Ten years ago the island of Mystara had suffered a terrible plight which resulted in the land being consumed by the Mysts. Those who were there to bare witness referred to the end days as “the mass exodus”. While many left with their families and friends by ships from the Absalon fleet, others exited with the Mystfolk or fled on their own. Some simply refused to leave their station, victims to the end. As the ships left port and the Mystfolk carried their mound with its many passengers to the nearby island of Eyr, the island was shrouded by the Myst and soon all traces of Mystara and those left behind vanished from reality completely.

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Early Years: Years One Through Five

After the arrival of the Mystarans on Eyr, they were quick to build themselves a settlement with the help of some of the native races nearby. However, time and time again the attempts to gain a foothold in the perilous jungles were thwarted by raiding parties and dangerous wildlife leaving them in damaged spirits. As more and more of their own people arrived through the years they began to grow stronger and claimed territory, consumed island resources, and adapted themselves easily while maintaining their old home’s culture.

The Natives of Eyr, once in exile and isolation from one another with intermittent skirmishes over territory and no true bond, eventually banded together to form an alliance: The Moei Asing. Even with their bad blood between them, they put aside their differences to protect the jungle from the foreseen industrialization of the area by the newly arrived Mystarans. At once they tried to help, but the Mystarans grew greedy and hungry for civilized environments which the Moei Asing refused to convert to. Led by Maya Thiha, a Bastet of great passion and true jungle spirit, they held their beliefs close and pushed back any who would stand to harm their home.

Nearby, the dormant ashen mountain that lay undisturbed for years began to erupt, bringing with it the forthcoming of an awakened evil. A mysterious organization reared its dark head in the form of masked figures and lured criminals and vagrants to a grievous underworld. It was there that they forged a home to bring ruin to the lands, spearheaded by these powerful figures of the unknown.


Mid Years: Years Six Through Nine

The plights that Mystarans faced seemed to be all but in the past. The raiding parties came less frequently, supposedly setting up home in Siren’s Cay, and their village was bustling with a new economy and strong government. Naming the village Stormstead, they prided themselves on the work they had done to get their new home. However, their grievances would once again be reawakened by the wrath of the Moei Asing.

The Moei Asing took a devastating loss with the murder of their beloved Maya Thiha, supposedly at the hands of the leader of Stormstead village. With no true ruler their close bonds that had been built up began to unravel in a frenzy of old rivalries reborn. A divide plagued the alliance as the sides fought to gain the seat of power in the jungle. A small coveted group turned their attention away from the war onto the village, blaming them for all their troubles and releasing their fury on unsuspecting lives.

A nefarious gang took hold and bustled with life. The mysterious organization that took the reigns actively commanded plots to scorch the earth and poison the wells with evil. Unbeknownst to the others, they had a great number of active plots with their names left out, essentially giving them a dark horse advantage.

The Village fends off many unwanted attacks both politically and physically. With no true allies, they must fend for themselves in the coming dark times.

The Moei Asing were eventually calmed by Mother Jungle herself, and are close to selecting a new Myan or Myar. With their war finished, they now focus their anger onto the settlers who have taken far too much of their land and resources with little concern. Their grudges run deep as does their malice.

A dark society grows in number from a place called Ebon Reach and are beginning to make themselves more known to the public. Striking fear into the hearts of lions and evolving into the bedtime stories children hear to scare them into submission, they are no small alliance anymore. Controlling most criminal activity on the island, extending almost as far as Shalan’ti, they are out for blood and refuse to show mercy.




The leadership of factions begins. The Watcher becomes the leader of the Ebon Reach. Valorian Highstar becomes the leader of the Stormstead Village. Orian "Maral" Grao becomes the leader of the Moei Asing.

Orian "Maral" Grao ascends to the position of Myar of the Moei Asing, unleashing 2 kinds of controlling spirits upon Eyr: the Heirs and the Haunted.The Heirs see the jungle as belonging only to the Natives, regarding the Mystarans and other immigrants as enemies. The Haunted spread general chaos with regard to no one.

Valorian Highstar begins his reign peacefully, holding a feast for the villagers. Wanton Aime blesses the Stormstead Village. Unfortunately, his reign is short-lived, and he mysteriously disappears. Harlow then ascends into the position of Governor for the Stormstead Village.

A series of horrible adventures then descend over Eyr. Miscreants wander around Eyr, gathering parts and pieces to summon Argus, a horrible zombie. Argus attacks the denizens of Eyr, but they are successful in defeating him. Next, the books become agitated with magic, either attacking people violently, or having pages becoming blank or bloody. Thankfully, the books return to normal after a few days.



The season begins with the departure of Orian "Maral" Grao as the Myar of the Moei Asing.

During the festival celebrating the Day of the Dead, the spirit of founding Myan Thiha appears. She begins to yell at Ame Moei for supposedly making her a slave, and hurting her daugher and descendants. As a result, she curses the Moei Asing and Eyr in general with a horrible typhoon - Yue's Tempest.

Yue begins her attack on the island in the form of a Typhoon. The New Moon is red, and people gain visions of the impending doom - torrential rain, powerful winds, and a Leviathan! The temperatures rise, and the air is heavy with moisture, and then, the enormous monster approaches Eyr. Thankfully, the monster is slain, but the Typhoon lands, and all are forced to seek refuge in caves and higher ground.

A while after the storm has passed, the denizens of Eyr return to their normal lives, holding a festival for their gratefulness. Alika Kalu ascends to lead the Moei Asing. Another celebration is held in the Myconid Cave, but violence ensues at the party - Mal, the Necrowolf, is slain.

After this, The Watcher steps down from leading the Ebon Reach.



The year begins with transitions. J'veska Qyr'vezzak becomes the leader of the Ebon Reach, while Governor Harlow steps down from leading the Stormstead Village and Jil ascends into the position of Governor.

Governor Jil meets his first challenge - the migration of the Elephant Herds. The pack of Elephants rampage through the Stormstead Village, severely damaging several buildings, and 1 instance of massive defecation in the Bath House!

Next, the Kuvari is contaminated with a black, caustic sand by a mummy. Thankfully, Valkyrie the Aasimar is able to clean the water.

The Molten Curicible, under the leadership of Hikari, introduces a new material - Volcanic Glass. It is a hard, light-weight material that is excellent swords meant to be wielded by Fae since it lacks any iron at all, unlike steel.

Sindali begins his terrorizing of the Stormstead Village, and during his initial rampage, he kills Wesley Holt.



After the initial attack, a plague, later known as Parasitus Malum, erupts during the trade fair on the Sandy Shore. All creatures are affected, including the dire Tiger Sindali, who attacks villagers more frequently. A cure for Parasitus Malum is later created by the Moei Asing, and they are celebrated for their assistance. Ceallach is injured during the celebration by a horribly aimed arrow.

The season changes, bringing about the mating habits of the jungle. Jellyfish swarm the beaches and the Kuvari river, attacking the merfolk and anyone enjoying the waters of Eyr. Then, the pollen blooms give any air-breather horrible allergies.

In the midst of this change, the Moei Asing and Mystfolk perform the Mystfolk Spiritual Dedication, where the Mystfolk, led by Joshua Delphi, give their artifacts to the Moei Asing, bosltering the powers of both groups.

After this seasonal change, J'veska Qyr'vezzak steps down from leading the Ebon Reach.

The Denizens of Eyr decide to end the threat of Sindali the Maneater once and for all. They begin to hunt for him, finding several clues as to his whereabouts. They find him, and then kill him after a bloody battle.

The Crone's Eye holds a small competition of magicians. Malorum, who was thought to be killed, is revealed to be Braeden the Lich in disguise! Despite many foes attacking him, he manages to escape.

Hikari ascends to the position of Eternal with the Ebon Reach. He begins his reign of terror with an attack on the Stormstead Village, kidnapping Valkyrie, and severely harming the bard Amara Henry. Valkyrie is eventually rescued.

The Aradian Pirate Plunder

However, Hikari’s initial attacks are overshadowed by a wave of pillaging and kidnappings. The Aradian Pirates have arrived with fury and ruthlessness. Governor Jil and Valkyrie are captured, and the pirates horribly injure his mate, Keliah. Luckily for Valkyrie, she was freed, but the Governor remained in captivity. During that time, the pirate responsible for leading the kidnapping was captured - Black Molly. She is then gruesomely executed by Valkyrie during a public ceremony. The pirates then attack the Crone’s Eye. However, that particular assault is executed poorly, resulting in the deaths of 3 of the pirates, killed by the brave denizens of Eyr. The 3rd attack is the assault on the Sage Advice Apothecary. Despite many casualties, the Pirates manage to kidnap Ornith. With the death of so many comrades, some pirates are motivated by the potential rage of the denizens of Eyr to the point where they offer to help them kill the remaining pirates. The Denizens learn that the pirates will be at the Sandy Shore on the next day, gathering the last of their loot. On this day, the populace attacks the remaining pirates. They eliminate the pirates on the beach, and then work their way towards the pirate ship where Ornith is held. The remaining pirates are killed, and the boat is sunk, revealing a trove of highly valued weapons, textiles, and coins. Ornith is freed.



After the intense chaos of the Aradian Pirate Plunder, Alika Kalu steps down from her position as Myan of the Moei Asing, while the siren Derek Black becomes the Talisae of the Kuvari’s Deep during an extravagant coronation at the Sandy Shore.

Hikari’s terrible reign is brought to an end. The Stormstead Villagers capture him and bring him to a trial. As they are about to execute him by destroying his phylactery, he manages to escape with his phylactery, jumping into the river. However, he does not return to rule the Ebon Reach. Derek Black also vacates his leadership of the Kuvari’s Deep.

Currency is introduced into Eyr, allowing for easier transactions. However, this joy is short-lived, as the Stormstead Village erupts into riots. The Stormstead Villagers discover that Jil is also Jens, a menace to the Denizens of Eyr.

While the Stormstead Village loses their Governor, the Moei Asing gain their Myan - Ornith Tel'ndor. Then, the Kuvari’s Deep gain a new Talisae - Theodosia. The Talisae’s coronation ceremony includes a jousting game and coronation of her ascension into the role.

The Myan Ornith Tel'ndor begins her reign with a pilgrimage for the Moei Asing. They summon the spirits of the land for vision and blessings. The Moei Asing are to go to several locations in the jungle and commune with the spirits there for guidance, as well as creating supply stashes for the Moei Asing and their allies. The pilgrimage ends when Ornith and the Moei Asing put the spirit of Myan Thiha to rest.



The Stormstead Village holds a their annual celebration: Founder’s Day. After celebrating with a parade of song and dance around the walkways over the Kuvari, the ghost of Aaron Guiles appears! He reveals the natives believed that Stormstead was seen as a blight to the earth itself, and native people who sheltered themselves within the heart of the jungle besieged and razed the village and slew several of its folk - including the village founder, former Stromness human, Aaron Guile.

The Birth of the Healing Waters

A strange and frightening series of events begin all around Eyr. A Ravenous wolves attack the Moei Asing, but the Moei Asing emerge victorious over the wolves. It is near Mt. Azifix where a stone remnant is found - a Ku’vesi Stone. A diary is later found that explains the purpose of the stone. Grainie Mudbolt wrote of the Ku’vesi stones in rather colorful language - namely, the locations of the stones. Their next goal lay in the swamps near the Crone’s Eye. As the Denizens of Eyr approach the swamp, Henry the Ate, a monstrous alligator, defends the stone with great anger and might. However, he is slain, and the Denizens recover the stone. Finally, the last stone approaches within the Leviathan, a great beast of terror from the ocean. It approaches the Sandy Shore, but the Denizens of Eyr slay the monster. However, this was not without cost; Lucky the Imp volunteered to be eaten by the monster so that he could retrieve the stone in its belly. With great effort by the others on the scene, they extracted him and the stone from the Leviathan’s belly. After all of the stones are found, the Moei Asing begin their story-telling event to join the stones. The Mystfolk Spirits demand ice to aid in the process, and Ornith encases the Mound in ice. After the pond is successfully created, Lilith the Sun Fairy melts the ice with her magic. Now, the Healing Pond rests in the Moei Mound. The Birth of the Healing Waters has occurred.

Strange symbols begin to appear on the buildings of the Stormstead Village, followed by what appears to be crows flying high in the sky. However, these are not crows; they are Slaugh! The Wild Hunt of the Slaugh has begun; they descend upon the village, waves of them terrorizing patrons of the Salty Swallow Tavern. However, they are slain in totality by the patrons.



The new season begins with Jens stepping down from leading the Ebon Reach.

The signs of the Typhoon begin. Grey Mists appear all over the island. The Grey Mists become reddish, and begin to eat flesh. The Red Mist continues to eat flesh and create thralls. An Elemental Calamity occurs, creating pockets of bizarre weather all over the island.The Typhoon hits with massive rainfall, and cleanses the land of all of the strangeness. However, flooding and terrible weather force all of the Denizens to stay hidden. Mercifully, the Typhoon ends, but everything has been devastated. The Moei Asing cleanse the Ku'vesi Healing Pond, which was contaminated by the Typhoon, while the Stormstead Village work to rebuild.

Despite the struggles of the Typhoon, the Stormstead Villagers successfully launch The Swallowed Pride, a large trading vessel. They can now trade with Shalan’ti.

The Rise of the Monoliths

As a result of the Typhoon, massive gems now appear throughout Eyr. They are dormant, but their presence unnerves the Denizens of Eyr. Five Stone Tablets are found, detailing the origins of giant stony beings. Soon, signs of the giant stony beings appear throughout the jungle - crushed vegetation and huge sunken footsteps. People begin to have strange vision of the origins of the Stone Giants. Then, a Stone Giant emerges, guiding the Denizens of Eyr to cure the Ley Lines and reactivate the Monoliths of Power.

 The Ebon Reach ends the year with the ascension of Lucky the Imp as the leader of the Ebon Reach. They hold a ceremony to initiate him into the role.


The year begins with Ebon Reach seizing their first Monolith in the Cascades.

A group of bandits launch a vicious attack on the Stormstead Village, and a reward of 100 Silver is offered for their deaths.

The Rise of the Reach

The Rise of the Reach begins. The legendary dragon Azifix is awakened by the Myan Ornith. Soon, the water of Eyr is fouled by the "Black Sweat". People become sickened by it, and the desperate denizens of the Stormstead Village accept Lucky as the Governor when he offers a cure for the symptoms they experience. However, the Stormstead Villagers begin to suspect that he's lying when the cure doesn't work that well, and the demands of Ebon Reach become more obscene. They begin investigating the situation, which leads them to Mt. Ohm. The people manage to Heal the legendary dragon Ohm of all maladies. The silt slowly drains over time, but the villagers now know that Ebon Reach and the Myan Ornith are responsible for the pollution. Lucky is removed from the Governor's hut. A week later, a proper and effective cure is developed and distributed.



The Kuvari's Deep began day-long cleansings of the waters, utilizing a large filter and "borrowed" workers to clean the waters.

Heart of the Jungle

Princess Lihen Vega of the Vega Dynasty in Shalan'ti is to wed Kalid al-Duni, son of Grand Caliph Akenim al-Duni of Aradia. Pricess Lihen Vega comes with her entourage through Eyr, on her way to Aradia. While here, she tries to encourage good will. Unfortunately, while she is here, the Ebon Reach kidnaps the Princess through trickery - pretending to guarding her against an unspecified threat. Meanwhile, the Kuvari's Deep attack a boat and kill the sailors aboard! They were viewed as invaders who didn't offer tribute when they came, and were thus slayed. Kalid al-Duni comes to Eyr, and Princess Lihen is "released" from protection by the Ebon Reach, and they proceed to Aradia to marry.

Gnomes discover a new area in the Ebon Reach caves, which then becomes the new center for the Marketplace.

The Ebon Reach unleash a Void Monster in the base of Mt. Azifix! The people of Eyr manage to defeat the monster, but with substantial injuries to many of the fighters.

The Entertainers of Eyr host a Dance of the Debonair, a formal dance celebrating the men of Eyr. Unfortunately, the final drum cadence unleashes a wave of zombies upon the people.

The Revenge of Azifix

The Moei Asing begin a prayer of thanks to Ame Moei and seek guidance to solve the strange mysteries from Mt. Azifix. The volcano is becoming unsteady, distrupting the ley lines and magical abilities. Some of the seers experience intense visions of the volcano erupting, and also possibly why it's unstable. Some investigations by the Moei Asing lead to the performance of several rituals over the next few days. The Moei Asing capture another Monolith during their investigations. For a moment, things seem calm, but then, people are influenced to attack the Moei Asing! Unfortunately, the Myan Ornith was killed by the leader of the Ebon Reach, Lucky the Imp, who influenced the followers to kill the Myan. A few days later, a memorial is held for Ornith, attended by the Moei Asing and close friends of hers. Soon afterward, Lucky the Imp disappears into the Void, no longer leading the Ebon Reach.

The Tides Rise As One

Some disturbances are noticed in the waters of Eyr - many dead sea creatures floating towards the shore. Soon, a human visits the Coral Reef in a canoe and speaks with the Kuvari's Deep. A distant roar is heard, and a boat falls from the sky onto the hapless Human! The next day, the explanation for all this becomes apparent: a large monster appears, threatening to kill the Kuvari's Deep and the rest of Eyr. However, the Kuvari's Deep proved to be stronger, and ultimately killed the enourmous monster. However, they lost of their mermaids; her heroic sacrifice was memorialized with her Trident that she used to injure the monster. As a result of the united victory against a seemingly impossible foe, the Kuvari's Deep declared their new Talisae to be Xae'raan Thiaroe. They hold a lavish coronation at Sandy Shore the next day.

Shalan'ti Strikes Back

When the Kuvari's Deep attacked the boat from Shalan'ti, they triggered the wrath of the kingdom. The first sign of tension is the body of a Human female found bobbing in the waters, with clear signs of torture. Notably, it has a picture of Kuvari the Serpent on it. A wyvern attacks the Kuvari's Deep, but it is slain easily; unfortunately, it was a precursor to the next attack. Shalan'ti Mercenaries decended upon the Trade Fair, where members of the Kuvari's Deep attended in appreciable numbers. They kidnap the Xae'raan the Talisae and Juni Gynn. The next day, the Moei Asing, Kuvari's Deep, and Stormstead Village coordinate to resolve the situation. They fake a negotiation, and then attack the ship and rescue the hostages! The ship is utterly destroyed, and the mercenaries have been killed.

Alithia the Siren is honored with the title "Matron of the Deep" for her commitment to the Kuvari's deep. A ceremony and festivities are held in her honor.

Pirate Retribution - Black Molly's Revenge

Upon the anniversary of Black Molly's execution, a Lich resurrects Black Molly as an undead Pirate. She immediately begins her attacks upon the people of Eyr, exacting revenge for her death. The other pirates who were killed are also resurrected, and they begin attacking the people of Eyr at the Ebon Reach Trade Fair, Sage Advice, and Sandy Shore. However, the people of Eyr were able to fend off their attacks, and the pirates decided to flee. The Swallowed Pride was built from their sunken ship, so the pirates decided to try and steal the boat. At the mouth of the Kuvari near the Crone's Eye, the pirates fought with the people of Eyr. They were ultimately defeated; Black Molly and her Pirates were killed permanently, never to return. In the following days, a Memorial was held for all those killed by Black Molly.


Magical Tomes: Untethered!

Something has disturbed the books of the Title Wave. Eventually they begin to leave the TItle Wave, swarming around in groups and attacking the people of Eyr at random! However, the people of Eyr manage to beat back the books with words and smarts, and whatever disturbed them no longer affects them.

A Moonlit Ball is held by the Kuvari's Deep in honor of the Moon.

The Entertainers of Eyr host a Hedonistic Happy Hour at Sandy Shore. However, during the festivities, Kurisuti's mother, Susanowa Maru, comes to Sandy Shore. She finds Kurisuti and threatens to kill her for being a disappointing daughter. She also threatens to destroy all of Eyr since they are in her way. Fortunately, the people of Eyr managed to make her retreat from her injuries.

Mal becomes the leader of the Ebon Reach, ascending to become the Unholy Eternal.

A portal appears in the jungle that takes players to Keelhaul Port in Aradia! Denizens of Eyr travel here, either to rescue hostages or steal from the people. Either way, some return with riches, others with injuries.

Several members from the Kuvari's Deep and Moei Asing have been captured by Ebon Reach over a 2-week period. Juni was eventually released, but sees everyone she knows as enemies. 2 weeks later, Alithia is rescued by the Ku'vari's Deep. Eventually, Juni's vision returns with the help of a special mask.

Kailani Feathren ascends to the position of Talisae of the Ku'vari's Deep.

Unbridled Convergence Of Malevolence

The Ebon Reach perform a ritual to bring the power of the Void onto Eyr, creating several Void portals throughout the land. For those that wander into the Portals, they could suffer from delusions, bouts of fear and doubt, or even temporary corruption! A plan is developed to defeat the Void Portals by hurting the Eternal, even gathering Corpse Lotus as means to hurt him. The Moei Asing, along with the help of the Ku'vari's Deep, manage to steal a Monolith in the Cascades from the Ebon Reach, dispelling the Void Rift. In the next few days, The Ebon Reach summon a massive Rift at the Cacades, threatening to destroy the entire island. Emboldened by their victory, the Moei Asing and many others converge onto the Cascades. After a lengthy and brutal battle, Mother of Hope unleashes the Corpse Lotus to weaken The Eternal, and he is beaten. Upon his defeat, the Massive Void Rfit deteriorates. Eyr is saved!

Stormstead Village ceases being a faction, and instead becomes the de facto Welcome Center of Eyr. Former Governor Aaron Guiles returns as a friendly ghost to lead the Village of Stormstead as its Governor.


Regrowth after the Void

After the chaos of the Void Rifts, the people of Eyr begin to clean the debris from the remnants of the Rifts' destruction. However, evil spirits arise to attack the land and water! Sindali returns as a fiery ghost of her former self. With the Moei Asing and their allies, the people of Eyr manage to defeat the monster. However, another monster, the ghost of the Leviathan, attacks the Ku'vari's Deep at the Coral Reef! After a chaotic and costly battle, the Ghostly Leviathan is defeated. After the intense battles, a celebratory feast is held at the Cascades.

Under mysterious circumstances, the Unholy Eternal returns to Eyr in the form of a Fey'ri. Truly the undead cannot be stopped!

Several members of the village were captured by Ebon Reach.  Orliene the bath house proprietor and Scarlet the Tiltle Wave employee.  Both were totrued, interrogated and released several days later of their own volition either by diplomacy or escape.

Eyr experiences a solar eclipse! Over the heavens, the pale moon gravitates closer to the sun. Across its glowing face, a shadow cross. Bit by bit, it is slowly consumed, until all of Eyr is plunged in darkness. Above, where the sun once hung, is a brilliant halo in the darkness. Undead and divine casters feel a unique rush of energy! For the duration of the eclipse, and the rest of the night, their powers are fully charged! Within the jungles, glimpses of lost spirits may be heard and calling out to Yang. Former Myan, Ornith, is seen haunting Tilikambo.

Alexander Molvolio, outlaw for his actions in collusion with the Ebon Reach, failing to make proper restitution handed out as sentence by the Governor, during an earlier trial, and wanted by Stormstead village, is captured by Orliene, Scarlet, Shallinn and Arelea and sent back to imprisonment at the village guard house.

A Shalan'ti merchant has arrived to Eyr and taken up residence within the Night Market of the Ebon Reach! Tano will gladly pay out coin to anyone eager to offer up Eyr's collectible resources for the enlightened Shalan'ti.

Kailani Feathren, newly chosen Talisae of the Kuvari's Deep, holds her first ranking and ascendency ceremony and call for allies at the reef. Vos, Caspian, Talessa, Karen, rose and Scald held audience with their Talisae and Mahan stepped forth as ally of the Deep.