GoblinGoblins are mischievous little creatures, never reaching beyond the waist of a human in height. They're often found together with orcs and other greenskins as they rely on them for protection; the goblins don't possess the physical strength of orcs or ogres, but what they lack in strength they often make up for with a quick tongue and an even quicker blade.

Goblins are usually greenskinned, but they can also be red, brown, ashen or any other earthen tone. As they're smaller and skinnier than the orcs they often find themselves being bossed around by their larger cousins, but the average goblin intelligence is superior to that of the orc, and where orcs become powerful warriors and shamans, the goblins often become wealthy tradesmen or engineers.

In a greenskin tribe, the goblins are often taking care of the trading with outsiders. They're greedy and clever; few can resist a goblin tradesman as he can talk almost anyone into buying anything, even if it was just a pile of dirt. The goblins are also constantly working on new things to strengthen the tribe, maybe new weapons or poisons as many of them are skilled alchemists.

While most goblins favor the calmer lifestyle of trading and craftmanship, some goblins choose the path of violence. By nature, goblins prefer not to face their foes but to surprise them and so most of the goblin fighters are rogues, using ranged weapons and poisoned daggers to vanquish their foes.

Jungle Goblins run a particular streak of unmatched viciousness. Their brutal, savage ways set them apart from their more civilized kind. 


  • Lightweight: A goblin doesn’t weight much, therefore it can move silently and swift. Considering this, it can be very hard to hit a goblin that’s on the move!
  • Silver Tongue: Goblins are very clever and can often talk themselves out of situations one would normally have a hard time getting out of.



  • Weak: A goblin’s physical strength is about half that of a human, and so they’re not capable of carrying as much or hitting as hard.
  • Greedy: Goblins are very greedy, and sometimes their greed gets in the way of their judgement. Not enough to betray the tribe maybe.. but that drow person they called friend? It depends on how much is in it for them!