Kobolds are small humanoid creatures, well known for their excellent traps and skills in mining. The majority of the kobolds are miners, and so they’re often part of the labor force in a Greenskin tribe. They mostly live in lairs underground as their eyes are very sensitive to daylight, and as part of a Greenskin tribe the kobolds would naturally operate the mines and tunnels where they also build their nests. While kobolds are of draconic kin and served the dragons as slaves for a long time, they were liberated by one of the first Greenskin tribes, and in turn they offered their loyalty to the tribe. Many mistake the kobolds for slaves, but that is not the case anymore. They simply prefer staying underground and keeping to themselves, and so they are rarely seen above the surface.

Kobolds are very self conscious about their height, and will despise anyone who tries to make fun of it for the rest of their life. They often try to make up for the lacking height by compensating with oversized weapons or big mounts, as well as an aggressive and snappy personality. While they are aggressive in nature they are highly intelligent, and will often try to avoid battles and the likes by talking their way out of it, optionally poisoning the foe in an attempt to get away. Kobold trap and poison makers are some of the best in the archipelago. If you are confronting a kobold, you can expect a powerful toxin to be the one taking you down rather than raw strength, for the kobold does not possess a whole lot of that.

Just like dragons, kobolds are vain. They spend a lot of time tending to their hygiene and they do use cosmetics to enhance the appearance of their teeth and claws. Kobolds are (unlike the dragons) coldblooded and are very sensitive to cold. They enjoy water and are great swimmers, and are able to hold their breath for hours if needed. Like other reptiles kobolds shed their skin on a regular basis.



  • Darkvision: Kobolds can see as clearly in the dark as a surface dweller would in daylight, but their sensitive eyes will be blinded by bright light. Surface dwelling kobolds are forced to cloak themselves, often using shades or similar means to protect their eyes from the light.
  • Tough Skin: The kobolds have thick, leathery skin and hard scales and plates. While the skin can be penetrated by swords, the scales and plates are harder to break.
  • Brilliance: Kobolds lack physical strength, but they make up for it with a strong affinity to the schools of magic. Kobolds are often seen using magic, and kobold shamans, warlock and mages are very common.



  • Cold: Since kobolds are coldblooded, the are very sensitive to cold. Frost damage can be lethal to kobolds, since they have no means of their own to heat up their body and must find another source.
    Weakminded - Kobolds have a long history of slavery, and so their minds have broken down to the point of where they will be very easy to manipulate.
  • Dragons: Even though the kobolds were freed from the dragons, they still fear them and will attempt to escape at once if a dragon is present. Back in the days the kobolds revered the dragons as gods, and while their minds have been freed from the enslavement they are very submissive towards the scaled beasts, should they be in their presence for too long. It’s hard to break old habits.