Avariels are the most striking of the elven races with their soft, feathered wings. These wings have spans of anywhere from twelve to sixteen feet and are usually white, but may also be gray, brown, black, or speckled. Avariels take great pride in their wings and spend long hours grooming them. Their skin is pale, often porcelain white, with tinges of blue or faint silver. They have a silver-white or black hair, with other shades being rare but not unheard of. The avariel's eyes are rather large and more expressive than those of other elves are, and they tend to be brilliant shades of blue or green. A few avariel have scintillating violet eyes as pure as amethysts. Avariels stand 5'9” tall on average, with thin, graceful limbs and angular facial features.

The avariel are not merely "elves with wings"; their entire body has been developed to accommodate flight. Their torso is typically larger and stronger than that of their elvish brethren, designed as it is to bear wings. Furthermore, their skeletal structure, composed of light and hollow bones, helps reduce the burden of their weight while aloft. When in the air, they tend to be quite fast, mobile, and agile, due to their lighter weight and to their graceful flight. On the ground however, they are almost burdened by their wings, sometimes appearing clumsy. The avariel are possessed of an almost ethereal beauty. They are delicate, their movements quick, calculated, and graceful. By most, they are considered the most beautiful and striking of the elven races.

Avariel are said to have the most beautiful voices of all the Tel'Quessir, and their songs are greatly sought after by bards of other races.

Avariel warriors are geared towards war and power, answering to war chiefs who govern avariel society equally with the religious leaders. They live by a complex code of honor and spend their lives defending their race. In combat, these avariel show no mercy, often using ranged attacks from above and believing that others should know better than to create an enemy of a superior foe, such as themselves. They also view surrender to be dishonorable (for both themselves as well as their enemies), holding the idea that when a warrior draws blood, it is a promise of battle.

The other side of the avariel society includes scholars, philosophers and artists. Intellectuals who believe in solving problems through reason and diplomacy, these avariels spend much time researching magic and history, contemplating religion and worshiping their gods, and producing art for the sheer joy of creation.