wilddwarfWest of the Shalan’ti is the remote valley of Rainwood. It’s about a week’s journey by foot and is a dangerous trek to endure. Few natives dare tread into this isolated place for the treants there do not take kindly to those who enterprising outsiders and will violently protect their groves. This makes things difficult for many would be explorers and colonists, leaving much of this part of the island unexplored. None knew of the existence of jungle dwarves, also called wild dwarves, that dwelled within until their recent migration west.

For untold generations, these nomadic dwarves roamed the valley. Recently however, they are displaced from their home. With the new arrival of Mystaran refugees and the ever growing expansion of Shalan’ti, treants are more aggressive than usual. Fearing for their lives, jungle dwarves were forced to flee and abandon their ancestral grounds.

Over the course of several millennia, jungle dwarves adjusted to living in Eyr. They adapted to the sweltering jungle and endure the effects of heat and heavy humidity. Jungle dwarves are resistant, though not immune, to diseases that foreign populations have trouble to overcome.



Wild dwarves are smaller than other dwarves, but stand sturdy and well muscled. Their tattooed skin ranges from a deep tan to brown. Eyes may be brown or hazel. Both males and females have long dark hair and beards, which cover their sparsely clothed bodies. They often plaster themselves with dry mud, which serves as a protective armor. For adornment, they wear earrings, bracelets, and necklaces carved from bone.



Contrary to other dwarves, wild dwarves have a completely different social structure. They do not have clans, but instead believe all dwarves are of the same family. They form hunting groups with very fluid membership. From a young age, wild dwarves are taught how to hunt and gather as well as other necessary means of survival. The wisdom of elders holds great respect, but those with weakness or illness are abandoned to die. Some dwarves, who grow too old or too weak, will provoke the attack of a vicious beast to meet their own demise as a show of bravery.

Every hunting group carries a drum used to communicate with other nearby wild dwarves. These drums are used to pass along messages of danger or to invite others to share a large carcass of fresh meat. No matter how geographically distant these people are, they will remain in contact with other another by these means.

Wild dwarves are accustomed to certain magic, particularly that of a divine nature among clerics and druids. They treat it no differently than one would using an herb that’s good for healing wounds. However, Arcane magic is widely misunderstood and often feared.