Much like their land dwelling counterparts, aquatic elves (Alu’Tel’Quessir) are tall and lean with thin and elegant features. These elves can breathe underwater and on land.  Aquatic elves are often blue or green and can have spots or stripes along their skin of various colors.  In order to help them swim, they have long webbed fingers and toes as well as sets of gills on both the neck and just below the ribs. Their hair is thick and long, usually of a blue, black or silver color, but in rarer cases can be red.  Warriors tend to tie their hair back, but otherwise these elves tend to leave it long and flowing. Aquatic elves don’t wear much clothing, and what little they do wear is mostly crafted of sea vegetation of greens and browns.



Partially because of nature and partially by society the Aquatic elves are an isolationist people without much interaction with the beings of the surface. They are also an extremely peaceful people and find war and argument to be in opposition with happiness and survival.  They can be sometimes seen observing those who dwell on the surface, but far prefer to be under the waves.

In terms of magic, aquatic elves are less advanced than the other elves, but they occasionally will have a mage among their ranks, though it requires waterproof magic items and methods of writing underwater.

The elves have a patriarchy, although women can lead power, ultimately they answer to higher ranked men. Noble families rule, but almost never with an iron fist, instead they watch over their people with a more relaxed approach to leadership. In addition, aquatic elves tend to have commune societies where everything is shared, this means theft is almost unheard of because for the most part people have or can find what they need and share freely.

When they do have to go to battle they tend to fight with tridents, spears and nets, as well as other items that at function in the depths.