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Separate Planes: Two planes that are separate do not overlap or directly connect to each other. They are like planets in different orbits. The only way to get from one separate plane to the other is to go through a third plane (see: The Transitive Planes).

Coterminous Planes:  Planes that touch at specific points are coterminous. Where they touch, a connection exists, and travelers can leave one reality behind and enter the other.

Coexistent Planes:  If a link between two planes can be created at any point, the two planes are coexistent. These planes overlap each other completely. A coexistent plane can be reached from anywhere on the plane it overlaps. When moving on a coexistent plane, it is often possible to see into or interact with the plane it coexists with.

Planar List

The Material Plane

Also known as the 'Prime' Plane in some definitions, the Material Plane is the center of the cosmology and essentially defines what is considered normal. The Material Plane in our rp is Eyr, and it is the plane that you are on by default. All of the land you see in sim is in the Material Plane.

The Transitive Planes

The Transitive Planes generally serve as connection points to other planes. Inhabitants of these planes more commonly originate from other planes of existence. For the most part, these planes lack solid matter or native life.

Ethereal Plane

Coexisting with the Material and the Myst Elemental Plane, the Ethereal Plane is the home for ghosts, fae, and spirits. It overlaps completely with the Material Plane. While it is possible to see into the Material Plane from the Ethereal Plane, this normally can’t be done the other way around. When those on the Material Plane do see Ethereal inhabitants (ghosts, spirits, and some fae), what’s visible is completely incorporeal. Something on the Ethereal Plane usually cannot be attacked or interacted with by something on the Material Plane and vice versa, unless one manifests or crosses onto the other plane.  On the Ethereal Plane, the environment appears muted and indistinct. Colors blur into each other and edges turn fuzzy. It has been said that the fae folk were born of the Ethereal Plane.

Shadow Plane

The Shadow Plane is a dimly lit dimension that is both coterminous to and coexistent with the Material Plane. It overlaps the Material Plane much as the Ethereal Plane does, so a planar traveler can use the plane of shadow to cover great distances quickly. It exists as a long tube-shaped plane connecting our reality to other, alternate, realities. It is a world of black and white; color itself has been bleached from the environment and seems suppressed. People and things visiting this plane retain their color, but lessened in saturation. Light appears partially dampened and does not shine as brightly as it should. Despite the lack of light sources, various plants, animals, and beings call the Shadow Plane home. Shadow can be seen, in some ways, as the world behind the mirror. It is an echo of the Material Plane, and as it gets closer to other, alternate realities, it echoes those instead. The plane also has a habit of shifting. What was a mountain one day may become a valley the next. This makes drawing maps next to impossible despite having landmarks present. The longer something exists in the Material Plane, the more likely it is to be present in the Shadow Plane. Shadow magic works easier on this plane.

Astral Plane

The Astral Plane exists as the space between all other planes, creating an enormous bubble that surrounds the rest of the cosmology. When someone moves through a portal from one plane to another, or projects themselves to a different plane of existence, they travel through the Astral Plane. This includes even spells or teleportation that instantaneously move from one plane to another, even if they only briefly touch it. The only exception to this being when one moves from one coexistent plane to another, or when one moves from one coterminous plane to another at a point where they touch. The plane exists as a great, endless sphere of clear silvery* sky, both above and below. Occasional bits of solid matter can be found here, but most of the Astral Plane is an endless, open domain. When inside the Astral Plane itself, travel is done by the mind, with gravity being where one perceives gravity to be, movement is a matter of adjusting where you view gravity to be.

*The Eyr Cosmology diagram shown later in this article has the Astral Plane featuring a blueish night sky hue for the sake of easier visibility.

The Inner Planes

Energetic Planes (positive and negative)

The Energetic Planes exist as two spheres, rotating around the Material Plane in orbit, opposite each other, expressed in our universe as a bright sun and a black hole, those being the 'doorways' to the plane. They are coterminous with the Material Plane. The positive energy plane is the bright and shining sun, blazing with brightly glowing power and the energy of life. The negative energy plane is a dark star, black and empty, like a cold void in the universe that drains and decays with the energy of death. Neither are inhabited, as they cannot support life, though the energetic planes have the potential to be harnessed.

Elemental Plane (air, earth, fire, water)

The Elemental Plane exists as a ring around the others, a disk, with the different sections bleeding into each other and mixing along the edges. Where sections touch one another they mix, such as fine mists where air meets water, or veins of magma where earth meets fire.

Air Elemental Plane:  The air section initially appears empty, since it has no ground and nothing but sky above and below. Constant winds circulate through this plane varying from gentle to heavy and is home to many air elementals and various flying creatures.

Earth Elemental Plane:  The earth section is a place of solid rock and stone, with occasional pockets dug out by the inhabitants. Despite its solid, unyielding nature, it is varied in consistency from soft soil to heavy metals. This plane is home to many earth elementals and burrowing creatures.

Fire Elemental Plane:  As the name might suggest, everything in this section of the plane is on fire. The ground is nothing more than great, shifting, plates of compressed fire. The air ripples with the heat of continual firestorms, and the most common liquid is magma, not water. The oceans are made of liquid flame, and the mountains ooze with molten lava. Fire survives here without need for fuel or air, but flammables brought onto this section are consumed readily. It is home to many fire elementals and the occasional fire-resistant creature.

Water Elemental Plane:  This section is a sea without a floor or a surface, an entirely fluid environment lit by a diffuse glow. It is one of the more hospitable areas of the elemental plane once a traveler gets past the problem of breathing the local medium. The eternal oceans of this plane vary between ice cold and boiling hot, between saline and fresh. The waters are perpetually in motion, wracked by currents and tides. This section’s permanent settlements form around bits of flotsam and jetsam suspended within this endless liquid and drift on the tides. It is home to numerous water elementals and swimming creatures.

Myst Elemental Plane

The Myst Elemental plane is the most unknown and misunderstood plane of Eyr's cosmology. The Myst Plane is coterminous with the other four elemental planes, and it is also coexistent with the Ethereal and Material Planes and can facilitate travel between those planes. The Myst Plane exists as an expanse of endless shimmering fog in all directions, swirling and moving without any recognizable purpose. The energy of the Myst Plane can be harnessed for magic casting purposes, and wielded to effect great change within the Material Plane.


A demiplane is a very small plane, almost a pocket in comparison to the rest of the universe. They are not large enough to be considered a proper plane.

The Outer Planes

The Astral Sea

What initially began as stray pockets and islands floating within the Astral itself eventually converged become its own Plane of existence. It became known as The Astral Sea where good-aligned deities, demigods, natural forces and all the various forms of Celestials make their home. Many races and creatures from across the planes who believe in a pleasant afterlife often depict environments that resemble closely to those that can be found within The Astral Sea itself. Sprawling meadow valleys with babbling brooks running sweet with the freshest spring water, verdant forests perpetually sighing with the music of colorful songbirds, great floating metropolises shining in open sky, and soaring mountains that have no discernable apex or nadir are just some examples of what can be found there. Travelers who are of evil-alignment or from The Abyssal Plane itself would find themselves greatly weakened here and feel very unnerved and alarmed if forced to remain here.

The Abyssal Plane

Juxtaposed to The Astral Sea is The Abyssal Plane. This plane is home to evil-aligned deities, demigods, ancient destructive forces, and the more commonly understood Demons and their High Lord rulers. The plane varies wildly from lakes of fire to vast frozen oceans, total lonely silence in some places and a non-ending cacophony of anguished sound in others. Some areas are shrouded in complete darkness where others are ablaze with never-ending infernos. Other environments and inhabitants belonging to this plane defy mortal understanding entirely and can cause near-instant insanity by glimpsing upon them. Travelers who are of good-alignment or from The Astral Sea itself would find themselves greatly weakened here and feel very unnerved and alarmed if forced to remain here.

The Void

The Void is listed among the Outer Planes, because it is the farthest reach from The Material Plane; however, it is not a plane. It is the space of infinite nothingness that exists past the edges of the Astral Plane that encapsulates the rest of the known cosmology. Very little is known about The Void and there are no known records or accounts of any travelers ever visiting such a place. Study pertaining to The Void is highly theoretical and heavily debated amongst scholars over whether such a space exists.

Eyr cosmology diagram