SnotlingAt the lowest rung of greenskin society are the snotlings. Among the greenskin tribes, they are bullied around, spat upon, and even exploited. Often, they are used as servants, food, and cannon fodder.

Snotlings are rather weak and timid creatures, making them ill-suited for a fight. Despite this, other greenskins have no reservations about throwing them into the fray. Armed with little more than sticks and giant mushrooms, snotlings do battle, but with little effect. Most often, they are used as live ammunition, being slingshotted or hurled by great numbers at oncoming opponents. In combat, snotlings have the distinctive battlecry of “WAAAAGH!”

Snotlings also sometimes work in agricultural and animal husbandry roles for greenskin tribes. As simple as they are, they are quite astute when it comes to growing fungi (used for medicine and food) and raising beasts of war. Their affinity with animals ensures only a few dozen snotlings are eaten by the greenskin’s most aggressive beasts on any given day.



Cousins of the orcs and goblins, they are smaller than the former and dumber than the latter. Though small, their limbs, fingers, and toes are quite large and disproportionate for their size. Large noses, which are usually dripping with mucous, protrude from their faces. Ears are large and floppy. Their skin is green and they have very little hair, if at all, to speak of.



  • Horticulture: Snotlings are expert farmers and ranchers. They have ways to sooth the savage beast, if it is willing to listen.
  • Stealthy: With danger ever present, snotlings have learned to cautiously sneak around.
  • Quick: Movement may be done in quick bursts of speed.



  • Simple Minded: Snotlings lack the intelligence of most other sentient races.
  • Small: Being short in stature has its advantages when crawling around caves. However, they may struggle to adapt in settlements built for taller people.
  • Weak: Snotlings are quite weaker than typical humans.