kuvesiwaterThe Ku’vesi Healing ponds are the special healing waters of Eyr. The Ku’vesi Stone, seeped in Ku’vari’s healing powers and bound by the Mystfolk gods Delanis and Delaris, resides deep in the earth beneath the pond. There beneath the surface it’s magics leech slowly upward through the earth and imbue the waters with healing magics.


Benefits and Powers

The Ku’vesi waters are seeped in healing abilities which work strictly on physical wounds. If you have a stomach ache from drinking unboiled water - you will need to learn to boil your water. Caution and common sense must be applied as the waters offer both the gift of life and death if not used properly. In order for the waters to work, character must remain in the waters for an hour (approximately 3 posts). Remaining any longer will not accelerate healing but dangerously weaken the player since it utilizes both magic and the body’s energies to perform the healing. Further injury or death may result from someone remaining too long within the waters.

The Benefits of Immersion Include

  • Healing Ponds target physical trauma wounds. Broken bones, sword slashes, bruises, etc. The healing pond will also work to restore a lost limb, though this would require multiple carefully timed sessions in the healing waters.
  • Stop bleeding and blood loss of physical injuries almost immediately. Someone on death’s door could be brought back enough to recover on their own through carefully timed immersion.
  • Accelerates the body’s healing process at approximately 50% the normal rate. For instance, a sword slash that would normally take 2-3 days to heal, may take only 24-36 hours for a normal person. If your character has advanced healing, this would further increase healing ability. Lycan losing a limb may take 2 weeks to regrow. Therapeutic soaking at intervals may reduce this time period to a week.
  • Healing Waters can be used to determine if a condition is purely physical or spell driven. A spelled condition will not correct itself/heal through contact with the Waters.
  • Power source for the healing energies Ku’vari’s magics. It is a neutral power - it is not holy/demonic in origin.


Side Effects of Healing

Weakening: The primary effect is a weakening of the body. Persons immersed in the pond should be monitored as it is a fine line to determine between life-saving healing and weakening someone dangerously in the process. Healing uses a great deal of the body’s energies so accelerated healing will quickly deplete and leave one extremely weak. The more serious the wound, the more draining the healing session. The waters will heal wounds and even work to regrow limbs but cannot reverse the effects of the dehydration and energy loss caused by the wound and accelerated healing. Those let in the waters too long or left unassisted may not have the strength to pull themselves out and could die from dehydration or starvation if unable to move themselves. Is best to have someone from the Medica monitoring your condition.

Hallucinations/Dreaming: Those submerged in the waters often fall into trancelike state, experience hallucinations, or even both. Many may suffer from “Serpent’s Dreams” which are hallucinations relating to living as a serpent in an underwater realm. Or seeing through the serpent’s eyes. Those caught within the ‘dream’ may find themselves experiencing life underwater and responding to the call of the moon. Those left unattended who are deep within the ‘Sight’ have drowned believing themselves swimming and able to breathe within the depths. Of course these hallucinations/dreaming will vary. And sometimes the effects can last for hours or even days after the healing session - depending on the amount of immersion in the pond. Aquatic creatures naturally have more resiliency against such hallucinations but are not immune.

Temporary Lunacy: Ku’vari’s powers are tied to Yue and as such can be effected by the lunar cycles. Sometimes characters can experience a period of lunacy after a session in the healing ponds. Especially when near the time of the full moon. The effects are temporary - usually lasting no more than a few hours. Bouts of wild foolishness and general erratic behavior. This effect is generally more pronounced if the healing is done during or near the lunar cycle.


Restrictions & Limitations

The waters lose their power if taken from the pond. The power source itself is deep within the earth beneath the ponds. It is seeping into the waters at a steady rate but dissipates rapidly once removed from the source. Water taken from the pond loses its healing properties almost immediately.

Topical Healing Agent Only. Drinking the water will not accelerate healing - even internal wounds. It would cause hallucinations/trance until the water has been dispersed or dissipated within their system. Even internal wounds should be treated with Immersion - not ingestion.

Heals Physical Wounds on Living Subjects Only. Cannot bring back to life; cannot restore undead flesh. Zombies won't heal. And they have the nasty side effect of ‘sloughing’ in the pond. Good idea to keep the undead out of the waters unless you like healing surrounded by bits of floating rotten zombie like flesh.

Does not Work on Magically Induced/caused Health Issues. If someone has cast a spell making your character incredibly clumsy and prone to hurt themselves, the healing waters may help heal the wounds but would do nothing to prevent the falls. Or a spell causing hair loss and flatulence. Person could immerse themselves in the water to find no relief. Though the bubbles might prove amusing.

Physical injuries only. Will not cure mental health issues or conditions. There must be some form of physical damage present. It could work to heal brain tissue which could result in a character having their mental health restored. But if someone is prone to flights of fancy and general clouded thinking - the healing waters will not cure this issue unless it can be traced to injury.