Reputations Among Infernal Society

It's important for a demon to foster a legacy of plight, disaster and ruin left in its wake. Young demons* are viewed as precarious upstarts. It's shameful for an old demon to have nothing to show for their years.

*Demon player characters must begin play as full adults, i.e. 18+ in age.

The most shameful thing for a demon is either willingly or involuntarily embracing one's bane and being counterproductively virtuous: A pride demon showing humility or a greed demon sharings its wealth. This is a laughable offense, and can leave a demon outcast by its own kind.

A demon who loses power, influence, or minions (from defection out of a demon's control or ESPECIALLY lost to another demon, but not by death) is likely also disgraced.

There is of course a schism among demons,  between those who believe in order or chaos. Those who prefer chaos are anarchists, rebels, and praise full autonomy with reckless abandon and little regard to anyone else. Those who prefer order are tyrants, despots, and seek to dominate all.

For example: an orderly greed demon would be a conniving loan shark, while a chaotic greed demon may pilfer from the pockets of both rich and poor.


Sin Games & Competition

Sin is such an enormous component of a demon's power. A festival is held on the new moon of each month to celebrate all flavors of sin. Be they mortal or magical, all are welcomed into the clan's midsts and enticed by all manner of temptations; decadent foods, alcohol, sex, combat games, and etcetera. These fêtes are designed to appeal to everyone and be deceptively carefree and harmless. These festivities are used to settle boasting rights as well. Demons bring those they have coerced into contract and show them off to the rest of the Clan. Those unfortunate to lack a contract for that month could also save face by retelling other sinful exploits they had accomplished. The Demon Overseer would use this time to gauge which of his demons were serving him well, and this night is used to make examples out of those who aren’t holding up their weight.


Lesser Minions

Not all demons are great and powerful. Few, like imps and hellhounds, are so low on the ladder that they are considered animals. High-ranking demons often take up minions as pets or servants. Sometimes, they even prefer them over fellow members of their clan. A minion's loyalty is simple, but difficult to gain, and almost always unwavering. Important demons might have a lesser minion or two. Heads of the larger clans would likely have a menagerie.


True Names

All demons have a “True” Name that they keep secret but for those they deeply trust. True Names grants certain powers to those who invoke them. Such powers might include the ability to exorcise the demon from its host or summon it. Knowing a demon’s True Name increases a caster's use of spells against that demon.


Demon Rituals

There are several rituals that demons might have been taught by other demons. They are not necessarily “common” knowledge but it is not unlikely that one would know how to do one or all of the following rituals.

Note: All rituals require OOC consent for all player’s (including those playing demon PCs) FIRST in order to be affected by any of the following.


A demon can be taken from one place to another via summoning. If the demon is already in a host, the host is along for the ride. Summoning is uncomfortable for a demon as they are essentially shoved from one place to another by force. It is impossible for a demon to be directly summoned inside a salt line or past demon wards as the demon’s soul would not be able to get past such barriers. These types of spells require a great deal of research in order to find the right demon. Items specific to the demon or the demon's True Name is required to do a summoning. Aside from these items and preparation, time must be taken to set up a sigil.

Basicly this is the landing zone for the incoming demon. Some demons can only be summoned with their specific sigil. Others can be brought to the site with the sigil of their house. This type of ritual requires time and patience and often a great deal of energy, so it is not to be undertaken lightly.

Ritual Requirements: A ritual that is unique to each demon. Words, including True Names and special objects are required. The ritual requires at least a full hour to succeed, takes extreme concentration, and weakens the summoned demon. Special extensions to the ritual must be done if the demon is attached to the host.

Levels of Difficulty: The ritual requires more time and energy if the demon is unwilling to come or is presently on another plane. The more powerful the demon the harder it is to summon.


Demons can detect the presence or the past touch of another demon even to the point of knowing who it is. Basically identifying each other's aura and the marks that aura leaves behind. Same thing with the other rituals. This takes time and quiet. The demon must spend 2-3 posts to detect these subtle signs.The demon must already be familiar with the aura to identify who it belongs to.


This interaction will taint and turn dark that person's soul temporarily. This is a mark that will eventually heal on its own but has short term effects such as acting on evil impulses or exercising poor moral judgement. The person this is being inflicted upon must be morally weakened or susceptible to this kind of mental invasion. The victim can be healed by those who are practiced in holy or spiritual magic. This takes a fair amount of concentration from the demon so this is not something that could be done in a hurry or in battle.

Seed of Sin

A furthering corruption that takes repeated rituals and lots of time. The demon plants a fragment of their aura and of whatever sin the demon comes from in another's soul. Like a seed, if the demon does not nurture this fragment, the victim's own soul will cause the invading aura to wither and fade. For success the target would have to be captured for several days and the demon would have to visit and perform a ritual of Corruption repeatedly on the person for up to a week after the initial planting of the aura fragment. Once the aura has grafted itself onto the victim's soul, the individual will find themselves more susceptible to the seven sins. They will shift morally to what would be considered “evil”.

Once properly grafted the victim would have to be intentionally healed of this process. Without treatment from a holy healer or shaman the grafted aura would continue to linger and grow. The longer left alone the more the invading aura would grow and taint the victim's soul. The victim is only influenced by what has happened to their soul. Their will is their own.

Planar Travel

Demons have the ability to jump from one plane to another twice a day. This lets them get to and from the Abyssal Plane and also communicate with those of that realm. Demons must either go to a pre-arranged portal or undergo a ritual to move to that plane. Similarly to a summoning, the ritual is more difficult when taking a host or another individual along. This ritual will take 5 posts and can not be done while in combat due to the need for concentration and focus.