halfdjinniThe half-genie is the product of a Mystfolk and Genie.

The appearance of half-genie tends to favor their genie bloodline, though Mystfolk features are may also prominent. Skin, hair, and eye color may range from vibrant hues to more subtle tones depending upon their particular mystfolk heritage. Features such as digigrade legs, hooves, horns, gossamer wings, and plant growth may also be present; though, this again is dependent upon the parent mystfolk's subrace.

As only genie from the noble caste may grant wishes, the diluted bloodline makes half-genie unable to perform such a task. They do however share a heightened aptitude toward magic. They can evoke the element of their genie parent and manipulate nature, though to a lesser extent of their parents. Mystsickness and fae high does not impact half-genie.

Half-genie are not bound to an object and may roam freely throughout the archipelago. To some degree, they do remain hunted, but only by those who do not know half-genie cannot grant wishes.

As genie are born from elemental chaos and mystfolk originally from the plane of Myst, these descendants of the elements can successfully produce offspring. The two races have much in common beyond their origins. Both love to receive tribute, either on whim or in exchange for favor. They enjoy the finer things in life; such as decadent foods, feasting, and celebrations. Due to these similar interests, genies and mystfolk find themselves on rather amicable terms. Half-genie are a convergence of culture, powers, and interests of the mystfolk as well as genie and are welcome among both peoples.