OrcOrcs are the main race of the Greenskin formation, often making up the majority of a greenskin tribe together with the trolls, half-orcs and the goblins. While they all share the inhuman strength, the beast-like tusks and the pointy ears, there are three different types of orcs.

Despite the differences between the three orc subraces, they are often found living together in big tribes. These three races are considered the pure orc races, and while no racism is found between these three, the tanarukk and the half-orcs are not as fortunate. Orcs are tribal in their nature, and some tales describe how they were the first humanoid race to be created. Whether this is true or not can be discussed, but the traditional orcs, those who follow the path of their ancestors, are convinced it is the truth, and so all other races are considered vermin with a lesser, or no value at all. Half-orcs and tanarukk are generally frowned upon as they have been defiled by vermin-blood, but none the less the half-orcs are often found in the tribes, their mothers often being slaves captured by an orc warrior after a battle.

Orcs are territorial by nature and often considered aggressive, often driven by a hunger to dominate the "vermin races" by conquering more land and enslaving those who are unfortunate enough to lose a battle against them. It's often believed by other races that orcs surppress their females, but in truth, it's all decided by who is the strongest. Males are often bigger and stronger than the females, but females can also become warriors or chieftains if they are strong enough. Many females choose the path of the shaman rather than the path of the warrior however, as this will allow them to stay at home more and take care of their young.

While orcs are normally viewed as emotionless and harsh, there is nothing an orc mother would not do if her cub (or any other cub of their tribe for that matter) was in danger. While little love is shown for outsiders, orcs refer to the members of their tribe as brothers and sisters and treat them as such, and all children are considered a mutual responsibility.


Orcs of the Archipelago


The Dhar'zug orcs (Forest Orcs and Jungle Orcs) are the most common throughout the archipelago. Like the name suggests they often live in the forests, the green skin giving them an effective natural camouflage. The Dhar'zug normally stand as tall as a human, normally ranging from 5 - 7 feet in height


The Khag'zug orcs (Mountain Orcs) are found in nearly every mountain range of the archipelago. They have made the mountains their home, and instead of the green camouflage of the Dar'zug, the Khag'zug's skin is often grayish in its tone. It's nowhere as vivid as the lush green of the forest orcs, but Khag'zug often have dark or pale green skin, desaturated to the point of where it almost looks gray. They can also have gray or beige skin. Khag'zug are believed to carry the gift of giant's blood, and so they are often taller than the other orcs. While they're nowhere near as tall as a giant, the Khag'zug's standard height will normally land between 6 - 8 feet.


The Nal'zug orcs (Plains Orcs) hail from the dunes of Aradia. They are normally shorter than the other orcs, rarely growing taller than 5 1/2 feet. The Nal'zug doesn't share the green hues of the Dhar'zug and the Khag'zug; their skin is often brown, but can also be a pale yellow or a more reddish tone. Their height and skin color allows them to easily blend in with the golden fields and dry savannas they normally inhabit,



  • Stamina:  An orc's muscle mass is normally beyond what a human would possess, and so they are two times stronger than an adult human male would be. Their skin is tough as leather, and their endurance is also superior to that of most other races - where one would normally be ready to collapse, an orc wouldn't be tired at all.
  • Perception: An orc’s sense of smell and hearing is superior to that of a human. While it’s not as refined as the senses of a wolfkin for example, they can still use their nose to track most scents.
  • One with Nature: Orcs are deeply attuned to nature and its inhabitants. They can often communicate with beasts as they both speak a primal language, the language without words. Lifelong animal-orc bonds are very common.



  • Heavy: Where orcs are bigger and stronger, they are also slower and heavier. Most orcs weigh between 100 - 500 kg. It can be easy for say, a trained rogue to dodge their attacks, however if the attack should hit, it's going to hurt more than a melee attack normally would.
  • Pride: Orcs are often blinded by their pride. They refuse to show signs of pain and weakness, and the desire to keep that image will often make more damage than good. An orc will rarely decline a challenge, even if they know it would be their end. They are simply too proud to present themselves as anything that would adventure the image they have of themselves.
  • Rage: All orcs share the rage. They're never far from it, and while it's an advantage in combat, it will also cloud their minds for its duration. An enraged orc is normally not a very smart orc, and it's easier to flank them and hit them with projectiles. However, they're also a lot more dangerous in melee combat. There are orcs who have been trained to tap into the rage for its powers, and those who have learned how to temporarily suppress it for greater focus, but there is no getting away from the fact that it's an invisible force, burning deep within the hearts of every orc. The rage can be triggered by mental or physical hostilities, or by simply pissing off the orc enough to push them over the edge.