scorrow aradia2

Scorrow, aberrations of Drow similar to Driders, have the torso of a drow and the lower body of a scorpion. They are some of the most fearsome creatures of the Aradian desert. They often will choose to hunt prey based on difficulty involved in the hunt, tracking their prey for days and even weeks across the desert.  Scorrow live in vast caverns dug into the Aradian mountainsides, and only venture out in the dark of night to hunt in bands of five to seven, abhorring sunlight as much as the drow elves of Mystara. Scorrows typcially hate other races and they tend to be chaotic evil. They are known to have such a disdain for weakness that they will leave behind their young if they do not develop quick enough. Brutally savage and cunning, the Scorrow practice ritualistic scarification on themselves, an important part of their religion -- the eldest of Scorrow having skin banded with thousands of striped scars. Reported abilities include a powerful constitution-damaging poison and numerous spell-like abilities. If the reports from the drow are to be believed, most of these aberrations were presumably powerful clerics or wizards prior to their elevation in status, so it is wise to expect conventional spellcasting ability as well.