The Half-Elf is the product of breeding between an Elf and a Human, a Greenskin (Orcs only), or a Dwarf.

When it comes to size, a Half-Elf's height depends on the race of the non-Elf Parent. Human Half-Elves tend to be shorter than their Human Kin and weigh a bit heavier than Elves. Dwarven Half-Elves are taller and not nearly as stocky as a Dwarf. Orcan Half-Elves are considerably shorter than their Orcan parent, and are stockier than Elves.

All Half-Elves can be recognized from the type of point to their ears. Normally, Elves have pointed and elongated ears, whereas Half-Elf ears tend to look fairly human-like in shape except for a slightly peaked upper tip. Elves point to a Half-Elf’s ear as the mark of a half-breed. Additionally, all half-elves have low-light vision, except for Dwarven Half-Elves - Dwarven Half-Elves get darkvision.

Half-Elves tend to carry a wide variety of skin tones ranging from light to dark. Their complexions are still nearly flawless and glowing. However, skin traits can be obtained from either the Elven half or the Human / Greenskin (Orc) / Dwarven half. Therefore, any half-breed child could inherit the metallic-hued skin and colorful hair of the elves, or the dull and somewhat flawed skin of the Humans. It should also be noted that, unlike most elves, male Half-Elves are capable of growing facial hair, and often do so in order to make a point to distinguish themselves from their Elven parent. Half-Elves also do not enjoy the same longevity that Elves have; they simply live considerably longer than their other half would.

Half-Elves normally live out their days in rejection from either or both of their race halves. The offspring of such a mixture of races can be met with negativity or disapproval by either race. Half-Elves are seemingly more accepted among the race in which they were raised. However, it should be noted that a society that is mostly elves may find the child to be “impure” or “tainted”, and usually are shunned because of this. This is not uncommon for any half-breed though, and they usually find themselves in the company of others like them. In communities of mixed races, their racial blending is not an issue at all. An example of such a community is Shalan'ti.

Sadly, Half-Elves are prone to depression or mental instability brought on by the life-long harassment they may suffer from either or both races. They may also suffer from a great deal of frustration if they find that they lack the grace or wisdom of their Elven parent - unable to understand things that may be simple for an Elf to comprehend.