SunElfSun Elves, also known as Gold Elves or High (as in High-Horse) Elves, are among the most arrogant and conceited of the Elven Races, known for their dedicated and conscientious approach to skill-mastering.


Sun Elves have bronze-colored skin, and their hair is colored copper, gold, black, or red. Typically, they possess green eyes; however, they can sometimes have golden eyes with silver, black, hazel, or copper hues blended in.
Sun Elves are also notable for strength. They are notably stronger than the average elf, but are hurt more easily as well.



Their defining traits are arrogance, patience, and deliberate action.
Sun Elves take their time learning any skill, and master it as thoroughly as possible before using it in a practical sense. As a result, they are not diverse in their skills, but they are very good at whatever they focus on. Contrastingly, almost all Sun Elves have some training in weaponry and combat.
Their society places a high value on social rank and wealth, as demonstrated by their lavish and ornate homes. In addition to demonstrating their place in their social hierarchy, the lavish homes of the Sun Elves are also a matter of practicality. Due to their more cautious and conservative nature, Sun Elves aren't as adventurous as other Elves, tending to stay closer to home and explore less.
However, if they choose to explore, they become quite skilled at whatever career they choose, while knowing little beyond that. Their careers can range from fighters to spell-casters to bards.


Their art mimics their psychology - arrogant and grandiose. They focus on creating epic poetry, art, and stories, usually with a serious or solemn perspective. They shun simplicity in their artworks, with one glaring exception – fashion.
They tend to dress in subdued or drab colors that contain mithril or gold embroidery. Oddly, they favor simple and quiet elegance in stark contrast to the loud flashiness of their other forms of art.


Sun Elves are strongly religious; they worship the Sun in the same manner as their art – epically big with flare. They have long and elaborate ceremonies that would test the patience of other races. Clerics are highly respected since they help to facilitate these extravagant ceremonies.
Their faith is highly important, influencing their career choices and patriotism. As a result, they tend to be rather xenophobic, which fits with their arrogance. They tend to look down on all of the other Elven Races, thinking of themselves as superior.