Half-MystfolkThe Half-Mystfolk is the product of a human or djinn pairing with a mystfolk. As the mystfolk are highly diverse, so are the half-mystfolk.

The Mystfolk are a varied race in general, and a parent's particular subrace is important when passing on its physical traits to a child. A Half-Fairy could have wings that are smaller than that of a full fairy, or have full wings and normal ears. A Half-Centaur standing on two horse legs and have hoofed feet, but are otherwise human in appearance. A Half-Demicorn, Half-Ipotane, and Half-Satyr could have normal legs, but hoofed feet instead. A Half-Nymph could have a bubbly persona and free-spirited personality, but is not as amorous as a full Nymph. Half-Sidhe could be susceptible to their longings and desires, but not being able to control artists as well as a full leanan-sidhe. These are only a few examples, and are not at all limited as to how a half-mystfolk may appear.

All half-mystfolk have some magical affinity and beyond the veil communication. They can be healed by apples and sugar, though at a slower pace than other mystfolk. Against salt and iron, half-mystfolk show a comparable weaknees to their full blooded parent. Half-Mystfolk are unable to tell a lie, though they may find round about ways to answer questions.

Half-Mystfolk have a strange, sometimes philosophical thought process to them. They are lured by shiny things and have sweet tooths as well as other odd cravings. Like other Mystfolk, they are also easily distracted.

Humans and mystfolk can be highly discriminate toward half-mystfolk, depending on how tolerant their societies are. Bullying and exclusion from both family and friends would have significantly impacted their behavior, possibly leading to joining with outcasts and criminals to belong, or to obtain resources and wealth.