gnomesGnomes, also called the “Forgotten Folk”, originate from Mystara, though they can be found throughout the archipelago. From worlds beyond, gnomes have an abundance of tales relating to their creation. Gnomes, that have a long line of ancestors in this realm, believe they were originally created from gems by the archipelago's shapers. This however is one story among many, and none are quite sure how gnomes came to be.

From accounts of the Great War, gnomes are noticeably absent during the conflict. Records of first contact with gnomes date before that event however. Dwarves were the first to meet gnomes and discovered they lived in thriving societies. Due to similarities between gnomes and dwarves, the two races became fast friends. Mountain dwarves in particular hold a certain fondness for gnomes.

It is said that a gnome has many friends, for they get along with most other races. However, goblins and kobolds are absolutely detested by gnomes, and the two often fight over territory and resources. Their eccentric sense of humor, inquisitiveness, and crafting prowess has earned them the quick appreciation of others. Though gnomes have few obvious influences throughout history, they have contributed in many small and unseen ways. This makes them often overlooked, despite their craftiness and affinity for illusion magic.



Gnomes are short and are typically somewhat smaller than dwarves and halflings. While dwarves and halflings resemble humans, gnomes have a striking resemblance to elves. They have large and often pointed ears, high cheekbones, large eyes, and lithe bodies. Their skin ranges from earthy browns to shades of grey, though this is dependent upon their subrace. Hair and the beards of males may grow in odd formations, in many directions, and vary wildly in color from natural tones to more exotic and garish hues. Eyes tend to be black or blue, though every other color is shown by this race.

Gnomes age slower than most other races. At 40 years of age, a gnome is considered to be an adult. Upon surpassing 100 years, their hair begins to grey, if it is not already white, and their skin starts to wrinkle. A gnome who has lived to be 500 years is considered to be ancient among its kind. No matter how old a gnome gets, it still exhibits a vitality that’s considered extraordinarily unusual among many other races. Age is but a number for gnomes, and they are as young as they feel.



  • Arcane Affinity: Gnomes are innately magical. Spells from the school of Illusion are particularly easy for them to master. Some are even capable of teleporting, (though this is limited within the local chat range of up to 20 meters. Two posts are required to enable this spell-like ability.)
  • Brilliant Mind: Gnomes are a naturally intelligent and creative race.
  • Eccentric Personality: The quirky behavior of gnomes is found endearing by many, though it can be offputting to some people.
  • Heightened Senses: Gnomes hear better than humans. They are also able to taste subtle hints of ingredients or poisons.
  • Low Light Vision/ Darkvision: Rock and forest gnomes can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar instances of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color in these conditions. Deep gnomes have darkvision, which allows them to see in pitch black darkness. Though they can make out the details of objects, they cannot discern any color in the absence of light.
  • Stealthy: Childhood games and stories teach gnomes how to be stealthy. By the time a gnome reaches adulthood, they know how to quietly get around.



  • Insatiable Curiosity: Gnomes are overtly curious by nature, and this can sometimes get the best of them. Most often, this leads them into trouble or an early demise.
  • Slow: Though gnomes may be quick at hand when it comes to crafting, their tiny legs just cannot keep up with the pace. They walk and run slower than most other races and may have trouble keeping up with their traveling companions.
  • Small: Being short in stature has its advantages when crawling around caves. However, they may struggle to adapt in settlements built for taller people.
  • Weak: Gnomes are not as strong humans and are considerably weaker than most races.


Gnome Subraces

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SUBRACES:     Deep Gnomes  
  Forest Gnomes  
  Rock Gnomes