jungle elves


Jungle Elves, known as Sum’ei’a, are a tribal based people native to the isle of Eyr. Revered among a few of the native races, their clans are very in tune with nature and respectful of her beauty often winning them favor among various wildlife. While Jungle Elves may often be seen as wildlings compared to their higher-bred cousins, that could not be more far from the truth. Jungle Elves are very organized and compassionate to their own who follow their ways and can be quite friendly to outsiders if they make good introductions.


Physiology & Biology

Sum'ei'ans unlike their elven cousins, reach the age of adulthood at 40 and have a lifespan that can reach way over 900 years old. Middle age is around 200 years old, old age is at 500 years old and a jungle elves is said to be venerable at his/her 700th birthday.


Sum'ei'ans stands between 5 feet 5 and 5 feet 11 and weigh  between 100 and 145 pounds. Males and females are usually equal in height, though female tend to be slightly more muscular.

Jungle elves have from golden tan to dark skin adorned with striped patterns in light or dark cosmetic paint. Those markings are both a status symbol and for camouflage purposes.

Sum’ei’ans have a slim build similar to their elf brethren. Their hair colour is typically dark or black. Their eye tint varies from amber to golden and can see exceptionally well through darkness. Their ears point like elves however they are commonly uneven.


A Sum'ei'an's clothing is what Ame Moei gives him. Tree bark, leaves, animal pelts, bones, and in some case rocks. Though the jungle can be very warm and humid during the day. They tend to wear very little, especially the female who don’t want to be encumbered during the hunt. Shoes are seen as uselessly clumsy in the jungle and Jungle elves have toughened soles from a life of going barefoot.   However some do wear shoes as a fashion preference.  For huntresses, clothing colors vary according to the season and their surrounding environment.

Physical traits

Jungle elves are very agile and swift in the dense jungle, which makes them natural scouts. As a clan, the Jungle Elves are a force to be reckoned with.  Like humans, Jungle Elves can be injured easily by sharp and blunt weapons, spells, and nature's perils, they do however possess a moderate immunity to jungle toxins and poisons. While as a whole they may prove to be vicious fighters and hunters, individually they might be matched by foes who are equal in agility and strength.

Racial traits

Aside from outstanding sight, Jungle Elves inherently mastered the art of domesticating almost any wildlife - a practice seen wholly inappropriate by many other elven species who would rather be caught naked than seen riding an animal - but the Jungle Elves' see their relationship with animal differently -- they see it as an honour to ride their companions. Jungle elves favorite's riding animals are dire felines.

The Sum'ei'ans tame and train everything from dire animals to small birds.

They use their relations with the animals in everyday tasks. Huntresses unleash their trained companions on unprepared prey or enemies.  The elves and the pets launch assaults and use their bond to coordinate the attacks.


The Sum'ei'ans are omnivorous. Despite their relations with the jungle fauna, the jungle elves still eat meats, but their diets consists of a vast amount of vegetables and nuts. It is said that to eat an animal is to absorb its soul thus partly becoming stronger. However when an animal is killed, nothing is wasted. Bones will be used for weapons, pelts for clothing…



jungle elfJungle Elves are free spirits and though they appreciate individualism they have an innate sense of community. Selfishness is a taboo word and behaviour. Their personalities vary widely among individuals. One common factor though is the loyalty to family and clan over most things. Jungle Elves are very sensitive to nature and wildlife and are known for their harshness in response to the ignorance of other races and especially outlanders. From birth, jungle elves are thought to respect Ame Moei and to thank her for the gift of life.

Though the tribe is a somewhat secluded society which thrives through self-sufficiency, Jungle Elves are very organized and compassionate to their own who follow their ways and can be quite friendly to outsiders if they make good introductions.

Jungle elves are very in tune with their emotions and feelings such as sadness and anger are nothing to be frowned upon. In fact they are quite welcome. The violent bursts of emotion are sometimes perceived as possessions by spirits, and it is healthier to see those feelings through rather than letting them sleep within the body.  Being seen crying in public is not considered a shameful act to Jungle Elves.

A trait that jungle elves share with most of their elven cousins is their longevity. And since their time is an abundant resource in their lives, most of the time, Sum'ei'ans rarely feel any stress.



Males.  The males' main role is the education of the children and the protection of his family. It is the greatest dishonor for a male to fail his family. Males are deemed attractive when their markings are more exceptional. Exceptional cooking skills are also what women look for in the men.   

Females.  The females' main responsibility is the hunt and the gathering of needed resources. In the jungle, female Sum'ei'an are generally the most nimble and accomplished huntresses.  Though this is not always the case as some Males choose to hunt.  Females are treated with great respect and honour. A female is deemed more attractive if she is a good huntress.

Since the tribal and family life is so centric to the Sum'ei'ans, most who joined other societies are now shunned outcast. In such situations, Jungle elves make the difficult choice to leave, and rarely try to come back. Once the family and tribal bond is broken the damage is often irreparable.



Sum'ei'ans markings bring respect in the tribes, but it is also a social distinguisher. Through accomplishments does an elf get new markings. The rite of passage brings the first markings, wedding, number of offspring, professions, and honourable deeds will increase the amount on the jungle elf’s body. For example, a jungle elf marked with љ Ж ʅ ȴ ʭ ϟ Ѯ ₴ would translate to Family Jibari, Rite of Passage, boy and girl children, widowed, healer, shaman, mystic.

Since there are many mesh body out there but few ways to all get the same tattoos, and since it would impede everyone creativity toward the making of the character. We will use the 4th line of the Mystara titler to express our markings. See the chart below for a complete list.

English Sum'ei'an    English Sum'ei'an       Family Tribes    Note of Distinguishment
Artists    Sheeko   Achievements     Eldalie ﷼    The Edalie family stands for Innovation
     Crafter    ₢        Deceased    ﭫ   Jabari љ    The Jabari family stands for Knowledge
     Dancer    ᵹ        Resurrected    ϔ   Kalu   ҈    The Kalu family stands for Justice
     Musician    ♫        Rite of Passage    Ж   Silango הּ    The Silango family stands for Order
     Storyteller    Ѥ        Rite of Acceptance    ₹ (non-Sum'ei'ans can understand the language)   Suna ☼    The Suna family stands for Tradition
     Teacher    ۩   Leadership     Twembe ﷴ    The Twembe family stands for Creativity
Guards (by rank)    Mlinzi        Leader    § Oba      
     Captain    ╬ Taliyeh        Lorekeeper    ȣ Pili      
     Section Chief    ╟ Adika        Head of the Family    ﴾ ﴿ Umholi      
     Honored Guard    ╫ Diwani   Moei Asing Ranks        
     Guard    ╠ Walinzi        Moei Asing Leader    ∰ Myan / Myar      
     Soldier    ├ Askari        Ame's Verdict    ☄      
     Recruit    │ Waka        Ame's Shadow    ❦      
Guard Classes          Ame's Fury    ✧      
     Bladesinger    ♐   Status        
     Fighter    ʄ        Animal Riding    ₪ (non-Sum'ei'ans pemitted to ride animals)      
     Rogue    Ҩ        Blind    ┴ (placed over eyes & forehead)      
     Scout    Ѻ        Deaf    Ԃ (placed on cheeks)      
     Spy    ש        Mute    ♪ (placed on each side of the mouth)      
Hunters    ₰ Windaly        Pet Keeper    Ԅ (non-Sum'ei'ans can speak with animals)         
     Hunter (male)    Ѫ   Status (Family)        
     Huntress (female)       Ϡ        Son    ʅ      
Mages (by rank)    Maye        Daughter    ȴ      
     Head Mystic    ۞ Neliha        Married    ʬ      
     Master    ۝ Bwana        Divorced    ־      
     Acolyte    ₷ Wafuasi        Widow    ʭ      
     Apprentice     ؤ Osafunds        Non-Native Sum'ei'an    Θ      
     Initiate    ث Kuanzisha           Elder (600+ years old)       Ξ      
Mage Classes              
     Cleric    ☩            
     Druid    ج            
     Healer    ϟ            
     Herbalist    ⁂            
     Mystic    ₴            
     Psion    ↂ            
     Shaman    Ѯ            
     Spellcaster    ʢ            


љ Ж ʅ ȴ ʭ ϟ Ѯ ₴
Family Jibari, Rite of Passage, boy and girl children, widowed, healer, shaman, mystic