RenissMellicHalf ElfElves are mysterious, mystical beings, wrought from the birth of time. They know much happiness, but also carry great sorrow. They are often arrogant and haughty as a result of their advanced age both as a race, and as individuals. Their lives are long and know no sickness or disease.  They have seen the eons pass, the coming of man, the changing of countless seasons all blurred into a history remembered and revered in stories and songs.

Woe be to those who oppose the Elves, to awaken the anger and fury is to most assuredly bring about your own destruction. Beneath the soft exteriors of the elves, lie skilled archers, powerful mages and deadly warriors. There is no more revered friend than an elf, and likewise, there is no more feared foe than an angry elf.

The Wood Elves, also sometimes called Wild Elves, are among the first native people to dwell within the realm. Over the course of thousands of years, intrepid elves gifted with the power of planar travel migrated to Mystaran Archipelago and at present, the variety of elven people is a veritable melting pot of races from high elves to moon elves, grey elves, half-elves, and more. However, as in most elven societies, the Drow elves still remain largely outcasted, save for the rare few who have denounced their pantheon of vicious and cruel gods in favor of following the "light".


Elf Subraces and Half-Breeds

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  SUBRACES:     Aquatic Elf     Avariel     Dark Elf     Dune Elf     Drow     Fey'ri     High Elf     Jungle Elf     Lythari     Moon Elf     Star Elf     Sun Elf     Wood Elf  
  HALF-ELVES:     Half-Dwarf     Half-Greenskin     Half-Human     Half-Merfolk