If you’ve arrived at the entrance of Mysts of Eyr and simply have no idea of what to do first, this guide is designed to help you every step of the way. Good luck!

  1. Exploration!  The best way to get a good feel for Eyr and its characters is by popping on an observer tag and exploring around. You can get an observer tag by touching the tag dispenser on the Welcome Board.  Once you have your observer tag equipped, you are free to explore the many beautiful locations of Eyr by using the teleporter. Remember that local chat is reserved for in-character roleplay. If you'd like to ask questions, use the group chat or contact a mentor
  2. Information! After exploring the realm and deciding this is a place you want to roleplay, it’s mandatory to read the most important information: the Rules.
  3. Join the Group!  Mysts of Eyr has one official main group, the Mysts of Eyr group. All important notices are delivered via the group and it is required to be in the group to roleplay here. Bonus: Love goofing around, making bawdy jokes and sharing adult humor? Join the optional Mysts of Eyr Adult Chat group!  
  4. Mentorship!  Head to the welcome area and click on any available mentor you like! Mentors often end up becoming good friends with the player whom they are paired with, helping them every step of the way, introducing them to the right people, and answering questions and providing help for the players. A mentor is your guide, your guardian, and your friend -- here to help you, personally. Get to know one today, and you’ll always have an advocate in your court ready to help you every step of the way. It’s a great way to begin your journey into a new sim.
  5. Character Creation!  It’s time to decide what you are going to play and where your character came from. This will affect everything about your identity from here on out, so it should not be a step taken lightly. If you need help in creating a character, resourceful Character Sheets can be created Here.  Be sure to read the Race Rules first! You do not need to await approval on your Character Sheet before you begin to play.   Special Note: If you wish to play a Shapeshifter, NPC, Celestial, Demon, Dragon, Lycan, or Vampire we require that you fill read and agree to race standard application.
  6. Begin Your Journey!  Based on how your character arrived in Eyr, it will affect how you arrive in the sim. Are you a stow-away? Might want to start at the ivory beaches or the village. Are you a fae who was born in Eyr? Start within the jungle. Once you have determined your starting point, think about what your character needs and wants most. Shelter? Food? Medicine? Answers? Friendship? …and go from there!   Special Note: Mystara is an isolated rift-world which does not allow easy inter-planar travel. Characters who come through the rifts and arrive here, rarely (if ever) return home.
  7. Join a Group or Faction!  Want to really feel involved, have something to do, and a great way to progress your character’s storyline? You can get information for all the Factions, Businesses, and Race Clans in Eyr by viewing the "Groups" subtab in the "RP Info" section of this website. You can become a graceful dancer, or a cutthroat criminal -- a member of the Merfolk clan or a server at the tavern, the choice is up to you! Factions and Groups offer a great potential for roleplay.  Special Note: All groups are optional, so you aren't forced to join. You do not need to await approval and a group invite before you can begin roleplaying.
  8. Get Refreshed!  Looking to polish up your roleplay or step up your game? Head to one of our many helpful classes on roleplay, marked on the calendar on our home page -- or dig into one of our multiple helpful roleplay guides on our website. Even experienced roleplayers can always benefit from a refresher course.
  9. Get Involved!  There are a number of roleplay jobs available and if your character is looking for an occupation or some coin to survive, this is a natural progression that provides a lot of enjoyment for our players. From traders to blacksmiths, there is a wide variety of choice!
  10. Contribute!  A natural path for many of our most enthusiastic, dedicated and knowledgeable players is to contribute to the sim and help others by applying to become a mentor too. A significant level of experience and time dedicated to the sim will be needed to perform this very gratifying role in the community.