What is Eyr and where is it?

Eyr is an island east of Mystara in an isolated rift-world within a small archipelago. Currently, the only other known islands within the archipelago is Aradia to the south and Mystara to the west which vanished in the Mysts 10 years ago and is no longer there.

Possessions brought into Eyr - Including Magical Artifacts.

Everyone who enters Eyr becomes a victim of the mysts though the degree varies.  They will find that some or all of their belongings they have with them become damaged, broken, outright lost, misplaced or altogether 'changed' beyond their original construct when they enter Eyr.  Sometimes this is temporary but usually it is forever.  (The purpose of this rule is to ensure that players get noteworthy, unusual, magical, or foreign items cleared through the admin team to ensure plausibility, consistency with our rules, and suitability for the style of realm.)

How do I arrive in Eyr?

Reaching Eyr depends upon whether the arrival was intended or by accident. You must also consider for Eyr, was your character a native to Eyr or are they a pioneer? Also consider if you are bringing a character from Mystara to Eyr - meaning they were there to bear witness to the end of Mystara’s legacy.


As in Mystara’s time, accidental arrivals are often referred to as being ‘spirited away’ and can occur in a few different ways often involving magic, wandering dangerously close to or interfering with the energies of the Mysts, or misuse of ill-timing of rift travel.

◢ Magical Arrival:
A spell goes horribly wrong and the character finds themselves highly confused at being transported to somewhere they did not intend to be.  Furthermore any magical articles or artifacts often become damaged as they traverse the mysts.  Their original construct changes.  Sometimes this is temporary, but usually forever.  

◢ Rift Arrival:
A ship far outside the mysts within foreign waters is swallowed by a sudden, unexpected and inexplicable rift in the fabric of time and dragged into the material plane of the archipelago.

◢ Unexplained Arrival:
Without warning, some simply wake up somewhere within Eyr and cannot remember or even begin to explain how they got there. The Mysts are almost always to blame.

After the events that ended Mystara, it has been known that those who were left behind to be swallowed by the Mysts have reported to be transported through time to the safety of Eyr. Some have reported to be missing days, weeks, months, or at most up to present day ten years later.

To creatures not ‘of the Myst’, arrival to Eyr or any other islands in the archipelago in any of these ways will likely cause the common malady known as ‘Myst-Sickness’. Confusion, dizziness, headaches, memory loss, mental and physical fatigue is highly possible. It can take several weeks to acclimatise, especially for mortals and those ill-aligned with Myst-magic and the energy of the mystfolk mound can still cause bouts of Myst-sickness even to those who have called Mystara home for many years.

Most ships that fall victim to a rift will take severe damage to both cargo and crew and are often washed onto the shores of Eyr. At the confusion, worry and frustration of many, upon entering the Material Plane, victims of the Myst may find some or all of their belongings they had with them become damaged, broken, outright lost, misplaced or altogether ‘changed’ beyond their original construct - sometimes temporarily, usually forever.


Intended Arrival?

The only way in which people may arrive into the realm by themselves is by planar travel, via flight/sailing from the neighboring island of Aradia to the southwest, or through the various means of escape during the exodus ten years ago in Mystara.

◢ Flying:
Some creatures with the ability to fly (or ride upon/with those who can) may be able to survive the journey from neighboring islands. That said, it is many miles of perilous ocean and unstable skies; only the strongest and most determined would be able to survive the journey.

◢ Planar Travel:
Celestials or Demons can travel from the Astral Plane or the Outer Realm to Eyr. It has been reported that both these races had many of their kin escape through this route during the exodus.i

◢ Sailing:
Humans (and other races which can’t fly or planar travel) can arrive by ship from Aradia or from the other side of Eyr (Shalan’ti) . Before the exodus, it is known that the Absalon Traders set sail with the whole fleet to avoid the mysts and granted passage to Eyr and Aradia on the usual trade routes for anyone willing to go (and pay). Originally, the fleet had no set destination and were unaware of the final location of other Mystarans. As the jungle side of Eyr wasn’t known to Absalon arriving there would take time and prove to be a new adventure. As the fleet took to the waters it eventually would disband, several ships going their own way in search of new adventures and others following the usual trading routes. Some of the main trading ships spent a lot of time in Shalan’ti, eventually finding their way around the island to the jungles on the other side where their comrades were rumored to be.

If you had been part of this escape, you can find your way to Eyr at any point in time and come from either Shalan’ti, Aradia, or perhaps finally finding your way back from being lost at sea...

*For your reference, it is known to be a two week trip by boat from Mystara to Eyr.

◢ The Mystfolk:
During the exodus, the Mystfolk had saved many lives by offering a safe escape and refuge. The mystfolk used powerful magic to uproot the mound, severing it from the island, and set its course to a safe haven in the archipelago. If you were part of this escape route you would have found yourself arriving in Eyr ten years ago.

The opening of “portal” or magical doorways within Eyr or her surrounding islands as means of travelling to or within other planes is near impossible due to the ever changing nature of the Mysts; most do not even dare to try. For those bold or foolish enough to attempt it is wisest to do so with as much preparation and in as greater number as possible. (ie. seek admin approval for success!)

Arriving from neighbouring islands will not usually cause the common ‘Myst-sickness’ as already attuned to the Myst that surrounds Mystara’s Material Plane.


I want to travel back home! Is that possible?

Yes you can! Should your native land lie within the archipelago of Eyr or your race is one able to Planar travel (ie. demons, celestials) then can reach your home by same methods in which one can internally arrive.

If your native home lies beyond the Mysts then chances are likely you will never see your home again. But fret not, one still can try! If you are willing to take the risk of leaving the Material Plane there are ship captains known to be bold enough to sail the rifts – for the right price.

Players should also be aware that Time runs far slower within the Material Plane that outside. Those that venture out may find themselves aging far more quickly than when inside as days in Eyr can equate to years beyond the Mysts.

Please note:

Methods of travel in and out of the Material Plane are unstable, unpredictable and never the same twice. Bear in mind that the way you arrived is unlikely to ever be the same way you depart or return again.

Mysts of Eyr is NOT linked to these fantasy universes:

Middle Earth
Or any other copy-written universe.

Mysts of Eyr is ONLY linked to the original Realm of Mystara sim founded by Annie Ibanez. It is NOT linked to any other roleplaying sim, such as Estara, Cadair Braeden, Tarinfell etc.

Mysts of Eyr is NOT linked to Future or Past universes. For example, you cannot arrive from realms with futuristic technology, or arrive with your pet dinosaur from a primitive world.

If you roleplayed in Mystara you may carry over your character and reference this land. However, if you have ever roleplayed in a previous sim not affiliated with the Mystara community and are carrying your character over it is fine to vaguely reference your homelands. For the purposes of storyline however, Mysts of Eyr is not linked to any other roleplay sim outside the Realm of Mystara universe and inter-sim roleplay is not permitted.

The Realm of Mystara Universe is a closed world in that respect.