The various clans and tribes from around the world of Eyr seem to share in one common goal, the domination of any tract of land that they believe is their territory. There are, literally, hundreds of different clans, tribes, warbands, and groups of greenskins with just as many different ways of life. There are those that care about bloodshed and power, those that care about honor and strength, and those that hide in the shadows and wait for mankind to turn a blind eye for even a second. The word “Greenskins” is an umbrella term to encompass a variety of monstrous creatures, though is somewhat a misnomer as not all greenskins literally have green skin, though a majority do.

The local greenskin tribe has made its home in the secluded parts of the swamps, the territory protected by the sea and the walls of mountains that surround it. The stronghold is the heart of the tribe, and the territory surrounding it is fiercely protected by the tribe members. Should one set foot in a greenskins territory without an invitation, they can expect hostility and the possibility of being held prisoner.

Nevertheless the greenskins operate all over Eyr, but what they all have in common is that whether they're hunting in the lush wild jungle or patrolling the dark tunnels of caverns, they're all well aware of where their true allegiance lies. If the Warchief calls, the tribe answers.

As a greenskin you will mostly be viewed as a feral brute by the fairer races. While some may fit that profile, there's many different constellations you can use for your character. Whether you are a brutish warrior, a wise shaman or a stealthy hunter you should still be comfortable with playing a character with a brutish nature. While half-orcs are often raised in human settlements and learn their ways, a normal greenskin is born and raised in a tribe, and has learned how to survive the harsh way. As there are as many different ways of playing a greenskin as there is greenskins one can’t really define what a greenskin is or how they should act. Some are highly intelligent while others are more ferals, the feral ones often serving as frontline warriors and meat shields while the more intelligent ones might work behind the scenes to plan and plot the greenskin operations. While intelligence is treasured amongst greenskins, strength will always be favored. More often than not an impressive warrior will outshine a clever thief. But what all greenskins have in common is their language and the strong bond to the tribe; all greenskins who have been raised in a tribe should be able to speak Orcish fluently.

Can you as a player pull it off? While some greenskins are dumb brutes and others are clever, greenskins are the “bad guys” of Mystara and beastly in nature. Violence of all kinds will be encountered in a greenskin tribe, is that something you would be okay with?Greenskins are not humans. Human morals and ethics mean little to a greenskin, they have their own culture and human culture often makes little sense to them, as they solve most things through combat and are close to nature.What you should consider before playing a greenskin however is:


Greenskins of Eyr

There are two main types of Greenskins in Mysts of Eyr, which can be seen below!



Jungle Goblins

If monkeys were evil and could speak, they'd be a lot like jungle goblins. Jungle goblins are subspecies of the goblin race adapted for life in the high leafy canopies of tropical forests and swamps. Equipped with rat-like prehensile tails, jungle goblins are as at home in the trees as they are on the ground. Jungle goblins lead a savage lifestyle, and many live a barbaric lifestyle, though warriors and fighters are also common among the race. While spellcasting jungle goblins are almost unheard of among them, shamans in the service of demon lords or other dark gods are given a respect by other jungle goblins that borders on fear.

Jungle goblins are territorial, tree-dwelling savages with a sadistic streak a mile wide. Their skills at climbing and moving from tree to tree, combined with theircunning and vicious nature, cause even other goblinoids to respect them. Jungle goblins generally take up adventuring to gain personal power and serve their ambitions within their clans, or because they somehow lack the evil nature of the rest of their kind. The goblins delight in attacking travellers, using nets and poison darts to take prisoners, who are then presumably sacrificed to whatever demons the goblins worship. It is best to travel through jungle goblin territory in large, well-armed groups.



Jungle Orcs

Jungle orcs live a simple existence, moving through the jungle hunting and gathering food in clan groups of up to 30. Although combat is common within the clans, it’s relatively bloodless and hardly ever lethal. Only when jungle orcs encounter other clans or other races do they show the true extent of their violent, evil nature. Conquest is a baffling concept to jungle orcs. They attack, take whatever strikes their fancy, and move on. They lack the discipline required to maintain the things they steal, so they always seek weakly defended settlements and caravans to replace those things that break or wear out in the humidity of the jungle.