgaronn invaded the surface with an army of millions, rising up from the underworld Sanctum. Across Mystara, they raged war, enslaving or killing everyone in their path. In the wake of their passing were smoldering blackened wastelands. The Five Guardians and ancient dragons retaliated against the demon lord and his army in battles that shook these lands to their very core. In a definitive cataclysmic blast, Gorgaronn and the Crystal were both destroyed. Crystal shards were cast in all directions, and evil was finally driven out of Mystara. Severely wounded from this great battle, the Guardians and ancient dragons went into a deep hibernation from which they would never wake. The Great War became nothing but legend, as old ruins stood testament of the conflict.

Once inhabited only by the ethereal creations of gods, Mystara was faced with a growing population of mortal races, abominations, and immigrants. Truly the most versatile and steadfast of the mortals, Humans successfully colonized a generous portion of the land called Stromness, straining the already fragile balance along with Lycans, Orcs, Drow, and the Elves of Ered Eithel. Tensions were high as the political climate shifts, and the Elves, Mystfolk, Dragons, and Merfolk grew ever weary of these planar immigrants.

Mystarian culture was fragmented because of the way the people arrived and convened in Mystara. Many of the non-indigenous people of Mystara were rogues, travelers, wanderers, vagabonds, refugees, and fugitives. There was a cultural divide between the natives of Mystara and the immigrants, wherein the native races often harbored dislike for the changing of Mystara's natural racial balance. Among the immigrants, the mood was varied from confusion and fear of the unknown to excitement for new possibilities.

A decade ago, catastrophe struck Mystara in the form of elemental chaos. Earthquakes, wildfires, windstorms, tidal waves, and thick pockets of Myst ravaged the lands. Old rivalries were put aside, as the people of Mystara banded together for survival. In an attempt to save their lands, shards of the Five Elemental Crystal were recovered and bound together. Though the effort spared Mystara from utter destruction, the crystal was once again activated to do its intended task. People and places abruptly vanished from sight as the Myst enveloped all. The inhabitants of Mystara, fearing for their lives, would flee to Aradia and other far-off lands by ship or the detached Mystfolk Mound, which sailed across the Baleful Sea to Eyr.


Inhabitants of Mystara



The Demons of Mystara were numerous, and ever-present. During the Great War, they made countless attempts breaching Mystara’s plane to wreak havoc and destruction. Despite their loss, demons became highly resilient and single-minded in their pursuit the taint the hearts and minds of Mystara.

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Dragons, for many centuries after the Great War, were heralded as champions of the realm. This sentiment however faded as transient dragons and newer generations came to be, for neither knew of the ancients' contributions. Popular opinion of dragons diminished over time, as they became less concerned with protecting the realm and instead sought to build up their hoards of gold and treasures. However, few dragons are intent on changing this perception and sought to make a more positive impact in Mystara.

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Dwarves dwell deep underground in settlements spread across the remaining two great islands of the archipelago: Aradia and Eyr. When Mystara existed as a great third island, a majority of dwarves lived close to the Sanctum buried deep below the earth. Some refugees from that island fled to colonize the cliffs and sandy dunes of Aradia. Others however took to living within the mountain range of Eyr or even among the Shalan’ti. Beneath the great shining city, dwarves carved their clan halls deep into the foundations of its very mountain.

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The Elves are one of Mystara's oldest races, and were highly involved with nature and magic of the land. The original elves of Mystara primarily made their homes in the tree village of Taure Ruhn. Through planar rifts, other species of Elves migrated to Mystara and established the city of Ered Eithel. The elves were united in their preservation of Mystara and were keepers of her divine secrets. Often secluded, aloof, graceful, and blessed with wisdom, the elves were one of Mystara's most admired races.

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Gnomes, also called the “Forgotten Folk”, originate from Mystara, though they can be found throughout the archipelago. From worlds beyond, gnomes have an abundance of tales relating to their creation. Gnomes, that have a long line of ancestors in this realm, believe they were originally created from gems by the archipelago's shapers. This however is one story among many, and none are quite sure how gnomes came to be.

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The Greenskins of Mystara gathered in tribal bands for mutual support and protection. Loyalty to one's tribe was almost inborn, as was survival instinct. Strife often broke out between the Greenskins over domain, resources, or just disagreements, but generally the tribes would band together against the "fairer" races such as Humans, Dwarves, and Elves during territorial disputes. The Greenskins were driven to conquer, to dominate, and to take what they wanted in any way they can.

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The Humans of Mystara were booming in numbers, and culturally they were the most varied of all the races. One human might be a cutthroat, where another one is a charitable healer. In their diversity, they shared a common bond: the village of Stromness, a bustling capital of human lifestyle and commerce. It was a valuable part of Mystara for all humans, but slowly grew to become an important destination to other races as well.

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The Merfolk, encompassing all manner of beings half-human and half-sea creature, were Native to to Mystara’s waters. They defended their hidden world of rich color, vibrant life, and mystical secrets with legendary ferocity. As varied in personalities as appearances, the Merfolk of Mystara were guarded toward land walkers; in kind, most who live on land know to avoid the waters unless they’ve been invited in. Known for their unique style of farming aquatic goods, the Mer grew a bustling operation intent on trading wares for information, influence, and prestige among land walkers.

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The Mystfolk of Mystara are comprised of many different subspecies of nature kin. Often whimsical, sometimes wise, and always unpredictable, the Mystfolk are an elaborate mixture of nature based neutralness, serving as grand protectors of the Mound and Wilds, as well as extravagant party goers and merry makers. Outsiders who have not built up a tolerance to their Mysty auras may find themselves dizzy, feeling sillier than usual, or possibly nauseous.

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The Wolf-Kin of Mystara consisted of Lycans, Garou, and the bitten infected with the lycanthropy virus. While some tried to integrate and blend into human society, others succumb fully to their wolf instincts and prefered the solace of their cave den. A fiercely loyal pack, they stuck together, hunted in packs, and were loyal to their alpha above all. Because of their strange nature and supernatural powers, they were looked upon with suspicion by many; however, they were not complete outcasts in Mystara society.

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