geniesGenies are creatures born from Elemental Chaos, and are native to the Isle of Aradia. Having aided the Elemental Guardians in their ancient battle with the demons over control of Mystara, Genies were imprisoned, and still are to this day, in common objects scattered across the realm. They embody the chaotic force of violent storms while possessing benevolent minds. Only the noble genie possess the power of the Wish.

Though Genies do not require food or drink to live, they enjoy rich flavors, smells, and other sensations. They commonly desire succulent fruits, great feasts, pungent wines, fine perfumes, shimmering silks, smooth satins, soft velvets, and other rich fare.

Genies resemble extremely tall human men and women; they are both well-muscled and physically fit. Their features are aristocratic and considered attractive by human standards. Their skin tone ranges from pale blue to a more common olive-brown or dark tan characteristic of Aradians. Their eyes are usually brown, but a rare few have blue eyes. Genie garments are typically shimmering silk, designed for comfort and to flaunt their muscular physiques. The genie are ruled by the Grand Caliph. All Genie must swear allegiance to the Grand Caliph, whose word is law. For disobeying the Great Caliph, a Genie risks punishment, but the penalty for disobeying the Grand Caliph is death.

While no genie likes being enslaved, genie are the most tolerant of temporary servitude to mortals. They may be forgiving of a mortal master's flaws or even amused by them. They view short-term servitude as determined by Fate, and know that no one can defy one's fate. However, long-term service upsets them, and being imprisoned is considered anathema. They will not forgive betrayal. Those who wish to gain the brief service of a genie should gift them with fine meals, gemstones, magical items, flattery, and other forms of bribery.



Few Genie, about 1% of the population are noble. A noble genie can grant three wishes to any being (non-genie only) who captures it or pays notable tribute. Noble genie perform no other services and, upon granting the third wish, are free of their servitude. Only one wish my be granted per day. IMPORTANT NOTE: a genie must obtain admin approval for each wish granted. Also, be sure to obtain permission from all players the wish affects.

Be careful what you wish for: some noble genie like to twist a wish around! A wish granted may not always be done in ways that are expected. Saying, "I wish you to make me a sandwich," may very well indeed turn you into a sandwich! Some genie take their wishes literally, so be sure to carefully choose your words.
There are a few simple rules when it comes to wishing. All genies outright refuse to grant the following wishes:

  • Death upon another person.
  • Resurrecting the dead.
  • Making a person fall in love with you.
  • And of course, you cannot wish for more wishes!



  • Conjuration Magic: Genies are known to produce items out of thin are and are thus proficient casters of Conjuration magic.
  • May Evoke...
    • Dao: Dao manipulate earth to their favor. Earth tremors, sandstorms, and rockslides may be conjured up. They however cannot call upon catastrophic earthquakes.
    • Djinn: Djinn manipulate the wind to their favor. Wind storms, even small whirlwinds can be conjured up. They however cannot alter the weather to call upon catastrophic windstorms such as hurricanes or tornados.
    • Efreet: Efreet manipulate fire to their favor. Fire balls, fire bolts, and blazes can be conjured up. They however cannot call upon catastrophic infernos.
    • Marids: Marid manipulate water to their favor. Cyclones, changing tides of a river, and streams of water can be conjured up. However, they cannot call upon catastrophic tidalwaves or hurricanes.
    • Jann: Jann manipulate every element, though to a lesser degree of other genies. They are jacks of every element, yet a master of none.
    • Khayal: Khayal manipulate darkness and shadow. Magical darkness, shadow mimicry, and illusions can be conjured up. However, they cannot turn day into night.
    • Qorrash: Qorrash manipulate cold and ice. Ice walls, freezing water, and ice projectiles may be conjured up. They however cannot call upon a catastrophic ice age.
    • Tasked Genies: Unlike other genies, Tasked Genies are free agents. Tasked genies do not grant wishes, but instead perform their labor for some sort of trade. They are bound by their profession and cannot perform any other sort of work. Tasked Genies are not masters of any element, though can perform magic. Once, tasked genies were of another genie subrace, but became bound to profession by a noble genie. With the aid of a noble genie, a tasked genie can be transformed back into their original genie subrace.



  • Bound Object: Genies are bound to a common object. They do however have quite a bit of range to roam away from their prison, up to the full extent of the sim. If however, someone comes in posession of the object by which they are bound to, the genie will be forced to serve its master. IMPORTANT NOTE: permission by the genie player must be granted in order to possess its bound object.
  • Hunted: Genie, known for their capabilities to grant wishes, are hunted down by anyone who wishes to take advantage. 


Genie Half-Breeds

Please note, if you are interested in playing a race not described below, please contact an administrator for approval.

  HALF-GENIE:     Half-Mystfolk