arcticdwarfFrom the vastly unexplored frozen reach of the northern realm hail the arctic dwarves. These dwarves were recently discovered when their glaciers began disappearing by errant pockets of Myst. Driven south, they now settle upon small islands and in the high peaks of Eyr. Adjusting to jungle and climates is difficult for the arctic dwarf. Most of their clans do not survive. Still, there are a few hearty holdouts just barely managing to make a go of things in a strange new land.

Arctic dwarves have a few traits that help them living in the frozen wilderness. With no cover to speak of, the sun beats down upon them. This however causes no harm; suggesting a resistance, but not immunity, to radioactivity. Due to living in extreme cold, they can also tolerate chilly weather. Living in such a harsh environment, arctic dwarves adapted to be stronger than most other dwarves, though they are less dexterous.



Arctic dwarves are small, even by comparison to other dwarves. Physically, they stand squat with pinched faces and stubby legs. They stand wide as they are tall with stubby fingers and toes. Their skin is quite pale, and may range from faint blue to white; except for their cheeks, which are a ruddy red. Eyes are bright blue. Their curly hair is a shock of white. Most arctic dwarves cannot grow long beards, but they may sport wisps of facial hair and curly mustaches.



Arctic dwarves were mostly nomadic until recently fleeing from their acenstral lands. Despite their scattered tribes, arctic dwarves remain mostly homogenous. They do not divide themselves among clan lineage, nor is individualism valued. Great deeds are remembered among these illiterate dwarves by oral tradition.

They focus on contributing to the greater good, which may mean individual sacrifice among themselves. They are however content to live one day at a time and bear little thought as to the future. Their children however receive a great deal of attention. Elders are not as valued among them, as they are among other dwarves. An arctic dwarf in the late years of its life will live at ease, until succumbing to a slow death by being buried beneath ice and snow.