The history of half-greenskins in the archipelago spans back thousands of years to conflicts with the native elves and the first appearance of humans. Mates were often forcibly claimed during times of strife. In later years, as the realm became dominated by other races, this act has become less common. Few greenskins have abandoned their savage ways for a more civilized lifestyle, and some half-greenskins are born now through the happy union of a greenskin and human or elf.

Half-greenskin behavior is dictated by the society they were brought up in. Half-greenskins raised in human or elven settlements tend to be more diplomatic, civilized, and take up a profession of trade. A half-greenskin raised within a greenskin tribe would be brutish, in the traditional sense, and raised to accept a hunting and gathering lifestyle. Regardless of where half-greenskin grow up, they all have a temperamental streak. The half-greenskin's fuse is short and easily lit. 




The Half-Orc is the product of a human or elf pairing with an orc.

Generally, half-orcs take up the skin, hair, and eye color of both parents. It is most common their physical appearance favors their human or elven heritage. There are however a few half-orcs that closely resemble their orcish forbearers.

Half-orcs rarely exhibit tusks, though if they do, they are small. Teeth however are pointed and razor sharp. Their physique is generally smaller than the average orc, though it is a bit larger than most elves or humans. Half-Orcs will generally stand taller than their non-orc parents. As compliment to their human or elven bloodline, half-orcs are somewhat muscular and of average human size. They do not have the bulk of a common orc.

Still, the half-orc may have a rather intimidating appearance. With twice the strength of a normal human, they are capable of backing that up this impression. Due to their bulk however, half-orcs may come off as rather ungraceful as they lack a dexterous and delicate touch.



The half-troll is the product of an elf pairing with a troll. There are no human half-trolls.

Half-Trolls closely resemble their troll parent. Half-trolls exhibit a variety of skin colors from green, blue, and grey. Eye color tends to be yellow or green, depending upon the human parent. Hair may be black, red, or brown and usually in some dark variation.

Tusks rarely show for a half-troll. Sharp pointy teeth line up as jagged rows within the mouth. Noses are large and sometimes pointy. Eyes are small and beady. Ears may come off pointed, but they may be rounded out as well.

Half-trolls are tall and lithe. Arms and legs are somewhat longer than the rest of the body, making half-trolls walk with a hunched gait. Fingers and toes are thin and long with pointed nails at the end.

In a limited fashion, Half-trolls share some of the strengths of trolls. Though they do have regenitive healing, it is slower than that of a full-blooded troll. Resistances to cold and poison are also prominent, though to a lesser degree.

As strengths are shared, so are weaknesses. Half-trolls are incredibly vulnerable to fire. Fire will disable the regenitive healing process and inflict greater damage that it would have for a human. Magic, with an arcane source, will deal extra damage to the half-troll. Prolonged exposure to arcane objects will also leave them sickened.