HalfCelestialIMPORTANT NOTE: Before you role-play a Half-Celestial in Mysts of Eyr, you must first submit a Celestial Standard Agreement Form.

The Half-Celestial is the product of a Human and Celestial.

With half the heritage, they have more notable Celestial features than an Aasimar (which have distant Celestial lineage and no special abilities), but do not shine or stand out as much as an Archon. However, they are still quite a powerful being.

Socially, they often struggle with being neither wholly human nor Celestial, and are often born in the Material Plane, not having experienced life in the Upper Planes as full Celestials do. Where they excel is the ability to control their drive to do good, try new things and see matters from different perspectives. Half-Celestials also tend to be more charismatic and charming to humans, and they excel in areas of diplomacy as well. Lastly, there is a slim chance that they may be chaotically good instead of lawfully good.


With the blending of traits of both a Celestial and Human, the Half-Celestial experiences the characteristics of the Celestial parent at a weaker level. In terms of appearance, the Half-Celestial benefits moderately from their holy heritage. Half-Celestials possess ethereal beauty, but it is not quite as hauntingly beautiful as a full Celestial. They possess typical human coloration in the natural spectrum of skin and hair tones. Wings range from black, to grays and to whites. Note: Half-Celestial wings do not take on the coloring of various bird species. White is the most common color for a Half-Celestial’s wings. In terms of health, the Half-Celestial benefits moderately from a Celestial parent. A Half-Celestial can live for 2000 years at most.

Universal Strengths

Like a full Celestial, the Half-Celestial has strengths and weaknesses, but at half the level.

Enhanced Sight & Hearing: A Half-Celestial's sight and hearing are 1.5x as strong as the average human's, being able to see fine details from 10m (SL chat distance) and detect some subtle sounds from others up to 5m. If the moon is able to cast light, they are able to see in the dark up to 10m. This is not a true dark vision, and they cannot see well in caves or other enclosed spaces.

Flight: All Half-Celestials possess the ability of flight, and can travel at great speeds, equal to 20 mph through the air.

Enhanced Speed & Agility: Half-Celestials are 1.25x as fast and agile as a normal human, though only while airborne.

Enhanced Stamina: Where Half-Celestials are not creatures of muscle strength, they can endure. A Half-Celestial has 1.25x the ability of a human to endure pain, strain, and exhaustion.

Resistant to Disease: Their bodies are moderately resistant to mundane diseases and are generally resistant to magically based or enhanced ones -- though not immune to either.  Half-Celestials cannot catch or transmit race-changing ailments (e.g., Lycanthropy, Sirenium, Vampirism).

Strength from Philanthropy: Half-Celestials can enhance their aura, energy and strength when in the presence of philanthropic deeds, or participating in these deeds themselves.  Doing good**, putting fate into balance, counteracting evil with good, light with darkness, helping others, protecting the weak and innocent, are all examples of actions that enhance a Half-Celestial’s well-being.  Chicken soup for the Half-Celestial soul.

**Good implies altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others.

Resistance to Poison: All Half-Celestials possess a moderate resistance to all toxins, including fatal toxins such as nightshade and hemlock.
Detect the Undead: Half-Celestials possess an innate ability to sense beings without “souls”, also known as the undead - including vampires - within 10m.  In certain cases, undead may try to use magic to conceal their identity. It is highly recommended to communicate first OOC with a player to see if the undead character is using such ability.

Conceal Holy Attributes: Half-Celestials possess the ability to conceal their wings and most of their aural radiance to appear more human or elven and to blend in with mortals. This ability is an illusion and is not 100% failsafe, their aura can still be detected. Half-Celestials, though disguised, still carry the burden of their wings, and must take care to keep them folded flat to their backs to avoid bumping into things. 
Archon: Can take on the appearance of a human or high elf.

Half-Celestial: Can take on the appearance of a human or high elf.

Redeemed: Can take on the appearance of a human or grey elf (though not drow).

Resistant to Psionic Attacks: Half-Celestials are moderately resistant to psionic attacks and invasions of their mind.  A sustained attack over time can wear down a Half-Celestial’s ability to resist.

Universal Weaknesses

Unholy Vulnerability: Unholy and evil magic, objects, places and beings that have a pure essence of unholiness will diminish a Half-Celestial’s strength, stamina and fortitude. Stepping onto unholy ground causes discomfort and sometimes is not physically possible (they feel a barrier that prevents them from going into the area).  An example would be the demon’s portal.

Vulnerable Senses: Due to heightened senses, extremely powerful stimuli such as bright lights and loud noises can overwhelm them, causing disorientation, pain, and possibly nausea, lightheadedness, and fatigue. The closer or more direct the stimuli, the more disorienting, overwhelming, and/or painful the stimuli can be. Sensitivity to light is increased further when using moonlight vision.

Ordinary Healing: May only heal as swiftly as a human can naturally. Mundane mortal medicine has only a minor effect on their healing, though magical healing can accelerate the process. Half-Celestials incur bodily injuries to their flesh and bones just as mortal humans do and they scar as a mortal would.

Human Strength: In return for their flight, speed and agility, Half-Celestials are limited in build, which allows them greater maneuverability in air.  Due to this, Half-Celestials do not possess physical might beyond that of normal spectrum of human strength.

Corruption: Extensive exposure to situations of corruption can weaken a Half-Celestial’s strength, stamina and fortitude over time. Perpetually seeking to balance evil with good on the material plane, Half-Celestials are compelled to counteract evil and corruption.  Without taking action, it can chip away at their psychological well-being as well. Extended time surrounded in darkness and evil will drain a Half-Celestial who does not put evil into balance.

Wings: The Achilles’ Heel of Half-Celestials. Damage to wings impairs a Half-Celestial’s ability to fly, and is a highly emotionally and physically damaging injury to incur.  Burned, tattered, or soaked wings can compromise mobility. Complete removal may cause intense emotional trauma, as well as cause them to lose their connection to their god and become human. This is irreversible.

Inability to Sense False-Form Demons: Demons, also known as infernals, are racially very similar to Half-Celestials, and the differences lie primarily in their creed and their gods.  Thus, while a Half-Celestial might sense unholy aspects of a demon through touch or close contact, they cannot outright “spot” a demon in disguise, also known as their “False Form”.

Hellfire: In addition to hellfire’s normal properties, Half-Celestials, who are more vulnerable to unholy and corruptive energies, take more damage from hellfire than do the other races, except for Full Celestials. In addition, Half-Celestials may not cross lines of hellfire without great pain, and are considered to be mostly imprisoned if they are caught within a ring of hellfire until the flames are extinguished.


Half-Celestials in Eyr possess a variety of special and unique abilities that set them apart from others and define them. They may select up to THREE gifts below to bestow upon them that will give them a unique edge. Every unique gift has an associated “cost” that must be accounted for in roleplay. To fail to do so can result in admin interference. NOTE: All gifts must be approved by an admin.

The Gift of Resurrection

Half-Celestials are able to bring the dead back to life. As always, getting OOC consent is paramount. If someone doesn’t want to be resurrected, respect their wishes.

Cost: They must make physical, unbroken contact with their intended target, and must take the time and effort to engage their target (minimum 5 posts). If physical contact is broken, the Half-Celestial must begin again.  The Half-Celestial must give up part of their life essence, and will be at minimum weakened in speed, stamina, agility, and resistance by 50% for a minimum of 2 weeks. The longer the body has been dead, the more effort it takes to resurrect and drive the soul back into the body. A long dead body could tax the Half-Celestial so much that they themselves fall into a brief coma from the exertion. This gift may only be used four times per the calendar year (i.e., at least three months between resurrections) per character (including soul-bonds, see Gift of Guiding Light).

The Gift of Blinding Light

Half-Celestials bestowed with this ability can turn their entire bodies into a blinding, white-hot ball of intense light energy, blasting opponents in a fraction of a second with their brilliance. This induces temporary blindness on their targets, shock, dizziness, confusion; it acts much like a flash-bang, without the “bang”. This is especially damaging to Vampires.

Cost: Limit 10 meter range. Using Blinding Light renders the Half-Celestial significantly drained of stamina, speed, and strength by 75% for that day due to the extreme expenditure of energy. Often used as a last resort tactic in battle.

The Gift of Animal Senses

This gift gives a Half-Celestial the ability to adopt an animal companion known as a “familiar”, often white in color. Their senses are enhanced in accordance to the animals’ senses. A white owl might enhance night vision; a white horse may enhance their sense of smell.

Cost: Animal may not detect or “sense” for the Half-Celestial beyond a 10m radius. This connection is tenuous and fragile thread, and requires peace and concentration to achieve. Chaos and fighting, or either Half-Celestial or Familiar being injured, will interrupt this connection. While concentrating, a Half-Celestial’s awareness and reaction times are dramatically reduced, as they “zone out”. Animals are limited to natural beasts found in medieval Europe. No dragons, no anime creatures, no anthropomorphic races/furries, etc. This familiar must follow the Phantom NPC rules under the NPC guidelines.

The Gift of Righteous Shout

Half-Celestials bestowed with this ability can both create a sonic blast targeting their enemies, and can give a minor endurance and willpower buff to their allies within a 10m radius, in effect a rally cry. The sonic wave of holy energy is powerful against unholy enemies, often causing disorientation and temporary deafness. Caught off-guard, it can even knock their enemies down.

Cost: Range limit of 10m. Dice roll for effectiveness required - roll range will determine how much of a buff is awarded to allies; use the graded method. Buffing their allies reduces the Half-Celestial’s stamina by 50% for 5 post rounds, and the Half-Celestial loses their voice for 2 post rounds.

The Gift of Transfer Wounds

The Half-Celestial bestowed with this ability is able to protect 1 mortal within a .0m radius for 3 post rounds, creating a shield against physical & magical damage, and subverting the damage to him or herself.

Cost: The Half-Celestial must then incur all the damage; they cannot “dodge” it or dispell magic attacks. Attacks will glance off the protected mortal and transfer to the Half-Celestial which is forced to endure the pain and injuries. Aura of Defense will eventually break down after 3 post rounds, it cannot be sustained for great lengths of time.

The Gift of Imbue Weapon

A Half-Celestial bestowed with this ability can empower their weapon with Holy Magic, giving it an unearthly glowing effect. Weapon will remain sharp / balanced / tuned, and incur very little damage during battle; the weapon’s weight will be reduced by 25%. Damage done to Unholy beings is 1.25x greater than a typical weapon, and more difficult for undead and unholy creatures to heal wounds made by the imbued weapon.

Cost: Imbuement is not permanent and requires re-imbuement, or “recharging” after 5 post rounds of usage. Half-Celestials must sacrifice their own strength and stamina by 20% to imbue their essence into the weapon, meaning that they are not as fast, strong, agile or enduring when carrying the imbued weapon. The Imbuement spell requires concentration, and cannot be done instantly or in the heat of battle. Half-Celestials with this gift may not imbue someone else’s weapon.

The Gift of Purge Evil

Half-Celestials bestowed with this gift have the ability to perform exorcisms on mortals possessed by infernals / demons, purging the evil entity from the mortal’s body and freeing them of the yoke of evil. Using their willpower and praying to their Divine Creator for strength, they engage in a mental battle against the evil entity to attempt to cast it back to its plane.

Cost: the Half-Celestial must make direct physical contact with their intended target for a minimum of 3 post rounds. If physical contact is broken, the Half-Celestial must begin again. The Half-Celestial will exert a massive amount of energy to achieve this, and will be weakened in speed, stamina, agility, and resistance by 50% for the following 6 days. Half-Celestial must also be at 100% health, and not recovering from the use of any other strength-draining abilities.

The Gift of Blessing Water

The Half-Celestial bestowed with this gift has the ability to bless water to make it holy. Most commonly performed with vials of water for chapels and baptismal ceremonies. Holy water can be used to deter or ward off evil spells and unholy beings, though, is never 100% failsafe.

Cost: Blessing an item can only be performed by a Half-Celestial once per week. Maximum of 4oz of Holy Water can be blessed at any time (about the size of a flask). Dice roll for effectiveness required; use the graded method[link]. Since each Half-Celestial has 1 shot at making holy water per week, rolling low and producing a weak holy water is one of the costs / downsides.

The Gift of Guiding Light

The Half-Celestial bestowed with this gift may form a bond-link with one mortal of their choosing, essentially becoming their “Guiding Light”. Half-Celestials are often drawn by fate to certain mortals, and compelled to guide them toward their righteous path, and serve as protectors for the duration of that mortal’s life. With the Guiding Light gift, they have the ability to sense when their bond is under duress, in pain, in danger and sick/diseased. Additionally, the Half-Celestial is able to gift his/her own endurance to their bond partner. Bonds are typically not sexual or love related; the Half-Celestial serves more as a guide and protector to a mortal of any age or gender. Relationships arising later after a long bond between two consenting adults have been known to occur, but it is important to know that, primarily, this special bond does not focus on love or sex.

Cost: In return for gifting their bond partner with endurance, the Half-Celestial experiences a marked and equal decrease in their own endurance, essentially becoming exhausted and defeated much more rapidly. 3 post maximum per day, 10m radius. When sensing a bond partner in duress, the Half-Celestial may not be instantly “teleported” in, they must travel normally. We recommend a 10 minute delay, minimum. The bond is for a lifetime (unless both parties OOCly consent to break it off).

The Gift of Holy Airstrike

When bestowed with this gift, the Half-Celestial has the ability to call upon his clerical strength to bring down a powerful lightning strike. The strike will temporarily blind for 1 post round, and has a blast effect that can knock its opponents back.  Additionally as with all electrical strikes, a direct hit can cause severe burns, coma, traumatic shock, and heart attack.

Cost: Can only be used once per week, can only target one character. Dice may be used to determine the accuracy of the bolt, target may counter-roll.