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Werecats, known amongst their kin as The Bastet, are a race of keenly intelligent and rugged feline shapeshifters who inhabit the island of Eyr.

Moving through the jungle with the regal confidence of rulers, the Bastet live best together in what they call a “pride” though lone cats are not uncommon among the race. They are equipped with cunning, nimbleness, grace, and ferocity that only have been matched by their lupine rivals - the lycans and garou. And while the Bastet of Eyr can prove to be quite feral and primordial, should one encounter a werecat in the jungle, they’re unlikely to face aggression unless they’ve insulted the werecat’s honor. Two things are paramount  to a werecat: honor, and pride.


Physiology & Biology

As a breed, werecats are agile and attractive. Their forms resemble that of fur-covered humans, equipped with opposable thumbs and an upright torso, only much more feline in appearance. The striking looks and fast reflexes are almost essential in their survival. Social and physical attributes usually dominate as cats are smart but impulsive. Though always curious, the wide range of feline interests can manifest in any skillset. Bastet are known to be masters of survival and investigation.  

They have excellent sense of hearing and smell, making them great hunters and trackers, but they struggle in the more ‘civilized’ areas, trade centers, and busy businesses of other species - if it isn’t the clash of aromas or loud noises that get to them first, the abundance of bodies will drive a solitary-minded creature out. Even in tolerable situations, Bastet may find the mannerisms and customs of others to be confusing and even absurd if it does not serve a practical purpose. They are a people that value function, and while they will adorn their tools and themselves, no bit of jewelry nor intricate carving may dampen their ability to move or hunt.

The Bastet mate as any other mammal, though they are different in that they can only reproduce with other Bastet. Any reproduction with another species that would result in hybrids would be completely impossible, making this race fully purebred.

Bastet Hybrid


bastet forms v2

Werecats have the ability to shift into four distinct forms:  Humanoid (homid), Hybrid (half-shift), Warform, and Quad Form. *it should be noted that these photos are just for inspiration and do not be taken as how the avatar should appear in-world.

Human: The humanoid form looks very similar to a human and at first glance may be indistinguishible to a human, however, the Bastet are not humans by a long way.  Often the difference between a werecat in humanoid form, and a human, lies in their agile grace, their stance, and feline like movement. A werecat's homid form reflects that of their feline form, and thus a panther werecat might have dark skin and green eyes in homid form, and a lion werecat might have tawny hair and tanned skin with golden eyes.

Hybrid: The hybrid (also called half-shift) form of a werecat is not quite feline, nor human, but somewhere in the middle.  The hybrid shift has a fully furred body, enlarged ears, cat-like claws and fangs, a tail, and digigrade legs. Unlike furries/anthros, the half-shift werecat has a blend of feline features, but does not normally have a fully feline head (but it can happen). In this case, speech is possible, though sometimes can be hard to understand. They do not have 'furry or anthro' traits like enlarged cute-looking eyes and expression.

werecat tigerWarform:  The warform of the Werecat, sometimes also called the Werecat form, is a fearsome beast. Large, hulking and powerful, built for stealth and speed, and fearsome to behold, nearly all human features have disappeared, save for a bipedal stance and opposable thumbs. A warform werecat is far more cat-like in mentality than human, reasoning like an animal and losing the ability to speak common or Eyranese, instead only relying upon D'vin, its native feline tongue, to communicate.  Warform werecats do not dress up in outfits, hang out and talk current events, trade in villages, or otherwise behave like humans. They are almost fully beast in this form.

Quad Form:  The opposite of the homid form, the werecat shifting into quadrupedal cat form is nearly indistinguishable from any other big cat; save for subtle cues: a glint of intelligence in their eyes, a human-like sense of curiosity, and a way of movement that signals they are not quite as feral as a wild big cat. Quad form cats have otherwise dropped nearly all their aspects of humanity and behave, think, and act much like any other big cat would.  Predatory and animalistic instincts rule the werecat's mind in quadrupedal form.


Personality Traits

Notoriously independent, werecats listen to whomever they please, which often means they march to the beat of their own drum. Within a crowd, they usually tend to resist all attempts of authority, except those coming from other Bastet, their Chieftain or Shaman. They have relatively simple ways of working dominance issues out, and the werecat who wins the most fights has the most control, though that position rarely goes uncontested.  Often a werecat must prove his or her dominance on a regular, if not daily basis. The moment their age or injuries catch up with them and they lose a fight for dominance, they rarely if ever make a comeback.

The Bastet lack the innate connection to the spiritual world (The Umbra) like their cousins, the Garou, and aren’t able to freely move into it from the Material Plane. Unlike Lycans and Garou, they are not affected by the full moon and can control their shapeshifting at any time. The solitary Bastet are known to come together with the Pride to regular rituals, calling to their gods and making sacrifices for a good hunt. Though those rituals are said to be impassioned and heated, once the hunt has begun, it’s difficult to match the silent, careful, stalking patience of a werecat.

The most noteworthy of all for the race is the deep set honor and pride Bastet display. Each will have their own cause, and solitaires may even come together to protect something they all care for, but they would never accept a position of servitude or slavery. Though they have been subjected to kidnappings and torture, the wild-spirited creatures will fight to the death for their freedom. Many ‘masters’ have been deceived by a werecat pretending to be tamed before finding their throats torn out by their ‘beloved pet’. Individuals and even groups may take on unsavory work or answer to a boss, but only on their own terms. One does not command the respect of a werecat, they must earn it.


History & Culture

Bastet live in small tribes known as “Prides”, united by fur pattern. Legend states that each bastet is a descendant of one of the “Great Cats”, their Gods and Goddesses taking the form of a lion, tiger, cheetah, cougar, lynx, panther, and leopard, thus giving each bastet a distinct fur pattern. The Bastet race wasn’t always an inhabitant of Eyr, however. Their original home, a neighboring Island called D’vi, became uninhabitable after a violent volcano ravaged the land. Desperate for a new home, the Bastet set out in crews of small boats in all directions. A couple crews were lucky enough to wash up on both Mystara’s and Eyr’s shores, only losing a handful of bastet to the bloodthirsty merfolk of Sirens Cay, while the fate of many other crews is unknown.  

Each Pride is led by a dominant male or female, occasionally both. The male, known as the Chieftain, hails from a noble bloodline that stretches back to the ancient tribes of D’vi. The female, known as the Shaman, is selected by the Chieftain to act as a religious leader and cultural record keeper, and additionally the task of keeping their culture alive falls to the Shaman.

Each pride usually remained fairly independent of the others, but history showed that the prides of Eyr gathered during the times of war to split up and defeat the trespassing wolf pack coming from Mystara; acting as one to ensure survival and keeping of their territory within the jungle. Bastet, no matter if usually solitary, are known to gather with the pride once more whenever the need strikes them.



The most complex, and yet the most nuanced language of the multilingual werecats is D’vin:  a language of chirps, meows, howls, cries, snarls, and rumbles, as well as a more elaborate system of sniffs, licks, stares, whisker twitches, and postures. This ancestral tongue, while limited, crosses all cultures, breeds, and forms, enabling a variety of werecat breeds to communicate across cultural gaps.

It's hard to express abstract or complicated thoughts in this language, but simple warnings or messages aren't difficult. More complex conversations demand a shift to Eyranese or Common for clarity. Bastet lore claims D’vin came from the original conversations of the First Pride, and its subtleties are passed to new kittens by their Shamans and Chieftains. Thus, a Bastet who hasn't been taught the ways of the folk won't be aware of the subtleties of the group language, although communications like "Get out of my way" are always clear enough.

Like any other language, some may notice distinct accents in the D’vin language from each type of Bastet, showing the different places that each may have hailed from. Bastet try their best to honor their motherland by keeping their culture and language alive.

Some Bastet also speak Common, notably those who lived in Mystara, but only out of necessity.  Many never bothered to learn Common, as it it against their nature.  



Bastet can live either entirely independent or unite together to live in a tribe (Pride). Each subspecies does have its own unique characteristics. Most are adapted to specific types of terrains, as well as have a preference for group or solitary lifestyle; each breed also has its own specialties. While individuals may display differences, cultural researchers have found the following categories to be generally true:


  • Jaguar-like/Black Jaguar (Panther)-like:

    • Solitary preference

    • Adapted to dense jungles and wetlands

    • Excel in areas of blood magic, voodoo, necromancy, guardian duties, acrobatics, and guerilla fighting styles

  • Leopard-like/Black Leopard (Panther)-like:

    • Solitary and social preference

    • Adapted to grasslands, dry scrub forests, and jungles

    • Excel in areas of shamanism, divination, exploration, wisdom, acrobatics, and guardian duties

  • Tiger-like:

    • Solitary preference, though social with good resources;

    • Adapted to jungles, wetlands, swamps, and evergreen forests

    • Excel in areas of illusion & enchantment magic, abjuration, physical strength, sensuality, and guardian duties

  • Cheetah-like:

    • Solitary preference for females, group preference for males;

    • Adapted to grasslands, dry scrub forests, and semi-desert areas

    • Excel in areas of evocation & conjuration magic, shamanism, physical speed, precision fighting styles, and tracking

  • Lion-like:

    • ‘Pride’ (group) preference;

    • Adapted to grasslands and dry scrub forests

    • Excel in areas of abjuration, divine mysticism, physical strength, tactical & group fighting styles, business/trade skills, and leadership

  • Snow Leopard-like:

    • Solitary preference;

    • Adapted for snowy mountains, evergreen forests, and mountain prairies

    • Excel in areas of illusion & enchantment magic, shamanism, necromancy, tracking, guardian duties, and guerilla fighting styles

  • Lynx-like:

    • Solitary preference, though may work in small groups;

    • Adapted for snowy mountains, evergreen forests, rocky terrain, and dense scrub areas

    • Excel in areas of divination, druidry, divine mysticism, precision & guerilla fighting styles, and tracking

  • Cougar-like:

    • Solitary preference;

    • Adapted to rocky terrain, snowy mountains, various forests, grasslands and desert areas

    • Excel in areas of druidry, transmutation magic, evocation & conjuration magic, adaptation, acrobatics, and tracking

Approved Avatars

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Bastet Main Form:  

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Warform: Traum Panthera & 7Plus

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