Many people come and go through the isle of Eyr, leaving joy or chaos in their time and their wake. Sometimes, noteworthy characters carry noteworthy artifacts. Below is a list of these artifacts:

Moon Staff 

Moon Staff

Owned by Quiet

Part of an assigned book boon, given by the book shop’s proprietress (Blanche Greyling), in the land of Mystara before its disappearance to the Mysts, Ornith’s moon staff was constructed as a means to focus her empathic abilities. During the course of the boon, she was found worthy to possess the magical tome and also proven to be incapable of deception.  Many years later, in Eyr, the staff had proven itself a useful tool for the cleric of the moon goddess, as a way to focus her divine magic and to summon the power of the land. It was infused with new meaning and purpose, given over to the land in sacrifice and for its own protection, when it was buried at the touch of corruption by the necrowolf (Mal) upon the moon elf. Soon after, Ornith became the chosen of Ame Moei as Myan of the Moei Asing. Several times, the simple moon staff, infused with holy magic of Yue, was uncovered, during important events of spiritual significance and in trials to protect the Moei Asing from harm. Eventually, it was reclaimed by the land and remains hidden, following the death of the Myan. If found, it may still hold some sway over magic and the mysts if taken up once more by someone worthy of its pure intent.


Ironwood Armor

Owned by Wanton Aime

There are those, like druids and Mystfolk, who shun adorning metal armor. Wanton Aime, being both, searched for an alternative to suitably protect himself. Deep in the southern jungles of Eyr grows a tree of particular durability: wood as strong as iron. It is difficult to harvest, but even more so to shape. Through trade and connections, the satyr secured enough ironwood for Bixi, a gnome blacksmith of the Molten Crucible, to fashion a complete set of armor. Ironwood is rare, but a full suit of crafted armor is a legendary feat of crafting and scavenging! Currently, there is no other set of Ironwood Armor known to be in use within the isles of Eyr.


Saniv's Reserve

Owned by Wanton Aime

Saniv's Reserve is contained in a barrel of fallen wood of the Mystaran Wilds, enchanted by an elven enchanter; with rings forged by a Stromness smith, imbued by the flames of a dragon,; it's staves painted with the wolfkin's blood of the hunt; and filled with salt water from the Throne of Tides. It is a libation so strong, even the elves get a little tipsy off of it. So flavorful, dragon have written odes to it; though, long forgotten they may be by now. It is a wine that will enhance the flavor of any food. It makes dessert that much sweeter, dinner that much more savory. It has brought tears of joy to the eyes of those with the hardest hearts.

The recipe of Saniv's Reserve was revealed to Wanton Aime by Saniv of the Mystfolk Hand Stone in the year of 1355. Once, and only once, was it consumed before Mystara's fall into the Myst. Unwilling to abandon his trove of drink, Wanton Aime packed the barrel, among Mystaran refugees, upon the Mystfolk Mound that sailed east to Eyr. Immediately upon landing, Wanton Aime celebrated by drinking of his lesser stock. Completely intoxicated, the satyr hid the barrel of Saniv's Reserver deep within the jungle. To this day, Wanton Aime cannot recall where he hid the thing.


Staff of Necrotic Void

Owned by The Unholy Eternal

Originally created in Mystara for necromancy, Mal’s staff contains powerful necrotic magic. The stern and fearsome object contains traces of life force from those who were its victims. It’s been stolen on more than one occasion and has been a source of continuous consternation and speculation.  If another were to handle the staff, it’s unfathomable power would corrupt them. Those weak of mind would be driven into madness. Many held the view that it was best not to contend with it’s deep mysteries and it’s lauded and notorious wielder, necrowolf, Mal. Now that Mal has been chosen as the Unholy Eternal, the staff can harness the power of the Void by being imbued by The First. However, it’s rumored to have been lost to the Void.