The various clans and tribes from around the archipelago seem to share in one common goal, the domination of any track of land that they believe is their territory. There are, literally, hundreds of different clans, tribes, warbands, and groups of Greenskins with just as many different ways of life; those that only care about bloodshed and power, those that care about honor and strength, those that hide in the shadows and wait for mankind to turn a blind eye for even a second. The word "Greenskins" is an umbrella term to encompass a variety of monstrous creatures, though is somewhat a misnomer as not all greenskins literally have green skin, though the majority do.


Playing a Greenskin

Greenskin1aWhile the Greenskins mostly keep to their own business, they are far from harmless. As a greenskin your tribe is your heart, and its best interest is always considered by every tribe member. The Warsongs are known to enslave lesser species, sometimes even finding allies in other places, but that does not change the fact that a greenskin will find everyone that’s not a greenskin themselves as a possible threat. Other factions, are often seen with arrogance disdain or outright hatred by the greenskins, especially the elves and the dwarves as they count as the arch enemies of the greenskins. The exceptions would be the affinity races, but even those can be frowned upon until they have proved themselves. Greenskins rarely ally with individuals, but with entire factions in the case of seeing a big gain for themselves in terms of territorical power, wealth or blood, or to fight on one side in an upcoming war for their own survival should the entire land be threatened.

Nevertheless the greenskins operate all over the archipelago, but what they all have in common is that whether they're hunting in the lush Wilds or patrolling the dark tunnels of the Sanctum, they're all well aware of where their true allegiance lies. If the Warchief calls, the tribe answers.

As a greenskin you will mostly be viewed as a feral brute by the fairer races. While some may fit that profile, there's many different constellations you can use for your character. Whether you are a brutish warrior, a wise shaman or a stealthy hunter you should still be comfortable with playing a character with a brutish nature. While half-orcs are often raised in human settlements and learn their ways, a normal greenskin is born and raised in a tribe, and has learned how to survive the harsh way.

As there are as many different ways of playing a greenskin as there is greenskins one can’t really define what a greenskin is or how they should act. Some are highly intelligent while others are more ferals, the feral ones often serving as frontline warriors and meat shields while the more intelligent ones might work behind the scenes to plan and plot the greenskin operations. While intelligence is treasured amongst greenskins, strength will always be favored. More often than not an impressive warrior will outshine a clever thief. But what all greenskins have in common is their language and the strong bond to the tribe; all greenskins who have been raised in a tribe should be able to speak Orcish fluently.

What you should consider before playing a greenskin however is:

Greenskins are not humans. Human morals and ethics mean little to a greenskin, they have their own culture and human culture often makes little sense to them, as they solve most things through combat and are close to nature.

Can you as a player pull it off? While some greenskins are dumb brutes and others are clever, greenskins are the “bad guys” and are beastly in nature. Violence of all kinds will be encountered in a greenskin tribe, is that something you would be okay with?

Because the greenskins come from all over they have different views of how to conduct themselves; they have different dialects, they have different traditions and often different views on how to solve things. One fact remains the same and that is that they are a close knit tribe, a family that addresses each other as brother and sister and will fight for each other regardless of the situation. There is conflict in a tribe, aggression, competition - but none of this can combat the fierce loyalty to each other. So at the end of the day one greenskin might be mad at the other for whatever reason, but if that same greenskin he's mad at is attacked, he will fight beside his brother or sister.



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