OOC Leadership Positions

Not all positions are IC, are you intersted in helping behind the scenes?  Open positions are located below.

Mysts of Eyr Admin

One of the hardest jobs in running a sim, and yet - one of the most rewarding. Get the chance to be a part of a close family of friends, and a strong supportive team of people who are committed body and mind toward keeping Eyr one of the most fun, fairly-run, well-organized, and deftly-managed roleplay sims on the entire grid. Can you handle the heat? Apply today (must have a love of pickles, coffee.) (decaf drinkers need not apply) (the humorless need not apply) (a clever pun goes a long way). 

Click HERE for the Admin Application!


Sim Mentors

Becoming a mentor is one of the biggest ways that you as a player can contribute more to the sim in a “behind the scenes” aspect. Mentors are held in high standards and are a very important part of Eyr! The admin team tries their hardest to pick some of the best candidates to fill the spots in order to create a very smooth and efficient team of helpers. (You'll need this information for the application: The secret word is Potato) Our mentors are always very friendly and welcoming not only to new players but old and returning ones as well. They are well versed in our general sim rules, policies, and all information that can be found on the website in order to better help those who wish to roleplay with us. They are our front line for players with questions, who wish to get started in roleplay, or who just need assistance!

Click HERE for the Sim Mentor Application!


NPC Leader

NPCs are people too! They have thoughts, dreams, goals, and all the other stuff; but, they tend to have shorter lifespans than player characters. As an NPC Lead, your job will be to help coordinate efforts between NPC volunteers. You must also review and process incoming NPC applications. Do you have the ability to keep it all together? Hurry and apply today!

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IC Leadership Positions

Leadership positions are defined as any leader, or co-leader of a race clan, business, or alliance. The following in-character leadership positions are available. To increase your chances of being selected for a leadership position, read this helpful article before applying!


Faction Leadership

The Mysts of Eyr is now hiring for the various leadership positions of the sim's faction groups! The faction leader of the groups will work closely with the admin and leadership teams and manage their respective groups. We are seeking new leaders for the groups who are able to make a long-term commitment with the ability to log in at least 5 days a week (emergencies/vacations/sickness not withstanding) to handle group applications, able to dedicate large blocks of time to RPing with your group members, as this is both an OOC and IC role. You will be joining a large team of passionate and loyal leaders, truly becoming part of the Eyr family. Please apply for which you'd like below!

Click HERE for the Stormstead Village Leader Application!

Click HERE for the Moei Asing Lead Application!

Click HERE fore the Ebon Reach Lead Application!


Gnome Depot General Store Lead

In the bustling heart of the Fishing Village on the Kuvari river of Eyr, the center of all commerce is the Gnome Depot. Selling goods of all kinds, such as fabrics, grains, wax, twine and leather, bottled goods, paper and parchment, common groceries such as eggs, dried fish, and beans, tea leaves, salt, trinkets and traded goods, basic tools, small toys and knick-knacks, ink and quills, wool and exotic imports like spices and beads. The Gnome Depot sources its goods from a variety of places, but much of the goods come in from the Crafters' Collective, and the rest in trade. In exchange for twine, a fisherman may bring dried salt-packed fish. Nearly every crafter and merchant in the village relies upon the general store for goods, and part of the Owner's responsibility is obtaining goods, especially "special order" goods. The Gnome Depot does not, however, deal in Books, Heavy Weaponry, Brewed or Distilled Beverages, Evil/Illegal/Black Market Items, or Magic Items/Ingredients (this is so that other businesses are not negated).

OOCly, the owner will be responsible for maintaining a steady presence of staff in the store, roleplaying the obtaining and selling of goods, keeping a notecard available to all players with a long list of items carried in the shop, interacting with a variety of people to obtain goods and provide them through roleplay. The point of the general store is to provide players with a vocation (something to do), and to keep the roleplay ball rolling by helping merchants get the goods they need to further business -- such as forming an alliance with a forager to collect coconuts and trading them with the tavern owner in return for preserved foods. The General store works VERY closely with the crafters collective to generate traded goods in Eyr. Using coin for transaction is strongly discouraged as Eyr is not an advanced civilization and what coins are found are typically melted for other use. The owner will need to necessitate trading as primary currency.

Interested? Think this position would suit you? Click HERE and apply today!

Eyr Bath House Owner

The Bath House has been a feature of the village since it's creation and is tasked with providing various services to the Eyrian public including but not limited to bathing, massage, hairdressing and barber services.

The new owner will ideally have knowledge of medieval bathing and beautification practices. Be comfortable with nudity, adult situations and able to keep a clear head when appropriate. and will arrange orders from the various business' that supply it.

Please note this is an Adult establishment and the successful person must play an Adult character, children are not allowed in this building OOCly or ICly.

It is also highly recommended that you work at the business while you are waiting for your application to be processed, applications are on the business page or speak to any admin if you need more information.

Interested in applying?  Click here!

Molten Forge Lead

It's hot Hot HOT! in the Forge! The Molten Forge is the Jungle's blacksmith shop, providing Eyr with the tools it needs to survive. It's not a glamourous job, but someone has to do it and that someone could be you ... if you want to be a smithy. And who wouldn't?!

Let us know if you think you're strong enough to shoulder the burden of Eyr's smithy! Click here to apply!


Night Cap Lead

It's groovy, it's a gas, it's like, totally mellow, dude! The Night Cap is Eyr's local shroomery and lounge. It has liquid libations, edible exotics and smokable sinsemillas! It takes a cool head and a charming smile to know when and how to ... or if ... to cut someone off when they've hit their limit. 

Let us know if you think you have what it takes to deliver the delicacies of the Night Cap! Click here to apply!

Rumor Mill Lead

In a world teeming with beings of all shapes, sizes, and actions, the Rumour Mill is the Eyr's important source for news, gossip, and other happenings. Compiled by a team of dedicated and intrepid scribes, the Rumour Mill is tasked with reporting and spreading knowledge to the masses. If you've a knack for words, claim your place and make your mark in ink.

Think you have what it takes to feed the rumour mongers? Click here to apply!

Title Wave Lead

Knowledge is power and what better place to hold that knowledge than in a bookstore! But this bookstore doesn't have just ordinary books! Magical books that decide who reads them and require a boon to be completed in order to appease them. If you are looking for something creative and helpful, than this position is for you! But be careful! They might just hit someone in the head!

Think you have what it takes to keep the books under control? Click here to apply!