Also known as Mithral Elves or Ruar'Tel'Quessir in the Elven tongue, Star Elves have affinity for the stars of the sky, and associate with the Sun Elves and Moon Elves.

Star Elves are tall, slender, light-skinned elves with colorful features. They have golden, silver, or red hair; their eyes are either violet or gray, with a few golden flecks.

Star Elves are generally ignorant of things outside their culture due to their insular society. They tend to find experiences and oddities of the outside world unsettling and confusing. They prefer what they know, and can be stubborn to accept new things.

Generally, Star Elves are generally respectful towards Sun Elves and Moon Elves. As a society, they value personal rights and freedom, and are hesitant with generosity. Additionally, they are notably insular and largely unaware of anything beyond their lands and culture. Their clothing consists of elaborate tunics with muted colors that blend easily into the forest.