dwarfDwarves dwell deep underground in settlements spread across the remaining two great islands of the archipelago: Aradia and Eyr. When Mystara existed as a great third island, a majority of dwarves lived close to the Sanctum buried deep below the earth. Some refugees from that island fled to colonize the cliffs and sandy dunes of Aradia. Others however took to living within the mountain range of Eyr or even among the Shalan’ti. Beneath the great shining city, dwarves carved their clan halls deep into the foundations of its very mountain.

Dwarves from worlds beyond the archipelago settle with a clan similar to their own. There are however dwarves that are born in this realm, with generations spanning back to its earliest inhabitants. According to the most ancient of stories, dwarves claim they were created from stone by the archipelago's shapers. Any written account of such however was lost, when their oldest clan halls were swallowed by the Myst in Mystara's final days. The tale of their origins remains disputed among dwarves and historians alike.



Dwarves are short and stout. Though their torsos are truncated, their limbs and heads are proportional to their size. Dwarven men are heavier than their female counterparts, though all dwarves have a stocky, muscular build. Generally though, they tend to weigh as much as a human. Their hair and skin ranges from colors typically found on a human; though color is mostly dependent upon their subrace. Eyes tend to be hazel in color, though rarely are blue.

Most male dwarves eventually go bald in their later years in life. Nearly all dwarven males have beards, and some females have been known to grow pretty impressive facial hair themselves! Beards show social status among dwarves, with unique plating, braids, and adornments that reflect their position. The longer and more grand a beard appears to be, the likelihood it belongs to a very important dwarf.

As a long lived race, Dwarves reach physical maturity much later than humans. They age much like humans, though over a longer period of time. At the age of 50, a dwarf is considered to be an adult. At 150 years, dwarves are in their prime. At 200 years, a dwarf has reached its late point in life. A dwarf is called ancient if one lives to be 400.



  • Darkvision: Living in the depths of the underground, dwarves can see within total darkness. Darkvision is black and white, but is otherwise like normal sight. Dwarves however cannot see through magical darkness.
  • Dense Body: Being short and stocky has its advantages. Dwarves are hard to push around.
  • Stone Sense: As workers of stone and ore, dwarves have a preternatural sense when it comes to stone. They can point out the flaws and secret passages of stone structures and even discern ore veins just by glancing at a cave wall.
  • Strong Back: Dwarves have a lifting capacity greater than most humans.
  • Strong Stomach: Dwarves have a strong constitution, which allows them to consume the strongest of alcoholic brews. They are also quite resistant to poison, and it takes them a shorter while to recover than most humans.



  • Grand Design Compulsion: Some dwarves may be struck with a strong compulsion to craft a masterpiece item that will herald their legacy. If it does occur, this happens only once within a dwarf’s life. Dwarves struck by Grand Design Compulsion will stop whatever they are doing and pursue construction of that item. They will not stop to eat, drink, sleep, bathe, or even give any regard to danger. Getting in the way of a dwarf struck by Grand Design Compulsion is dangerous, for they will become violent toward any obstacle that stands in their way.
  • Ill-Mannered: Most dwarves lack the charm of other races. Dwarves may come off as crude, rough around the edges, but not outright disdainful of others. They however are not completely unsociable, and more than a few have a knack for banter and barter.
  • Short: While lacking height is handy when it comes to crawling around in caves, being short does have it setbacks. Dwarves have a hard time adjusting within settlements built for taller people.
  • Slow: Dwarves have a hand time keeping up with their traveling companions. They’re also not quite as fast to dodge a hit or the spring of a trap.


Dwarven Subraces and Half-Breeds

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  SUBRACES:     Arctic Dwarf     Deurgar     Hill Dwarf     Jungle Dwarf     Mountain Dwarf  
  HALF-DWARVES:     Half-Elf