hilldwarfWithin mountain foothills across the archipelago, hill dwarves, also known as gold dwarves, carve their cities. Though their settlements do not run as deep as the duergar, hill dwarves handle the same dangers posed by drow and other monstrous creatures. For generations, these dwarves dealt with such adversaries and have come out as stalwart warriors.

Not all hill dwarves take up arms. Some are known to be shrewd traders and craftsmen. The wealth of these dwarves surpasses all others of their kind. Below their expansive workshops lay vaults heavily laden with gold and precious gems. A hill dwarf may have difficulty parting with its own riches, but the coin of others is well received.



Like other dwarves, hill dwarves are stout and tough; though they are less agile than the others. Their skin ranges from a myriad of browns, from deep tan to nearly bronze in appearance. Eyes may be brown or hazel. Hair tends to be black, gray, or brown and fades to grey over time. Males, and some females, grow beards which are carefully groomed and grown to great lengths.



Hill dwarves are a highly materialistic people, who believe all resources of the natural world are meant to serve the purpose of sentient beings. There is no greater purpose than to fashion minerals of the earth into things of beauty. Great care is taken in their craftsmanship, and centuries may be spent perfecting their work. From the most basic tools to their greatest works of art, one can see that hill dwarves strive for perfection.

Comparable to elves, hill dwarves may come off haughty and proud. They believe themselves to be culturally superior than all other races. This belief, they feel, is rightfully earned due to the numerous challenges they have overcome. Nowhere else in the realm can one find a people as secure and confident of their future.