The Half-Halfling is the product of a Human and Halfling.

Halflings and Humans have a bit in common, thus half-halflings share many of the same characteristics of both parents. Skin and hair range from very dark to very pale. Eye color may be blue, green, brown, or even yellow.

Half-Halflings stand a little taller than a halfling, though come up short when standing next to a human. Their arms and legs are proportionate to their bodies. Generally, half-halflings are not quite as strong as a human, though they are somewhat more dexterous.

Like their Halfling parents, half-halflings enjoy the benefit of low light vision. In dim places throughout the jungles and caves of Eyr, they will be able to see some detail. Color however is somewhat muted in places of low light.

Most half-halflings of Eyr dwell among the Shalan'ti, though few do live among the tribes. Moving through the native caste system is a bit more difficult for the half-halfling, thus why some choose to leave. It is not uncommon for a half-halfling to abandon one society and move to another at their coming of age. Half-halflings of the Shalan'ti, and even those new to the realm, will sometimes convert to get more in touch with their jungle halfling heritage. Half-halflings outside of Eyr, (either from Mystara, Aradia, or an outer plane) dwelled within small villages and towns and would work various trades.

Half-Halflings that remain with their jungle tribe experience the same rituals and teachings as everyone else. They are adept at magic and even raising the dead. It should be noted: if you are raising an NPC, please fill out an NPC application. If you are raising a player-character, please seek admin approval before doing so.