rockgnomesRock gnomes are considered to be the standard of their race, as they are the most plentiful. Capricious and childlike, they are unlike deep gnomes and forest gnomes. They choose to spend their lives filling each day with as much fun and enjoyment as possible. The skills of a rock gnome are in high demand, and those that do not shun such desirability live in large mixed race cities. A significant number of rock gnomes live in the city of Hazuz in Aradia, though many dwell within the carved cliffs of the Shalan’ti city in Eyr as well.

Rock gnomes may speak to burrowing animals as if it is a spell-like ability. They are also highly adaptive and forward thinking, more so than most other races and comparable to humans.



Rock gnomes stand taller than deep gnomes and forest gnomes. Their hair may be any color though it will fade to grey or white with age. Hair, and the beards of males, are highly stylized. Their skin is a natural brownish tone, though it may deeply tanned by continued exposure to the sun.



Homes are small burrows, but are cleanly carved into cave-like dwellings. Married gnome couples have rooms for each to use, though children generally share sleeping quarters. Making a home is an effort done by the entire community, and each residence connects to one another through a network of tunnels.

Rock gnomes are as comfortable underground as they are on the surface, which makes a wide array of resources available to them. Their skill in mining ore and gem-cutting surpasses the dwarves. When it comes to items that have some mechanics, they are the finest producers of crossbows, toys, tools, and construction. In nearly a day’s length, they can erect entire buildings; and this has been of significant boon to Stromness of Mystara in its time.

Many traits associated to human children are shared among rock gnomes. They enjoy life to its fullest; asking questions endlessly, playing pranks on friends and strangers, and finding new interesting hobbies make up their day to day life. Much like a child, they possess little tolerance for long term mental focus unless the task at hand is of particular interest to them. Though their child-like ways may give the impression rock gnomes are incapable of fulfilling a task, they may use their keen intelligence to turn an otherwise mundane and boring job into an enjoyable expenditure of time and energy.