ogresThree types of ogres are found across the archipelago: the common ogre, the water dwelling merrow, and the enlightened ogre mage. There are many differences among the three, but they do share many of the same features. All ogres stand tall, between 9 to 10 feet (2.7 to 3 meters). Limbs may be disproportionate to the rest of the body, and typically arms are longer than their legs. Heads, whether comically small or gruesomely large, may sport horns. A row of sharp teeth, with tusks, line their mouths. Some ogres are totally hairless, though others exhibit a mess of knotty, clumped together tufts across their body, heads of hair, and the beards of males.


Ogres of the Archipelago

Common Ogre

These mouth breathing, knuckle dragging brutes have little to no capacity of higher thinking. Most can barely utter out a simple phrase, and will generally resort to grunting their reply. Their typical response is to just bash whatever may be in their way, poses a threat to their livelihood, or challenges their place among the tribe. Common ogres may have yellow or brown skin and dark hair.


Terrorizing the rivers and seas, merrow claim the waterways as their own. Merrow are more aggressive, more prone toward violence than their common ogre cousins. Merrow are adapted to live in aquatic environments and are capable of breathing underwater. Their bodies are fit to live within the water as gills, scales, fins, and webbed hands as well as feet may be present. Merrow have light or dark green or blue skin and dark hair.

Ogre Mage

Unlike the common ogre and merrow, the mage is an enlightened ogre. Ogre mages are capable of complex thinking, which is a necessity for magic casting. They may also effectively communicate between themselves and others. A few may even know a second or third language. Ogre mages have light or dark blue skin and dark hair.



  • Darkvision: Living within caves, ogres can see within total darkness. Darkvision is black and white, but is otherwise like normal sight. Ogres however cannot see through magical darkness.
  • Reach: As large creatures, an ogre’s long arms allow it to reach twice as far as a normal human.
  • Stamina: An ogre's muscle mass is normally beyond what a human would possess, and so they are two times stronger than an adult human male would be. Their skin is as tough as leather, and their endurance is also superior to that of most other races - where one would normally be ready to collapse, an ogre wouldn't be tired at all.



  • Heavy: While ogres are bigger and stronger, they are also slower and heavier. It can be easy for a trained rogue to dodge their attacks, but if the attack should hit, it's going to hurt more than a melee attack normally would.
  • Slow to Dodge: Ogres are slow to move. They have a harder time getting out of the way of oncoming dangers.
  • Simple Minded: Ogres typically lack the intelligence of most other sentient races. Even ogre mages, who are a lot smarter than their cousins, can be easily fooled.