HalfDwarfThe Half-Dwarf is the product of an elf and dwarf.

Since elves have pointy ears, half-dwarves have ears that are slightly, and not full pointed. Aside from ears, half-dwarves tend to be hairier than elves, but not as hairy as dwarves. Male dwarves can experience balding, depending on the strength of the Dwarven genes. They are slightly thinner than their full Dwarven parent, and stockier than full elves. Since both dwarves and elves vary wildly each within their own species, half-dwarves are also likely to be highly unique; from varying stockiness and heights  to their skin and eye color as well.

Half-dwarves have darkvision, which is the ability to see in total darkness, but without color. However, dalf-dwarves cannot see through magical darkness. Compared to humans, they are about half as times as strong, and can lift heavy things with little burden. Their constitution is strong, though not as strong as a dwarf's, and may have an easier time overcoming various poisons. Half-dwarves have a preternatural sense of stone and nature; they can detect flaws and feel some kind of connection. A half-dwarve's pointed ears allow it to hear better than most humans. The temperment of dwarves and elves are shared among half-dwarves. They may be haughty, proud, and prone to being ill-tempered.

It can be difficult for a half-dwarf to adjust within any community, as they are quite uncommon to see. Most people find this particular half-breed to be peculiar, due to its odd mix of elven and dwarven features. Most half-dwarves tend to be adventurers, either delving deep into earth's depths or exploring wild untamed lands.