FamilyTree1Proclaiming to be half-human casts a wide net as to what else one might be: Half CelestialHalf-ElfHalf-Greenskin, Half-Halfling, Half-Merfolk, or Half-Mystfolk

When humans first came to the archipelago, many were surprised to find viable offspring between themselves and other races. None however were more shocked than the natives, like wood elves, who's bloodlines had remained pure for untold generations. At first there was outrage and many of these half-breeds were excluded from the societies of both parents. As couplings between different races became more frequent over millennia, the shock value has worn off. Still, there are some people who harbor a deep seething prejudice toward those of mixed bloodlines.

Half-humans tend to favor one parent's culture over the other, and this is dependent upon who raised them. A human with Mystfolk heritage, for example, may grow up in the wilds with a spiritual approach to nature; however, that same person could of been raised very differently in a well developed and sprawling city.

Though some half-humans will continue to live among the race it identifies with, others will set forth to find a place of their own. Many take to living in big cities where diversity is a common thing. Nowhere else is this more true among the Shalan'ti, which holds an abundance of half-humans; more than anywhere else in the archipelago. Others, finding themselves ill fit for any society may become wanderers. Their homes are wherever they setup camp for the night.