AarakocraWithin the high peaks, dense forests, and jungles of the Mystaran Archipelago, the Aarakocra may be found. They live in small tribal communities of thatch huts that closely resemble roofed bird nests built within craggy mountains or dense tree foliage. The southwestern most Isle of Aradia holds the oldest and greatest population of Aarakocra. Due to their significant numbers, it is believed Aarakocra originate from that land.

Aarakocra enjoy peace and solitude, and will build their villages far from one another and other civilizations. Most have little interest in dealing with outsiders. For this reason, it takes great circumstance for an Aarakocra to leave the tribe. Few Aarakocra leave a tribe on their own volition and terms. Neither treasure nor glory lures them. A mission, catastrophic event, or a dire threat to the tribe is what drives an Aarakocra adventurer.

Of significant threat to Aarakocra are races that challenge their dominance over the skies. A long standing feud is held with Dragons, who are just as territorial. It is not unknown for Aarakocra tribes to band together in an attempt to eliminate a dragon from its den. The Kokarri, also pose significant danger. From their floating citadel in Aradia, the Kokarri seek to purge local Aarakocra tribes.

Territory is of significant importance among Aarakocra tribes. It is most common for them to dispute hunting rights within a land among sentient humanoids and other Aarakocra tribes as well. Their rightful claim to territory is determined by the distance one can see from the highest perched nest of a village; which is usually around two miles in every direction. For this reason, tribes tend to settle at a significant distance between one another.

The pecking order of a tribe is determined by age. Assisted by a shaman, the oldest Aarakocra is chief. Chiefs manage the sustainability, welfare, and territorial claim of a tribe. Shamans are in charge of matters of faith and other magical affairs.



Aarakocra are humanoids with avian qualities such as feathers, talons, and a beak. Plumage covers their bodies, as well as wings, and varies in color according to an Aarakocra's origin: colorful if from jungles, black, grey, or brown if from temperate or desert locales, or white if from tundra or frozen areas. An Aarakocra's feet are bird-like with sharp talons capable of rending flesh from prey. In flight, their talons may pick up creatures so long as strength allows. Beaks may be pointed, hooked, short, long, wide, or thin and of numerous colors. Eyes may be of any color, though are generally black, yellow, or brown, and have large pupils.

Like most other humanoids, Aarakocra have limbs proportionate to their size. Aarakocra have hands which are similar and just as useful as a human's. Generally, they stand to be at about 5 feet tall and have a wingspan of about 20 feet.

Aarakocra live to be about 30 years and reach maturity by age three. Mothers lay eggs that produce featherless hatchlings. It takes a couple weeks for the first feathers to form. By about a year, an Aarakocra is completely covered in feathers. Around age the age of three, Aarakocra begin to take their first lessons in flight.



  • Flight: Aarakocra possess the ability of flight, and can travel at great speeds, equal to 40mph through the air. Wearing heavy armor, such as platemail, hampers flight and may make attempts difficult if not impossible.
  • Keen Vision: Aarakocra can see fine details of an object or creature from up to two miles away.
  • Dexterous Flight: While in the area, an Aarakocra has great command of the skies. Their dexterity is significantly boosted while flying around.



  • Wings: The Achilles’ Heel of Aarakocra. Damage to wings impairs an Aarakocra's ability to fly, and is a highly emotionally and physically damaging injury to incur. Burned, tattered, or soaked wings can compromise mobility. Complete removal may cause intense emotional trauma. This is irreversible.
  • Lightweight Skeleton: An Aarakocra's skeleton is made of mostly thin and hollow bones which can easily break.
  • Speech: Though Aarakocra are capable of speaking numerous languages, their hard beaks make it difficult to pronounce many words. Typically, speech is broken up with exaggerated syllables and awkward squawks. This may make it difficult for others to understand them.
  • Ground Combat: Aarakocra are trained to hunt and fight from the air, not upon the ground. When fighting directly on land, an Aarakocra has significant disadvantage.
  • Bird Brained: Though Aarakocra have a humanoid range of intelligence, their avian nature manifests in peculiar ways. Abruptly, they may be driven to collect shiny objects, acquire unusual resources to build a home, squawk unexpectedly, or be driven to hunt small prey.


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